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Other Groovy Links

I hate people who just put pages and pages of links on their web sites, with nothing substantial to fill in the gaps. Of course, that’s not going to stop me from putting a huge page of links on my site! Enjoy.

Science Fiction/Media

The Obligatory Delenn Link Delenn's World--a beautifully designed Norwegian web site.
The Ultimate Fan Fiction Directory A comprehensive listing of online fan fiction from all fandoms. Huge!
The Lurkers' Guide to Babylon 5 Not updated much since the show went off the air, but still the best reference guide to Babylon 5 episodes and background.
The John and Delenn Site The ultimate John and Delenn Schmaltz site. It is now combined with a John and Aeryn site (Farscape), but don't let that scare you off. Lots of pictures, media, and links.
Farscape Web Ring Oh, yeah. A growing ring for one of the coolest shows to hit Science Fiction in a long time. Lots of fan sites; some really well done.
The Obligatory Delenn Link, Part Deux When one Delenn site is not enough, there's "Mira Furlan & Goran Gajic--The Celebration." Run by Mira's Uberfan, Moyra Bligh, this site is well-organized, up-to-date, and overflowing with information.
Paramount's Star Trek Site The Official Star Trek Communicator web page. Paramount's site, while pretty, can be difficult to navigate. It's heavy on graphics, so if you have a slow browser...

Arts, Literature, and the Occasional Social Science

Greek Mythology TodayThe Myth Man tells ya all about Greek mythology, in a humorous way and with an online homework help page for students!
La Carlotta's PageMy friend Beth's home page--includes info on Phantom of the Opera, Star Trek, The Waltons, and lots of other diverse topics.
The Journal of Mundane BehaviorHosted by the Department Sociology at California State University, Fullerton, this site explores the complexity of mundanity in a most fascinating way.
Arts & Letters DailyBeyond the most comprehensive online newspaper! Updated six days a week, this site has articles and links to anything and everything of interest to the wannabe literati.
Alien Wine Connoisseur Pat (The Button Guy) Conner's page--great articles by Pat and others who share his off-beat humor. Make sure you have some time when you visit--you can't just read one article!
A Celebration of Women Writers An excellent resource listing women writers from around the globe.
US Humane Society For those of us who love our furry friends—even if our apartments are too small for massive pet co-habitation! Also has really good vegetarian resources.
On-Line Image Archive An enormous archive of free images. The traffic on this one is so high, they are closed from 9 am to 9 pm. They have directed traffic to their mirror site, which is an ftp index. Difficult to navigate, but there is a lot of great stuff available.
Radiance Magazine Perhaps the best magazine ever published for women (and men) of size. Unlike Mode and other "fashion"-type magazine, Radiance doesn't think life ends at size 24!
Celestial Bodies Finally--an astrology page that doesn't require a PhD in physics! This page provides tools that are easy to use and easy to understand, allowing you to find your rising sign, moon sign, and understand what this means!
B.a.B.e. - Be Active, Be Emancipated The official web site for B.a.B.e., a Croatian woman's rights organization. Great cause; great site.
Online IQ & Personality Tests Ooooh, online test junkies, unite! This page is a gold-mine of IQ, personality, and relationship tests. Some are serious, others funny--all entertaining.
NAAFA Official site of the National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance. This organization provides advocacy for size acceptance in health, job, government, and all areas of life.
Arizona Wiccan & Pagan Links A collection of Wiccan and Pagan links in and around the state of Arizona.
A fascinating network of individuals striving to improve life on Planet Earth. Thought-provoking and unique. Check it out.

Things to Do in Phoenix When You're Short on Cash Official home page of Pam & Debbie's Rival Reading Reviews, as well as Book Exchange Plus.
Tarot By Dawn Home page for the my Official Psychic Friend. Also the homepage for Earth Teachings.
Radio Free CashThis is an ultimately cool online radio site. Uses Windows Media Player, and pays you to listen. If you have trouble with the link at the left, go to their home page at and put "shayla_b" as the referral name. (Hey, I'd like to get credit!)
Arizona Science Center Quite possibly the coolest place to spend the day in Phoenix. This multi-media facility houses the planetarium, an IMAX theater, and thousands of hands-on exhibits. Debbie's favorite birthday treat!
Phoenix Art Museum High-brow fun for young and old.
Arizona Museum for Youth This interactive extravaganza mixes art and education in the most amusing way. Grown-ups have just as much fun (if not more) than the kids.
Desert Botanical Garden One of the premier collections of desert plant life in the United States.

The Food, Man. The FOOD!

Web sites for some of the best restaurants in the Phoenix area.

Wildflower Bread Company Mmmmm...fresh baked bread, soups, salads, and the best carrot cake you could possibly desire. A little pricey, but worth it for a treat. Three locations in the Valley.
Orbit Cafe (map) Again, a little high when it comes to price. But Orbit features live blues nightly, extraordinary food, and excellent service. Here's a hint--make reservations.
Havana Patio Cafe (Map) Cuban food! The food here is wonderful, from the black bean fritters to the Cho-Cho. The lunch prices range from $4-12, with dinner being much higher. Great atmosphere.
Veggies UniteA wonderful and comprehensive online resource for vegetarians. Contains recipes, links, FAQs, even a chat room for members. Free membership.

Places to Go When You Need to Spend Cash!

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