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Teens, these days, have alot of issues to deal with. This shows especially true for Muslim teenagers, since they are not considered the "norm" because of their values and beliefs. Because I have teenage brothers and sisters, I understand the need for a website that can help them solve the issues that they have to deal with every day. I have dedicated this section to teenagers' issues and how Islam answers each aspect of teenage life. Also, I've included a game area for those teenagers who want to have meaningful fun.



School Issues!

Conflicting Values : Muslim Teenagers & Highschool

Coping With Peer Pressure

Anatomy of the Prom: What is it about?

The Prom Exposed: Seeing it for what it really is

The Prom: Not Just One Night of Haram

How to Say No To The Prom: 6 tips

5 Prom Tips for Teens:

Why I Boycotted The Senior Prom

Why I Boycotted The Senior Prom

10 things you can do besides go to the Prom

A Father-Daughter Tipsheet on Dealing with the Prom

7 Things Muslim communities can do about Proms

Adjusting to University - An Islamic Perspective


Articles Of Interest!

Proud to be a "Stranger"

Zina - a Major Sin

The Stranger

12 Tips for Muslim Youth

A Sister's Story of How She First Started Wearing Hijaab

Personal Development

Personal Plan

Personal Study Syllabus

Personal Evaluation Form

How Should I Act?

The Acceptable Action

Paradise! Its Blessings and how to get there

Righteous Character

The State of the Ummah

A Mind for Business

Do you want to choose freedumb or freedom?

Right or Wrong

Who is Mahram

Asking Permission to Enter the Parent's Room

Honouring the Parents

The Importance of Tarbiyah

So Strange! (The experiences of a Muslim youth,an eye-opener for parents!)

What Happens in the Grave?

The Proof that the Dead Cannot Hear

Do you consider yourself a logical person? Take the following test to find out if you really are!


Inspiring True Stories

Abbad ibn Bishr (R)

Julaybib (R)

A Father's Supplication

True Story of How a Punk Became a Muslim






Try the randomly generated Islamic Trivia Quiz and see how you do! .

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JAVA WordSearch - Basic beliefs of Islam

JAVA WordSearch - Virtues of a good Muslim

JAVA WordSearch - Early converts to Islam

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JAVA WordSearch - Important dates on Islam

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