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(Brothers of Metal part One)

Every one of us has heard the call brothers of
True metal proud and standing we know
The power within us has brought us to this hall
There's magic in the metal there's magic in us all.

Heavy metal or no metal at all whimps and posers,
Leave the hall, heavy metal or no metal at all
Whimps and posers go on get out leave the hall

Now the world must listen to our decree we
Don't turn down for anyone we do just what we
Please, got to make it louder, all men play on
Ten, if you're not into metal, you are not my friend.

There's metal in air, tonite can you hear it
Call? If you ain't got the balls, to take it you can
Leave the hall

"The national anthem of all hardrockers". But it sounds to great to be true, and in fact, that is the exact truth. Read what's written below and you'll figure out why. Don't me wrong though, I have nothing personal against this song or Manowar as a whole. I'm just found of joking.

Resently I've been confronted with some rather funny comments, not only concerning my homepage but also concerning myself and the way I seem to people. This is something I will reflect over on this page. The topic might be rather meaningless to most people, who does not know me, then again it's all about the attitudes and trends and behaviors among "metal-people" so most of the idiots who enter this page might want to have a read anyways.

"I do not consider myself true metal."

The term "true metal" is something which I do not go under at all. Not because I am dark, a teenage revolutionist or anything like that, but because the notion of "true metal" is something which for me represents something rather stupid. "True metal" is to hail the old bands on the scene, loving the underground completely even though hating it completely because it's so "trendy and unoriginal and filled with 14-yearold's". Further more, a "true metal" guy feels a bond to other people who listens to the same kind of music. A "true metal" person has adopted certain values (values which are very hard to define but still exist without doubt), these values are infact moral codes. And as a nihilist it's quite natural that I do not take any stand for this.

"True metal is Christian."

By adoptingt hese values, and following them. The people in the scene who consider themselves enemy of all moral and religion become there worst enemy. They are of course not Christian, they do not believe in gods or the usual moral of soceity, but what they do beleive in has the same basic characteristics as every idealistic ethical rule there is among human cultures. Hence, their level of intelect is equal to normal religious people.

"Making evil pose."

Every single Black Metal band probably has band-picts, and of course everyone tries to look tough and worthy of much respect. That is all natural, everyone does it. Still most people consider it rather silly, and that is a sign of brightness in a way, even though people seem to take a few wrong-turns everytime they speak about posing. And many "metal-people" doesn't even seem to understand the pictures and images they see. "We" (members of different bands that is..) all look like hard-core killers on our covers and photoes. Though we all live normal life's now-a-days. The pictures does not show us, it shows what we'd like to stand for and it shows what we think the world around us deserves. Some "metal-people" seem to fail to grasp this, being rather fucking ignorant of their own situation and character they strike down on most bands calling them posers. "He look evil on this photo, but he's 14, fucking poser!" Of course, a 14-yearold has alot to learn about life and what he's doing in it, as most people. But who can tell by looking at a picture that a guy does not hate the world just as much as the old masters of satanic metal? No-one can. The 14-yearold might not be that fearsome, but that is actualy beside the point. Besides, we've all been 14 havn't we. Some of us still are it seems.

There is alot to be said about "metal-people", who has to take any comments on their music personal, who basicaly considers it a religion to listen to bands from the 80's even though they might suck, or atleast not be half as good as the now so evolved scene. There is alot to be said about their pathetic double-ethical seriousness, their lacking abilities to pick up sarcasms (that's why they all hate this page among other things). Their disability of reflecting over themselves in an objective way. Their unfailing simularity to people in general. Because that is exactly what most "true metal maniacs" are, normal people. Kickers, fanatic vegans and true metal maniacs all go under the same banner. That of stupidity.

But hell. Who cares. They're all cool and true metal. Whatever makes them happy, right? I'm simply stating that I am neither of al this shit. I listen to the music I like, I do not agree other bands, I do not respect other bands on a personal level (i.e. only at a musical level I feel respect for those who are great at playing their music), I do not call myself true metal. And I hate it when people misunderstands me. Cause then I have to deal with these ignorant fucks who comes to me calling me all sorts of shit, I can't fight them really, cause I don't give a fuck about their "metal pride", it does not exist to me. I do not give a fuck about trueness and falseness. And I don't give a damn about them. And then they tell me I am just posing and trying to be evil and cool, so I am cought in an endless mace, whatever I say to negate their idiotic arguments they'll still just tell me that I should grow up. Of course, this is all since they have nothing better to say, but still, it anoys me. And in the end, I've stopped caring at all. They can all go fuck themselves. I'm not pissed off at anyone, I just fail to take "them" serious. I'm sorry.

Metal does not represent a philosophy for me, only my own band does that, the rest of all the stuff I listen is simply good music. Or rather, music which has a feel in itself which I can relate to, we all know the "feel" of Black Metal do we not? If the lyrics and attitude of the band in question agrees with me it's all the more better, but it makes no great differance to me. Allthough "Christian Black Metal" and such shit is something which I really can't stand at all, it's like a sarcasm turning on itself in a serious manner, fucking degraded.


That's right. In the end that is what it all comes down to, another great fucking sarcasm straight in the face of everything. Thanks for reading, now run along and be a truly fucking true metal maniac.

A "true metal maniac" in action. But you have to admire this guy, as my grandpa used to say: "It's hard being true, when the sky is blue..."