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Gallery O'Deb

Well, howdy. You've wandered (inadvertantly, I'm sure) into my Gallery O'Deb. It is here you find my pictures of friends, family, and other stuff. Please forgive the picture quality. Don't blame the scanner--I'm a lousy photographer!

MeMolly (above)

This little pumpkin is Molly, also know as MeMolly. She is my sister Susie's daughter. Molly was born in July (Cancer), and is Susie and Steve's first child. She is also the first granddaughter on this side of the family. MeMolly's interests included: water-skiing, bungee-jumpee, and growing teeth.

The Boys (above)

No one should be as cute as this. These are my nephews, Cameron, Paxton, and Jordan. The parents of these little monkees are my sister, Angel, and her husband, Brett. Paxton (Pisces) and Cameron (Scorpio)are active little fellows--taking part in all kinds of sports activities. Bruiser Jordan (Pisces)is gonna have to move fast to keep up with them.

Big Bro' (above)

This is a picture of my brother, Nickey, and his fiancee, Trish. Trish is one brave soul--they plan on marrying in Louisiana. Just don't plan on an outdoor wedding, girlfriend! :)