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Format: Tape
Source: FM
Generation: ?
Length: 35
Date: 1995
Location: The Road, Ventura, CA
Set list:
  1. There Goes My Heart
  2. All That Heaven Will Allow
  3. The Things You Said To Me
  4. I Can't Help Falling In Love With You
  5. All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down
  6. Oh What A Thrill
  7. I Should Have Been True
  8. The Losing Side Of Me
  9. Spend My Whole Life Loving You

Format: DAT
Source: DAud
Generation: 0
Length: 55
Date: 7/15/95
Location: Olympic Center, Lake Placid, NY
Set list:
Format: DAT
Source: DAud
Generation: 0
Length: 55
Date: 7/16/95
Location: Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga, NY
Set list:
Format: Tape
Source: ?
Generation: ?
Length: 115
Date: 1/96
Location: Manchester Academy, Manchester, England
Set list:
  1. Here Comes The Rain
  2. The Things You Said To Me
  3. I Should Have Been True
  4. Pretend
  5. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
  6. Ain't Found Nobody
  7. Missing You
  8. All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down
  9. This Broken Heart
  10. Make The World Go Away
  11. Quantanamara
  12. Secret Agent Man
  13. I Got You
  14. There Goes My Heart (split across the tape)
  15. Hey Good Lookin'
  16. P.S. I Love You
  17. Oh What A Thrill
  18. Oh What A Cryin' Shame
  19. Blue Moon
  20. From Hell To Paradise

    First Encore:

  21. Mambo Mary Anne
  22. Rebel Rouser
  23. Born On The Bayou
  24. Give Peace A Chance

    Second Encore:

  25. Jambalaya
  26. Be My Baby (split across the tape)
  27. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  28. Twist And Shout

Format: DAT
Source: DSBD
Generation: 0
Length: 15
Date: 1997
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Set list:
Title: Sessions @ W. 54th Street
Format: VHS
Source: TV
Generation: 0
Length: 30
Date: 4/2/99 (air date)
Location: Sony Studios, New York, NY
Set list:
  1. No Setlist Entered.

  2. Transcript of Interview:
    David Byrne: the whole way the last record was
    recorded. It was recorded live in the studio and
    with loads of musicians, strings and brass and you
    went to create a whole different atmosphere in the
    studio with well, according to what I've heard,
    food and drink and friends.
    Maverick: And family.
    David Byrne: And just kind of opened the door to
    the whole process instead of shutting it away and
    going oh, now we do our work and then we'll
    show it to you later or, our lives are somewhere
    else. I haven't formed this into a question but
    somebody take the ball away from me.
    (overlapping voices)
    Maverick: It's so good. I can't tell you how much
    fun this is. I haven't had this much fun in ... this is
    really good. Would you go on the road with us for
    a while? Tell us stories late at night.
    Maverick:Yes David, we recorded it like that.
    Maverick:Tell us the story about the time that ...
    Maverick:... that we recorded our record. It was
    so good.
    Maverick: It was fun. It was about as much fun as
    this interview, which is fun. It really was. A lot of
    laughing. I'm not ...
    Maverick: He's not putting you on. Raul can get
    into the technical aspects but I can tell you in a
    very un-technical level it was so much fun to have
    a spirit of friends and family around and this kind
    of laughter. We recorded when we wanted to
    record, when we were ready or when we wanted
    to take a break or eat something or just listen back
    to music. We did that.
    Maverick: So many times, you know, you record
    and for some reason as musicians you feel the need
    that when you go in to record it's like you're going
    to war or something and it's like you shut the doors
    and you barricade it and it's like nobody talk to
    you, you know, we're concentrating and you know
    we've done that. I think it kind of stifles it a little
    bit, the creative side a little bit. I like the tension
    created just by the fact that the doors are open.
    There's a little bit of like, now we kind of have to
    perform a little bit and while we're creating this
    music, you know, which essentially is what you do
    anyways when you go on stage is you're
    performing, so, why not do that in the studio and so
    that was sort of the essence of it and we really
    wanted to invite our friends and family down and
    just have that whole atmosphere and everybody
    digging what you're doing or not digging what
    you're doing. Because certainly there's a couple of
    friends that will say, oh, we should do that again
    or whatever. Then, of course, we kick them out.
    David Byrne: You have to walk a line between
    showing your influences and things where it could
    be tongue in cheek or parody of something.
    Sometimes it's on the border line where you're
    having a lot of fun with something, quoting
    something or something that you're influenced by
    and you don't want to turn it into a parody but
    you're also having a lot of fun with it. Here I go
    again. How do you stay on the line and not fall into
    one side or the other?
    Maverick:That's an interesting thought actually
    because you can fall either way easily. I think the
    key is you've got to, you've really got to, number
    one, be pretty secure musically and kind of know
    what you're doing. Know what you're after
    anyways. And also you've got to have a sense of
    humor and understand where that shmaltzy stuff or
    that cheesy stuff comes from. And you've kind of
    got to have an appreciation for it. You may not
    have to like it but you've got to at least know
    where it's coming from and sort of have a sense of
    humor about it and I think if you do that and you
    really kind of have a clue as to the intent then
    you're going to be all right.
    Maverick: That was the biggest bunch of crap
    I've ever heard.
    David Byrne: And that's the part we'll use.
Note: See Sessions at West 54th Website.
Title: The Late Show with David Letterman
Format: VHS
Source: TV
Generation: 0
Length: 5
Date: 8/11/99
Location: New York, NY
Set list:
Title: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Format: VHS
Source: TV
Generation: 0
Length: 5
Date: 11/10/99
Location: Burbank, CA
Set list:
  1. Here Comes My Baby

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