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Title: Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival
Format: CD
Source: Aud
Generation: 0
Length: 45
Date: 9/15/90
Location: Winfield, KS
Set list:
Title: Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival
Format: DAT
Source: Aud
Generation: 0
Length: 25
Date: 9/19/92
Location: Winfield, KS
Set list:
Title: Austin City Limits
Format: VHS
Source: TV
Generation: 0
Length: 30
Date: 2/23/99 (air - recorded 9/98)
Location: Austin, TX
Set list:
  1. There's Your Trouble
  2. Loving Arms
  3. Love Me Like A Man
  4. Roanoke
  5. Wide Open Spaces
  6. Love You Better
  7. Give It Up Or Let Me Go
Note: See Austin Cyber Limits Website.
Format: CD
Source: ?
Generation: 0
Length: 75
Date: 6/16/99
Location: Shepherds Bush Empire, London, England
Set list:
  1. Tonight the Heartache's On Me
  2. The Price I Paid
  3. Am I The Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way)
  4. Loving Arms
  5. Hey Dixie
  6. There's Your Trouble
  7. Love Me Like A Man
  8. Stand By Your Man
  9. Let 'Er Rip
  10. Roanoke
  11. You Were Mine
  12. Wide Open Spaces
  13. Give It Up Or Let Me Go

Title: Fabulous Phoenix Fourth
Format: DAT
Source: DAud: CSC > M1
Generation: 0
Length: 80
Date: 7/4/99
Location: Wesley Bolin Plaza Area, Phoenix, AZ
Set list:
Title: The Late Show with David Letterman
Format: VHS
Source: TV
Generation: 0
Length: 5
Date: 9/14/99
Location: New York, NY
Set list:
Title: Sessions @ W. 54th Street
Format: VHS
Source: TV
Generation: 0
Length: 60
Date: 9/15/99 [air date - 11/19/99]
Location: Sony Studios, New York, NY
Set list:
  1. Tonight The Heartache's On Me
  2. Ready To Run
  3. There's Your Trouble
  4. Cowboy Take Me Away
  5. You Were Mine
  6. Sin Wagon
  7. Goodbye Earl
  8. Let Him Fly
  9. Wide Open Spaces

  10. Transcript of Interview:
    Interview 1:
    John Hiatt: Let's talk about the Patty Griffin song
    "Let Him Fly". Did she write that for you guys?
    Natalie Maines: No. That was on our first album.
    We became huge Patty Griffin fans. We went and
    saw her open up for Shawn Colvin. And we couldn't
    understand a word she was saying but it doesn't
    matter, she has one of those voices where you don't
    even know what she's saying but then on top of that
    it's great songs and great writing and we all three
    went out and bought the album that night, went over
    to Tower and I think I've probably become her
    biggest fan in this group. Don't want to scare her.
    Emily Robison: She knows where she lives.
    Martie Seidel: It's almost scary.
    Natalie Maines: No I don't know where she lives
    actually, but anyways, I brought that song to the
    table pretty near the end and, I think it sort of
    mirrored, you know, what I was going through
    during the making of the record, just getting a
    divorce and was very happy about that song. It's
    been a struggle getting a divorce and moving on
    and so it's just sort of a song that I, in my heart,
    wish that my soon to be ex-husband would sing to
    me, you know, realize the importance of letting go
    and that we're too young to be holding on to all of
    this and move on. But, it hasn't worked.
    Interview 2:
    John Hiatt: Well, I'm just going to ask you point
    blank, what are you listening to?
    Natalie Maines: The newest, best thing that I've
    bought is the new Alison Krauss record "Forget
    About It". It is an awesome record. It's awesome.
    It's nominated for album of the year.
    Emily Robison: We sent her a note the other day
    just to let her know how incredible we thought it
    Natalie Maines: There's only, there's about four
    albums a year that I really, really listen to and just
    like, listen to them over and over. This year it was
    Patty Griffin, Lauryn Hill, this new one...
    Martie Seidel: I love Bruce Robinson, "Wrapped"
    is a great album. Kelly Willis' album.
    John Hiatt: That's a great record.
    Martie Seidel: I can't get it out of my CD player.
    John Hiatt: We taped her a couple of weeks ago,
    she was great.
    Dixie Chick: Sheryl Crow, "Globe Sessions",
    listen to it all the time. I listen to all her CDs all
    the time, and "Flaming Red" (Patty Griffin), like
    Natalie said.
    John Hiatt: You mentioned Lauryn Hill and, you
    know I see and hear so much cross pollination
    going on. We just had this guy Speech, who he
    used to have that band Arrested Development, did
    that song "Tennessee".
    Natalie Maines: That was great.
    John Hiatt: And I'm thinking, he's got these
    grooves that are almost like kind of country, you
    know, it's all getting so mixed up in such a cool
    Natalie Maines: Very urban.
    John Hiatt: Do you see that happening, do you see
    country stretching?
    Natalie Maines: Our, the thing we would love to
    see is just that, you know I hate that people say
    Shania isn't country or you know some people in
    early times tried to say we weren't and I hate that
    there's some small definition of country music. I
    mean you turn on a pop station you'll hear anything
    from Whitney Houston to Matchbox 20. You know,
    why can't we have a broader vision of what
    country is.
    Emily Robison: Yeah, like why can't they include
    people like Kelly Willis on country radio.
    Martie Seidel: Or even Buck Owens, you know
    he's still singing and so many people putting out
    new music that doesn't get played.
    Natalie Maines: And Dwight (Yoakam) can't get
    played on the radio. He's my favorite male country
    singer out right now and they won't play him on the
    radio and you know I don't want people to come
    out sounding like the Dixie Chicks. I think the
    reason why we had the success is cause it was
    something new and, you know, I think the music
    was there but we just have so many friends in
    Nashville, you know, just that you know should be
    making it. And for one reason or another they're
    not and I just don't understand this small definition
    of what country is.
    John Hiatt: And you guys are a perfect example of
    you know trying something different and oh, it
    sounds different and people like it so it gets on
    radio and then it seems like the next thing record
    companies want to do is sign 50 Dixie Chicks.
    Emily Robison: I think radio took a chance on us. I
    mean we were different to their ears and I attribute
    a lot of our success to radio. I mean that's where
    our fans come from for the most part and I think if
    they took more chances on people like us ?
    Martie Seidel: Labels like to deliver different
    music too. It's not just ?
    Emily Robison: But I think if they took a few more
    chances then the listeners are educated enough to
    know, I think they underestimate their listeners
    John Hiatt: Absolutely. I agree. 
Note 1: Sheryl Crow guests.
Note 2: See Sessions at West 54th Website.
Title: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Format: VHS
Source: TV
Generation: 0
Length: 5
Date: 2/17/00
Location: Burbank, CA
Set list:
  1. Cowboy Take Me Away

Title: The Late Show with David Letterman
Format: VHS
Source: TV
Generation: 0
Length: 5
Date: 7/18/00
Location: New York, NY
Set list:
  1. Cold Day In July (cut)

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