Sheryl Crow Setlists

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Title: Love Is a Good Thing
Format: Tape
Source: CD
Generation: 2
Length: 90
Date: 10/94
Location: Empire Theatre, Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, England
Filler: Brooklyn Academy of Music 2/95
Set list:
  1. Reach Around Jerk
  2. Love Is A Good Thing
  3. Solidify
  4. Strong Enough
  5. All I Wanna Do
  6. What I Can Do for You
  7. Leaving Las Vegas
  8. The Na Na Song/I've Got A Feeling
  9. Can't Cry Anymore
  10. Standing On The Outside
  11. Cold Turkey
  12. I Shall Believe

    Filler: Brooklyn Academy of Music 2/95:

  13. Leaving Las Vegas
  14. Strong Enough
  15. All I Wanna Do
  16. The Na Na Song
  17. D'yer Mak'er

Title: Glastonbury Festival
Format: CD
Source: FM
Generation: 0
Length: 75
Date: 6/97
Location: Glastonbury, England
Set list:
Format: DAT
Source: DAud: AT 853 > M1
Generation: 0
Length: 30
Date: 10/9/98
Location: Constitution Hall, Washington, DC
Set list:
  1. A Change Would Do You Good
  2. My Favorite Mistake
  3. Redemption Day
  4. Riverwide
  5. Mississippi

    Encore (w/ all artists):

  6. Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Format: DAT
Source: DAud
Generation: 0
Length: 50
Date: 9/24/00
Location: Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ
Set list:
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