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Our Love

By: Quynh Mai Huyen

As I gazed upon the moon

I wish I could see you soon

I have falling into your arms

I knew there would be no harm

Sometimes I want to look deep into your eyes

To see your truthful side

But I guess I was too shy

Sitting here feeling lonely and cold

wishing you were here to hold

I knew that I'd love you from the start

And thinking that we would never part

But how can I be so wrong

Our love were never that strong

You left me hanging that night

For once you were out of my sight

The darkness world all circum me

Could this be the end of me?

From the beginning till the end

My heart could never mend

All I could think of now

If the word you once call "Friend"

"Love start with a smile, grow with a kiss, and end with a tear"