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Below is an essay I wrote at the age of 14. So, it's rather sappy at some parts.

(A question of human nature.)

There are many religions in todays world, some of them are very different from eachother, some are not. Most of them states that there is gods and other supernatural creatures wich stand far beyond us and our world. Even though these different religious belives fight against eachother from time to time, and even though they curse eachother for being wrong and stupid, they all have one great thing in common, they deny the human nature..

The problem is that these religions are all wrong, that is a fact, and anyone who say otherwise has simply failed, due to different reasons, to grasp reality to its full. The reason to why religions exist at all today lies in different answeres. As for example:
The first reason is that at the time when mankind started to think about the world that we live in, they could not find any answeres. This is because science was not advanced enough to calculate the facts. We wondered where we were, what those silly dots all over the sky was, why we were, and how things worked in general.

The thing that tells us humans from other creatures of the earth is not that we can speak, fly to the moon etc. etc. All those things are just mathers of different levels of intelligence. The difference between us and other animals is that mankind seeks answeres, we cannot live without knowing everything about everything. We turn things up-side-down and in-side-out to understand what they are, why they are and how they are. We explor everything, with an undying lust for wisdom, we seek the universe, as we seek for answeres about our own lifes, every new thing we find that has not got an explenation troubles our minds until we find one. This is the way we are now, and so were we then, and so shall we always be, it lies in human nature.

So, what happened back in those forlorn days was that mankind wanted answeres, just like we want answeres today. And mankind could not find these answeres, simply because there was not enough science, wisdom and technoligies in the first place to start with. And then like now, mankind could not live with this, and as the real answeres were impossible to find, mankind came up with its own solutions. Everything that then stood beyond the wisdom of man were explained as supernatural, or if not supernatural, it was explained in the way that seemed most natural from the point of view of mankind. For example, we did not know then what happened when we died, we know that now, only most of us are to afraid to admit it, we just die, it is that simple! But back then, mankind thought that there had to be an explenation to death (since the truth is incomrehensible at this point..), so the theory of "a life after this" was invented.

But that could not be all, it would even back then have been stupid to just say that people lived on after their death, as their bodies were rotting and they were phisically dead beyond the shadow of a doubt. The solution to this was the "gods" (and the "duality" of man..), the supernatural rulers of the world. And if you think a little about it, this was not such a stupid idea, actally it was a splendid idea, the answer to everything. When mankind knew that there were gods that took care of everything there was no need for further worry. Everything that could not be explained could now be explained, the gods had created it, and it was no longer important to know how it worked! The troubled days of mankind were over! And we lived on happy for the rest of eternity, knowing that we should not worry about things, knowing that all you had to do was to follow the words of our gods and everything would be fine, and so it was....

If you forgive my sarcasms, you might start to understand what I am aiming at with this little essay. There is no such thing as gods, there are nothing that goes by the name "supernatural", that is a fact, and anyone who says otherwise does not know what he is talking about! Throughout the time since around AD 1000 every religion in this world has been weakened, not in numbers of people, but in numbers of statements that are still "true". Religions have followed mankind into our more modern ages, completely uneeded, laughable from the objective point of veiw. Little by little every statement of all religions have fallen. Earth is not the middle of the universe, earth was not created in a week, there is no "heaven" above us etc.etc. There are no saints or wonders nowadays, there are no witches, all this simply because we have found the true answeres to the things wich before were explained as supernatural. All this because we think a few seconds before we burn a woman knowing how to cure a decease. There is no life after death, there has never been one either, but now some of us seem to understand this. Infact, everyone knows it dee inside, but most of us try to deny it. Those that still belive in gods and the life after death theory, are simply to weak to face reality, or rather, to laizy to face it. For it is much more simple to make up the "truth" than to really go out there and find it. And in a few ways I can actually understand these people, even though they are wrong about most of everything. The world we live in is a cruel place, and it takes alot of strength to face it. If you do not have the strength to face it, you will have to escape into the fiction of religions to survive. Of course, the world being such a cruel place has much to do with peoples stupidity and ignorance of truth, religion being a frontrunner. Above all this, the fact that there is no gods or supernatural creatures, the fact that everything religions say about reality is a joke, and that they all, if you look hard, have been proven wrong beyond any help or discussion, we also have the denial of human nature. This denial is what I hate about religions, I do not care much about if those idiots belive that god exists, or if they belive that earth was created in seven days, as far as I am concerned, that is truly their problem. I laugh at them. But denial of our nature is something I really despice.

