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Year 1988



Hobbies:  Eating out, bowling, going out with friends,  watching movies, etc

Favorite Foods: Sea Food, Spicy food etc...

Favorite Colors:  White, Blue, yellow, and black

Favorite Animals):  Puppies, and rabbit

Favorite Singers:  Jessica Simpson...etc

Favorite Songs:  Where You Are by Jessica Simpson, etc

Favorite Music:  R&B and Slow

Favorite Movie:  Ever After

Favorite Place:  Movies, Amusement Parks, etc.

Favorite Number:  16




Real Name:  Quynh Mai

Date of Birth:  February, 5 ????

Place Of Birth:  Hue, Vietnam

Current Location:  Southern , California

Height: 5'2

Weight: 97 Lbs

Relationship Status:  Taken by a sweet guy

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius


Year 1990