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Abigor As Divine Grace
Barathrum Bellum Bellorum
Borknagar Burzum
Celeste Cloama
Crimson Midwinter Curse
Dark Funeral Darkthrone
Death Dissection
Emperor Empyrium
Enslaved Horna
Let Me Dream Mayhem
My Dying Bride Mörk Gryning
Nighfall Nightside Pimeys Rotten Sound
Rotting Christ Sentenced
Skull Krusher Skyforger
Solefald Summoning
Ulver Unanimated
Burzum Mayhem
Emperor Bathory
Satyricon Immortal
Sorg Immemorial
Powers Court Wrath
Mornaland Quilmess
Prophanity Funeral Mist
Thyrfing Dark Funeral(The Only Official..)
Satariel Naglfar
Vintersorg Dummy Burger
Elenium Marduk
Diabolical Maquerade


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Respekt till förorten, jao!