I will try explain to you what I mean, but that is not the most easy thing to do in the first place, and if you are somewhat religious already you might aswell quit reading now, because you are probobly beyond help. The reason to why religions deny human nature, without knowing it of course, is that if you think of it with the moral that is considered "right" in the general point of view, it is terrible. It really is!

Still, it is our nature, and we cannot deny it, it would be the same as denying yourself, and if you know what that means, you also know that it is impossible to deny yourself. There are many aspects about us that lies within our very nature, some of them we try to press down, some of them are respected as facts. Those insticts that most people try to deny is what I am going to talk about, as the others are really unimportant, there is no need to complain about things that people do right, while you should point out what they do wrong, how would we otherwise improve the situation? However, I will state all the greater things about human nature, so that you will get a full view of what it is.


We all know what it means, and we all know how it feels to be in love. It is a strong emotion of the human nature. Hence it is also respected, there are not many religions or people that deny the fact that we cannot rule our own feelings when it comes to love. This is simply because love is such a strong emotion that no one would be stupid enough to try deny. We tend to think of love as something great, and even I must admit that it is pretty nice to be in love, even though it is a cause of silly amounts of pain if you are not very lucky.

Love is natures ensurance that we will mate, have kids, and all that jazz, and it is a big part of human nature, without love, we would not even exist.

All creatures in the world feel some kind of love towards their mates. But we humans, who are also animals by the way, think of love much more than animals in general, this is because we are more advanced then our "four-feeted friends". But even though we think of love as something much more complex than just a "mating ensurance", we, just like other animals, have this love programed in our nature, and there is nothing we can do about it. "Survive in order to procreate"-the ONLY universal guideline for us, and the same goes for all life.

I personaly find it wrong to call this emoton love however, since the word "love" indicates something more than it really is. Most people seem to assume that love is something almost divine (being touched by the essence of some god). Even those who does not believe this act as if there was something special about "love". Which is wrong, because the blunt truth is that "love" is only natures way of telling is to fuck and take care of the results of this.


This is also one of the strongest emotions of human nature, but unlike for example love, religions and most people with "morals" seem to deny it. And that is truly stupid in every sence of the word.

For exemple Christianity states that you should turn the other cheek towards your antagonist, that you shall bless them that do you harm, and love them as brothers. Old Martin Luthor King whent by this statement, and I admit, it looks very good on paper. But then again, so does communism, and just look at what happened to poor King. Now you tell me to shuv it up my ass, you start poking about old Ghandi and his peacefull revolution against the British govern in India. And I admit, he used a peacefull method to drive the English rulers out, but can you really say that he just turned the other cheek towards them? Ghandi knew that the only thing he and his people had to do in order to kick thier rulers out of India was to refuse them. And how they did this was unimportant. They would have won just as much if they started to kill every single English man in the realm, as they were so much greater in numbers than their rulers. But Ghandi knew that by doing this alot more of his people would also get killed. So Ghandi gave the British the big "fuck you" up their ass, and simply said that "you can kill us all, but you will never rule us!" And of course it worked, only poor Ghandi got himself killed while doing it. But is this is the same as turning your other cheek towards the enemy? No it is not. It is just a different way of striking back, the best way of doing it actually, if you outnumber your enemy, and if your enemy has got any moral at all. I would like to see this tactic used towards Hitler and his Nazi-guys during World War II!

