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~Quotes Of Optimistic Philosophy~

Some philosophic quotes I've come up with, and some which other people have come up with. Some of them are probably rather far-fetched for usual people, but if you're anything like me I quess you'll be able to catch the truth in them. If there is one.

~Public media should not contain explicit or implied descriptions of sexacts. Our society should be purged of the perverts who provide the media with pornographic material while pretending it has some redeeming social value under the public's "right to know".~
/Kenneth Starr, 1987, "Sixty Minutes" interview with Diane Sawyer. To those of you who does not know who K. Starr is:
Go find out and laugh together with the rest of the "thinking" world

~True love is a lie and an insult on behalf of ones self-importance~

~I hate being amongst the poor.~
/Count Althin

~In order to live in the lie,
one must believe the lie.~
/David Duchovny (or whoever wrote the script to that X-file episode)

~Theologists have in later history started to claim that "God(religion) is an idea",
and that the truth in this idea is of no importance, since it's value lies in guiding
people through life, when scientific truth cannot do this.
Psychology and theology both claim that this "idea" is vital to humans, as they
cannot reach happyness/comfort/joy/strength/meaning without it.
Hence it's scientificly verified that all these states are false (as we have to lie to ourselves on order to acheve them).
And a scientific observation of mankind verifies great stupidity.
Strange as it is, my "faith" lies in the truth and still I am content with my existence.
And what value does their happyness/comfort/joy/strength/meaning really hold as long as it's founded in falsehood?

~I'd very much like to be someone else,
as I'm personaly not stupid enough for this life.~

~If I was wrong, and heaven does exist,
then the earthly life would be a torture for better things to come.
Now this torture is simply meaningless.~

~If good and evil existed,
then we would not.~

~Laws are inhuman,
since we break them.~

~I can only care for my closest surroundings,
since that consumes all the hatred I can muster.~

~What makes loneliness so terrible is the fact
that it's never complete.~

~As long as "believing" is respected,
every thought will be correct.
Nomather how ridiculous it is.~

~The alienated are those who finds the truth,
thus, becoming more alienated.~

~Ethics tells us that no amounts of money
can ever be worth a single life,
but why pay for that which has no value?~

~Mystical explenations to things are often considered deep,
while the truth is that they are not even superficial.~
/Friedrich Nietzche

~When walking in the "valley of darkness", there is no need to fear anything.
As long as you make sure you're the most evil being in the "valley".~

~A stranger is just a victim
that you haven't met...~

~Once exposed to the darkness ever present and
ever hidden among us, one is forever tainted.~
/Mark L. Stinson

~Kill them all; God will look after His own.~
/This infamous Catholic official's order led to the massacre of the entire population of Beziers, France during Pope Innocent III's crusade to exterminate Albigensian heretics. Of course, we have no reason to care for these people killed, but this quote goes to show the great moral worth of religion, how humane and "good" it is.

~Nolite irasci, aequiperate.~
(~Don't get mad, get even.~)
/In memoriam - Dr. Franz Six

~End of God the way it must be~
/Glen Benton (Deicide).

~Do What thou will shall be the whole of the law~
/Aleister Crowley

~The consequences of my actions,
is the only thing preventing me from going on a killing spree.~
/Count Althin

~Don't talk, touch or in any other way interact with me,
'cause I hate you~
/Count Althin

~We can't change history but we can change the future, they say.
Well, where's the truth in that?~

~Christanity is waiting for the return of Jesus, so that he may save them.
Hence, unable to help themselves. It's divine being pathetic.~

~We all have eyes wide open, though most of us do not use them~

~Every human being knows deep inside the she is unique.
Hence, everyone knows that no one divine force could be our creator,
that there is no truth in religion, and further more, moral and ethics.
We can never truly fool ourselves,
we can never believe, other than on a superficial level.

~Hearing inteligent people speak,
means listening to obvious conclusions instead of wrong ones.~

To Be Continued...

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