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Everybody who creates one of these personal home pages feels compelled to write a biography page. My question, of course, is "Why?" I mean, if you're here, you probably already know everything about me. (Or, at least, more than you wanted to know.)

But, since we're both here and we have nothing better to do with the band width, I might as well indulge myself.

The picture above is me and my nephew, Jordan. (I'm the big one.) I took this during my visit to Thibodaux, Louisiana, in October. It's Halloween, and I'm dressed as the Great Pumpkin. (Hey, ya gotta go as something!)

Jordan is one of the four incredible people who can call me "Nana" Deb. I have two other nephews, Paxton and Cameron, and one niece, Molly. I will probably flood this site with pictures of them, as soon as I can figure out how to get the scanner to make up for my inadequacies as a photographer. Don't hold your breath.

I'm currently living in Phoenix, Arizona, where I work for a software development company called Pentawave. I'm in the marketing department, which is a great job for me. I have lots of interests--more than anybody without multiple personalities should have. (On the other hand, I am a Gemini, the sign of the Twins. Hmmmm....)

So that's my McBiography. Don't you feel we've bonded?