But lets get back to the topic. Turning your cheek towards your enemy is simply stupid, because if you do this your enemy will keep on hitting you till you fall dead to the ground. And belive me, if you hit a christian man in the face, he will not turn you the other cheek! Here we have a good example on why religons "lie". They say one thing about how you should do things, but in reality the religious followers do something completelly different, sometimes even the opposite. Has not the Christians been one of the most savage people in history, with the Cruisades and all, and still they love their enemies, sure they do!

"If walking in open territories, and someone bothers you, ask him to stop, if he does not stop, destroy him!". Satanism is the only religion I have seen so far wich has got the true ideas of how to deal with hatred, all the other religions try to deny it even though they probably know they have not got a chance in doing it. But Satanism, the way Anton Szandor La Vey puts it, has got its weak parts aswell. I mean all this silly stuff about rituals and ridiculous sacrifices, that is all bullshit, but most of the "Satanic Statements" actually makes alot of scence, but I will come to that later on.

Hate is basically a survival instinct, something we need to live on, to put it in short. If we could not feel hate, we would probably turn the other cheek towards those that want to destroy us, and they would destroy us.

The word "hate" seems to be used in somewhat strange ways, people say that they hate alot of things. "Oh God, I hate that teacher, he is so ignorant!!". But I would say that it is ignorant to say a thing like that, is it really hate we are talking about here? Would the person saying this really want to kill that teacher? Probably not, it is just that the person saying this does not know what he/she is talking about. What he/she means is just that he/she does not like the person that he/she accuses for being ignorant. And there is a hell of a difference between hating someone, meaning you want him dead, and just not liking someone, meaning you do not enjoy being around him and so forth...

In todays world, and specially where I live for the moment (Sweden), there is not much need for hate really, in some parts of the world you have to kill others in order to survive, but here you do not. Still, there is no reason, and no chance, of denying the fact that hate exists, and that we can do nothing about..

Of course, just as with "love", humanity has misunderstood hatred as something bad. This is wrong, it's just as survival instinct. ~EGOISM~

This one is not something that only we have, but also all other animals, even stronger so sometimes. But egoism is one of the "natural bihaviors" that religions and people in general seem do deny, or at least try to deny. As I have said before, it is impossible, laughable! We all, even if you might not admit it, put ourselves in the middle of our own thoughts, that is no secret, is it?

And we really do not care about others, as long as we are not touched by the situation ourselves. Or, we do care actually, if we hear on the news that a million people have been slaughtered down in Africa, of course we care, and say: "How the hell can people be sick enough doing things like that!?" Or rather, that is what "normal morons" say, I couldn't give two shits myself of course.

And some of us, people who has got nothing better to do, goes down there and tries to help the people in need. But still, if we are not in the middle of what's going on, nothing about it can make us really care alot about it. We are all egoists, the only differance between us is if we admit it or not. "Do not complain about things unless you subject yourself". Another Satanic Statement, you must forgive me for saying it, but La Veys "word of Satan" makes more scense than most of us know, the reason to why you do not know, is bacause you have not been reading the "Satanic Bible", all you probably got is a fucked-up view of Satanism as an evil cult who worships the dark, kill children, drink blood, rape animals, and so forth. This is all cute, really fucking nice. But I tell you, it is as wrong as it could ever get. I am not a Satanist though, just so you do not run of with any bullshit stories about me, I just happen to know what Satanism really is, something I doubt you do.. One should of course take in account that there are many different kinds of Satanism, this because it's a rather individual relgion as a whole, when I talk about Satanism in this essay I am talking about Anton's Satanism, not the Swedish-Norwegian cults. For these topics are completely different chapters, these people have their ways which consist of some falsehood and some truth just like all Satanism, and most of these real "devil-worshippers" really hate Anton's "trandy" way of putting it all. But as I said, that is another story.

