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Gallery O'Deb, Part Deux

Even more badly-scanned treasures from my exciting life!

A Mother's Joy! (above)

You know you're a grown-up when you look at this and think, "Good lord, Paxton! You're gonna fall and break your leg." My first thought was, "Hey, can you do that upside-down?" I never claimed to be a grown-up.

Go, Jesse, Go! (above)

My brother-in-law Steve (seen here with MeMolly) has a Masters'in Business and is currently going for a second Masters' degree. So why does he look so much like Jesse Ventura?

Who's the Grown-up Here? (above)

When I shared an apartment with Susie in New Orleans, she used to do things like jump on my bed (to wake me up), remind me to use toothpaste, and other bizarre things. Now she has MeMolly. I'm starting up a therapy fund for the kid!