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My heart
By: Quynh Mai Huyen

In my heart the word ďLOVEĒ is unknown 
Because my heart is as dead as a stone 
With no movements there I stand 
With no one, to give me a hand. 
All of a sudden my eyes was fill with tear 
Wondering if you're somewhere near 
But if you are please tell me so 
Because I really, need to know. 
What is happening between us two? 
Why am I always having the blue? 
You said that you love me and don't want to lose me 
But why do you always keep ignoring me? 
Not seeing you is hard enough 
But not hearing you said "I Love You" is very tough 
My love for you grows each and everyday 
But why your love for me had fade away? 
From the day you stop saying I Love You, 
That's when I knew, I'm losing you 
Upon the night there I lay 
As my heart beats fade away 



No more sorrow and pains
By: Quynh Mai Huyen

All this feelings I have I write you a poem
To show the feelings I still have for you
We've been through the ups and downs
And we might not like how it sound
Sorrow and pains is what I feel
Sometime I wonder if is real
Many memories are not yet to be erase
That's why I reach out my hands to give it my big embrace
To keep them forever in my heart
And give our friendship a new start
I want you to know that you're one of a kind
In this broken heart of mine
Forever we will stay in each other's heart
Hope that's not the hardest part
I know we were not meant for each other
And that's why I'm not going any farther
No more sorrow and no more pains
Just you and me, together as friends
Let go of the past and live with the future...



You Are My Star
By: Quynh Mai Huyen

From the first day we chat online†
You seems to be sweet and kind
Your words are so soft and nice
It touches my soul from deep inside
Baby, because of your words,
I open my heart for you.
Would you trust me like I trust you?
As I look at your face
I grab your hands and lead you to a place
I want to take you to my world
Where I share my love with you
I want you to be my star
Even though we live so so far
But distance can't keep us apart†
Cuz you already have part of my heart.
Baby you are my world my star.
And I'm your comfort light so far
Whenever you need comforts
Just call my name and I'll shine my light at you


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You And I
By: Quynh Mai Huyen

As a slow song played,
And the light were darkened
Thatís when I knew, That our relationship is starting
You ask me to dance
And held me closer to you
You whispered into my ears
And said I love you
† I whisper back into your ears
Telling you not to fear
Because my love for you is true
And I know that's the truth
These feelings I have for you I cannot hide
And the love I have for you, I canít denied† Baby,
I love you more then the stars and the moon up above,
More than words could describe,
More then you can imagine,
More then the whole Universe,
I trust you and you trust me
So take my hands, and Iíll show you my world
Stand beside me, and Iíll whisper sweet words
Dance with me, and Iíll keep you warm
Kiss me and Iíll give you my heart
Hold me tight and Iíll never let you go


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Friends 4 life
By: Quynh Mai Huyen

First I need to tell you guys this
IF there were something you do I wouldn't want to miss

Your sense of humor is the best
So take care of yourself and the rest
You and I had so many memories together
And I will always keeps them forever

Your smile always cheer everyone up 
And I know that they can never get enough
So keep smiling and keep in touch
Know that I will miss you so, so much

You always lend me a hand
Maybe someday I'll find you a wonderful man
Remember that I'm always here for you
And pick you up with you're feeling blue

You are the best friend I've ever met
The one I would never want to forget
Thanks for being such a great friend to me
And always remember that you can be whatever you want to be

Your many talents always inspires me
Keep up the good work and soon you will see
That your dreams are not far to reach
Take care