By now you probably think of me as a crazy idiot, who likes all this stuff about "egoism", "hate" and all the other "bad" things I will get to in a few moments. But that is also wrong as hell! You must understand that I am not talking about how things should be here, I am talking about how they are, and there is a big difference there son! But then again, the truth is always better than the lie, even though the lie might sound much more nice. That is the big reason to why all religions are crap, they base their "truth" on how they think things should be, and deny the facts of how they really are. This is also the reason to why they do not work in the long run. As I have said before, religions are alot like comunism, they look splendid on paper (in their holy books) but in reality they suck!

Egoism is something we cannot deny, the thing that is of the most worth to us is not the happiness of others, but our own happiness.

There is one exception to all this though, and the exception is love. If you truly love someone you will put that person first. Then he/she is more important than yourself, and then you could say that you are not an egoist anymore. But hold on for a second.. Is it not true that if you love the person and put her/him in the first place, you are still acting according to your own will and wishes? Are you not thinking of yourself just as much as you have always done? Are you not still an egoist, only in a different way?!

We all know the answeres to that, do we not? And all this my friends, is something we cannot do anything about, it is one of the laws of our nature...


The thing wich is completely wrong with all religions is that they do not understand what reality really is, the fact that "what you see, is what's real" is something religious people seem to be both unwilling and unable to understand.

This is the one great truth though, reality is really nothing more than what we can "see". It is very easy to state this fact, even though most people seem to have a very hard time understanding it!

In the start of this essay I spoke about the "two reasons" to why religions still exists today. The first one I have already gone through, and the second one I have touched a little in some parts of this little essay. The third reason to why religions still exist today is the weakness that some people have. In Satanism weakness is a sin, not only because the whole religion states that you should fight your inner weakness, and instead be strong, but also because the word "weak" written in the Satanic Bible might aswell be replaced by the words as "beliver in God", "christian" etc.etc.

Even though I do not agree on that weakness is a sin, as far as I am concerned it is just a very stupid thing to be, but it is true that the followers of supernatural religions are weak. People seek comfort, trust (ha!), the meaning of life and unity in the religions. And of course they all say that this is exactly what they find, by the help of the gods naturaly! That they seek for all these things in religions is a proof that they cannot manage life alone, that this world is a way to fucking violent, horrible and bad place for them to feel any comfort in at all. You may call this what you want, I call it being weak.

I do not consider weakness to be a sin, only a sign of stupidity and lazyness, you can make the choice yourself you see. Either you are strong, you face reality, stand alone, rule your own identity, and live your life to its full. Or you can do it the easy way, decide that reality is to hard to face, join the stream and follow the nice little lie given by your preist. This is of course much more easy, together you might actualy be almost as strong as I am, and you as an individual can float back into your dreams of heavens, gods and their divinity. While denying who you really are, your nature, sure that this life is just the start of something else, while the truth is the you are wasting all of it.

Personally I have nothing against unions, standing together makes us stronger in a physical way. But firstly it also makes our personalities weaker, since we are no longer free to do exactly what we want. Secondly, I do not need any unions just to face reality. The only time I would call upon people who shared my beliefs is if there was a physically stronger enemy to fight. Please notice the great difference between "physical strength" and "phycological strength", if you do not you will simply not have a chance of understanding anything of what I am talking about. Thirdly, and this is regarding religions, I would never be able to force myself to join a union wich is based on all crimes and fellonies towards mankind I can think of! A union based on denial of the individual, denial of our nature and denial of reality, it would not work for me!

As an ending credit to all this I would just want to say one very important thing about these two "reasons to why religions exist today" and also why they were "invented". It is very important when reading my statements that I do not mean that the people that become religious, or those who invented the religions for that mather, know anything about why they do/did this. Of course a christian or a man/woman of any other religion would not say that they are what they are because they are weak. He/she would of course say that he/she "knows" that what they belive in is right, and then he/she would probably start to talk about all those blessed times when he/she has felt the precense of God, and on and on!

