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Matrimonial Source

Welcome! If you are looking to get married or if you are looking for resources to help in your marriage ceremony, than you've come to the right place! Below you will find useful links to help you on such a wonderful occasion. Also, I included important Hadiths regarding matrimony.


Sources To Contact


Muslim Marriage Page - Muslim page brings muslims together in marriage. The service is free.
Muslim Marriage Link - world-wide matrimony service for Muslims
Muslim Marriage Bureau - brings two of you together anywhere in the world.
Muslim Matrimonial Link - high quality services for marriage-minded individuals. Search and submit ads.
Worldwide Islamic Marriage Bureau - providing online database of clients, Islamic information, and success stories
Rishtay (Means Proposals in Urdu, Free to place an ad & Updated everyday)
Muslim Matrimonial Database (Not Free).
Muslim Matrimonial Link (Extremely popular,Not Free).
Shadi (Means "Marriage" in Urdu).
Zawaj (Means "Marriage" in Arabic, Free, Updated daily)
Al Zafaf (Not Free, Was Alzafaf Matrimonial, Submit Ads Again).
Marriage For Muslims (Free, AMAZING Gifs,Wait to load).
Muslim Marriage Link (Free From Canada, for all Muslims)
All "Matrimonial Section" (Free).
Pakistan Link (Click on Matrimonials).
Imran-net (Free, database, Updated to a new format).
Comfort Zone (Free, Mongamy & Polygamy Sections).
Jamaat (Free, Small, Inshallah will grow).
Soulmates (Not Free,All muslims ).
ATS Marriage Service (Divided by Region).
Muslim Marriage Page (Free).
Muslim World Yellow-Pages Matrimonial (Free).
God Bless Matrimonials (Click On Muslims).
Islamic Matrimonial Service (Free, fill a form & send).
Islamic Voice (Online Magazine from India, Click at Matrimonials).
Al-Boyl (Free, Matrimonials & penpal for Muslims).
Matrimonial Online (Free, All Countries, Click Muslims).
Arab Connection (Free, All countries penpal).
Muslim Marriage Bureau (Not Free, Inidan & Global Muslims).
The Marriage Database (Free, Arab Muslims all welcome).
Marry Me (Free, Muslim all Welcome).
Matrimonial Ads (UAE page) (Free, Gulf region).
Marriage (Not Free, Indian & Global Muslims).
Pakistan Disease Control"Matrimonial Section (Free, Chat..).
Millat "Matrimonial Section (Free, Pakistani News Paper). 
Malaysian Indian Muslims Matrimonial Service (Free).
Rasha's Muslim Matrimonial Service (Not Free).
Nikaah Insh 'Allah (Free).
Muslim Marriage Junction(Free).
Habibi - Habibtee (Not Free, Arabs , Means Dear - Dear for females in Arabic).
Ibn Batuta (Free, Arabs).
Syed Matrimonial Network (Free ,Mainly Shia's).
Shaadi (Free , Different then
Hidaya (Free, Click on Family Corner , for Matrimonials). (Free).
The Muslim Family Network (Free, Available Immediately).
Search **(Free).
Islamic Marriage Bureau (Not Free).
ISNA - Matrimonials (Not Free).
Find "Nikkah" (Not Free).
Karachi Classified "Marriage" (Free).
Rishte (Free, Diff website from Rishtay # 1).
A Garment For You (Insh' Allah) (Free).
Muttaqun Online "Marriage Circle" (Free).
Marriage-Mediation "German-Speaking Countries"
Nikah Consultants - Islamic wedding and engagement site. Contains info on marriage, glimpses of International Weddings, Matrimonials, bridal wear links, and much more...


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Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that those of you who can afford to get married must marry, for it is the best protection against a
lustful eye and a strong shield for you chastity.
[Muslim and Bukhari]




Hadith Of The Prophet Regarding Marriage!

"A women is not married until she is consulted, and a virgin is not married until you have her permission." They said, "O Messenger of Allah! And how do you obtain her permission?" He (s) said: "If she is silent."
(Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Daawood and An-Nisaa'ee)

"There is no nikaah, except with a Walee."
(Ahmad, Abu Dawood, At-Tirmidthi, An-Nisaa'ee)

"There is no marriage except with a Walee, and the Sultan is the Walee for whomever there is no Walee."
(reported by Aisha, Ahmad, Ibn Maajah)

"There is no marriage except with a Walee, and two witnesses."
(reported by Abi Moosaa, At-Tabaraani in Al-Kabeer)

And from Mu'aawiyah ibn Hakeem from his father that he said, "I said, O Messenger of Allah, what is the right that one of our wives has over us? 'So he said, "feed her when you eat, clothe her when you wear clothes, and do not strike her on the face, and do not revile her or make hijrah from her, except in the house."
(Recorded by Ahmad, Abu Dawood, Nisaa'ee, Ibn Maajah, and Bukhari)

"The best dowry is the most easy."
-Uqbah Ibn Aamir, Abu Dawood, Ibn Maajah

The Prophet(s) said, "A women is married for four things, her wealth, her family status, her beauty and her religion. So you should marry the religious women (otherwise) you will be a loser."

The whole world is a provision, and the best object of benefit of the world
is the pious women.

"When there is no haya left, then do as you please."

"The best among you is he who is best for his family. For my family, I am the best of all of you."
-Ibn Majah, Sunan

"No man should hate a believing women, for if there is any habit of hers that displease him, there will be some other habit of hers which please him.

"The most perfect man of religion is one who excels in character. The best among you is he who gives the best treatment to his womenfolk.

When it was revealed in the Quran that punishment awaited those who heaped gold and silver, certain of the Companions said that if hey could find out which form of wealth was better, they would accumulate that instead. At this, the Prophet (s) said, "The best thing one could have is a tongue of remembrance (of Allah), a heart which gives thanks and a believing women who helps one to be more steadfast in one's faith."

"Treat women well, for they have been created from a bent rib. The ribs most curved in its upper part, so that if you straighten it out, it will break, but if you leave it as it is, it will remain intact. Therefore, follow my advice on giving women fair treatment.

Women are the other half of men.
Abu Dawood

Fear God in respect of women.
Ibn Majah, Sunan


"Among His Signs is this that He created you from dust; and then Behold ye are men scattered (far and wide)!And among His Signs is this that He created for you mates from among yourselves that ye may dwell in tranquility with them and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts); verily in that are signs for those who reflect." [Surah ar-Rum, 30:20-21]