Welcome To ASW Software

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Welcome To ASW Software

Math software:

Time Test Version 2.4 (new release): Prints random or edited math tests.
MSPlotter Version 3.0: Create fractal images and AVI's. FREE
RDM Version 1.3: Creates stereogram images. FREE
RDM Version 1.4: Creates stereogram images.

Media software:

Movielist Deluxe 1.4: Organize your movies and other media.
BitrateCalc 1.0 Freeware: Need to know what to encode a movie at?

Miscellaneous software:

MorsePlay Version 1.0: Plays morse code from text. FREE
Photon Riders Version 1.0: This is a simple tron type game. FREE
Shutdown Version 1.0: Shuts down the computer. FREE

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