You would not feel weak if you became religious, and joined a church of some sort. It would probably be a great thing, you would feel as if you had found the answeres to everything, as if you were relieved from all your former struggles and agonies. And after a little while in this union you would so brain-washed, that you would no longer be able to look upon yourself, your religion or your nature from an objective point of view. Such is the only, and cursed power of religions! To put it all in my own words, and also in a short way:

"Religious people poke around with their belives and denials, without knowing what they are really doing, as these belives and denials has long ago taken all of that little sanity the might ones have had...


In the end this is what it all comes down to, this is my "religion". As you can see I named it "Satheism", a mix of "Satanism" and "Atheism". As I have said before, I am not a Satanist! But there are many statements in that religion that are true, all of them actually! Except all that fucking crap about Satan, his bro Lucifer, old uncle Belsebub and all those corny rites and rituals. These supernatural things is what makes Satanism just as fucking stupid as all other religions, if old La Vey only had skipped that crap, Satanism would be true, now it is just a little less lying than the rest of all religions.

An Atheist is what I really am, and have always been aswell for that mather. But just saying that I do not belive in any gods or their likes, is not enough. Firstly, it has got nothing to do with "beliving", I KNOW there is no gods, and I KNOW I am right! And if you are offended by these words, fuck you! I do not care what you say, because you are wrong, stupid, and most of all weak. And I hate your religion, and I do hate you for your religious belives, you could be dead and I would be in prison for killing you, if it wasn't for the laws of soceity I am forced to follow. It is that simple really, you may belive what you want to belive, and I do not care what you belive, or I care, but in todays world there is nothing I can do about it (man, I wish I was Hitler). As long as you stay the hell away from me with your lying bullshits I will not harm you, but my hypocrisy goes only so far...

I am a nice guy really, if you are nice to me I will be the best friend you have ever had. Though, remember that statement about "If walking in the open and someone bothers you" etc.., if you ever come upon the idea of pissing me off. I am not saying that you should not piss me off, all I am trying to say is that you might die doing it... That is one of the "satanic" parts of me, and because of that I cannot call myself just Atheist, as that would not be the whole truth. Read the "Satanic Bible" and everything else about the subject and Atheism, then skip all the supernatural nonscense, all the rituals, all the rites, all the devils, everything wich has got nothing to do with reality. Then you will almost have me and my "religion" in a box.

But this is not the whole truth either, as I do not agree with exactly every statement of satanism, even though a statement has got everything to do with reality, I might not agree with it. But I am not going to go into that now, it would take ages to go through every single little statement of the Satanic Bible, come and ask me instead, I will be happy to explain, as long as you respect my answer. I have respect for those who knows and respect me, I have non for the rest of the world. This does not mean that I love those who loves me, or hate those who hates me, as those emotions are completelly different from respect. Respect is not a real emotion, it is a code of behavior wich is needed in life, but it has got little or nothing to do with what you think of others. You treat people the way you want them to treat you, but you do not think of people the way you want them to think of you, that is a truth wich you should not mess with. Because if you start to demand that people shall like you just because you like them, you will end up alone, you will end up in trouble, belive me..

This is all I will write about this right now, there is a few more things to it, but I think I have covered the most important parts. The only thing I demand from you when you are done reading this crap, is that you shall remember that Satheism is not a religion so to speak, it is my way of life. I am not proud of it, but I do not deny it either, I respect it as the fact it is. I respect you aswell, as long as you do not get on my nerves, I don't respect other peoples dumb beleives, no-one does, anyone saying they do is just lying, trying to deny our nature. However, I expect respect from you as well, whoever you might be, cause even though you might think of me as a fucking moron, you can't deny the fact that I am right, for if you do you are an even greater fucking idiot.


"Satheism" was later changed to Nihilism as I found out about that philosophy, the rest has remained rather unchanged, since it's universal.