Elvis Costello Setlists

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Format: DAT
Source: FM
Generation: 0
Length: 15
Date: ?
Location: ?
Set list:
  1. Susan I Owe You An Apology (All My So Called Troubles)
  2. Why Keep Hanging On To All These Impermanent Things?
  3. I Want To Lift Her Up
  4. I Love You

Title: Missing songs (Rarities)
Format: Tape
Source: mixed
Generation: ?
Length: 570
Date: mixed
Location: mixed
Set list:
  1. End Of The Rainbow (Anti Heroin Project LP)
  2. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Live 12" promo)
  3. Don't Get Above Your Raising (Live w/ R. Skaggs)
  4. Many Rivers To Cross (Live for Ireland LP)
  5. Leave My Kitten Alone (Live for Ireland LP)
  6. The Imposter (Concert for Kampuchea LP)
  7. Gloomy Sunday (Fundamental Frolics LP)
  8. Psycho (Fundamental Frolics LP)
  9. Windows On The World (Arm's Video Disc)
  10. Days (Arm's Video Disc)
  11. The Very Thought Of You (w/ C. Baker @ Ronnie Scotts)
  12. All You Need Is Love (Live Aid)
  13. You Don't Know What Love Is/Fool To Love (w/ C. Baker @ Ronnie Scotts)
  14. Tomorrow's Just Another Day (Madness 12")
  15. Point Of No Return (B side Baby Plays Around)
  16. Stranger In The House (G. Jones & Friends LP)
  17. 3rd Rate Romance (Flip City Demos)
  18. Radio Soul (Flip City Demos)
  19. That's How You Got Killed Before (Dirty Doz BB)
  20. She Moves Through The Fair (w/ Brodskys Quartet)
  21. Mysterious Ghost (Bringing It All Back Home CD)
  22. Shamed Into Love (w/ R.Blades - Nothing But the Truth LP)
  23. The Comedians (R. Orbison demo)
  24. Exiles Road (From BBC/EC Special)
  25. Veronica demo (So Like Candy)
  26. Back On My Feet (12" B side)
  27. You're No Good (Veronica EP)
  28. Steps Lead Down (Veronica EP)
  29. Room Nobody Lives In (Veronica EP)
  30. Point Of No Return (French Baby Plays Around CD)
  31. God's Comic (BBC Spike Special)
  32. Let Him Dangle (BBC Spike Special)
  33. Baby Plays Around (BBC Spike Special)
  34. Tramp The Dirt Down (BBC Spike Special)
  35. God's Comic (Live NPR Fresh Air)
  36. The Ugly Things (US Promo CD)
  37. Hurry Down Doomsday (MTV Unplugged UK - So Like Candy EP)
  38. Couldn't Call It Unexpected #4 (Live Mansfield MA - So Like Candy EP)
  39. Puppet Girl (UK EP 13 Steps Lead Down)
  40. Basement Kiss (We Despise You - UK EP 13 Steps Lead Down)
  41. Idiophone (UK Sulky Girl CD EP)
  42. Drunken Man's Praise Of Sobriety (UK Sulky Girl CD EP)
  43. Step Inside Love (UK CD EP You Tripped at Every Step)
  44. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (UK CD EP You Tripped at Every Step)
  45. Sticks And Stones (UK CD EP You Tripped at Every Step)
  46. Do You Know What I'm Saying (Clown Strike Promo CD)
  47. My Resistance Is Low (London's Brilliant 12" EP)
  48. Congratulations (London's Brilliant 12" EP)
  49. Sally Sue Brown/Adios Amigo (Arthur Alexander Tribute CD)
  50. Lost In The Stars (Kurt Weill Tribute PBS Special)
  51. Bonus: Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine (Beach Boys)
  52. Portion: Living A Little, Loving A Little (EC/J. Hiatt Warming Up to the Ice Age CD)
  53. Full Force Gale (Van Morrison tribute)
  54. May 17th (From CD w/ Ferrington guitar book)
  55. But Not For Me (George Gershwin tribute)
  56. St. Stephen's Day Murders (Chieftains Xmas LP)
  57. Weird Nightmare & W.N. Reprise (C. Mingus tribute)
  58. The Other End Of The Telescope (Til Tuesday)
  59. You Bowed Down (w/ R. McGuinn)
  60. Living A Little, Laughing A Little (w/ J. Hiatt)
  61. My Resistance Is Low (G. Jones demo)
  62. The Birds Will Be Singing (EC w/ Brodsky Quartet 3/25/95 Royal Performance)
  63. One After 909 (w/ P.McCartney - 3/25/95 Royal Performance)
  64. Mistress And Maid (3/25/95 Royal Performance)
  65. Ship Of Fools (Deadicated tribute LP)
  66. Complicated Shadows (BBC Glasgow concert)
  67. London's Brilliant (w/ James demo)
  68. Miranda Syndrome (R. Blades & EC)
  69. Miracle Man (Live B side Of Alison 7")
  70. Neat Neat Neat (Free 7" w/ TYM)
  71. Blame It On Cane (Live B side Of WTD 7")
  72. Mystery Dance Live (Plugging The Gaps boot)
  73. Cry Cry Cry (Plugging The Gaps boot)
  74. Wondering (Plugging The Gaps boot)
  75. Blues Keep Calling (Plugging The Gaps boot)
  76. Honky Tonk Girl (Plugging The Gaps boot)
  77. Town Cryer (fast alternate version B side)
  78. Party Party (Plugging The Gaps)
  79. More Than Rain (NYC Encores Live w/ Brodskys)
  80. God Only Knows (NYC Encores Live w/ Brodskys)
  81. They Didn't Believe Me (NYC Encores Live w/ Brodskys)
  82. I Almost Had A Weakness (NYC Encores Live w/ Brodskys)
  83. Secret Lemonade Commercial ('73 - EC singing backup - his professional debut. This from '95 interview w/ Ross MacManus)
  84. Uncomplicated (alternate mix w/o anvil)
  85. Put Your Big Toe In The Milk Of Human Kindness (Rob Wasserman's Trios CD)
  86. The Only Flame In Town (spec. 4:35 US mix)
  87. Pump It Up ('84 US Monster Mix)
  88. This Town (Bastard Mix. Spike Promo LP)
  89. Punishing Kiss (Annie Ross. Short Cuts soundtrk (live))
  90. The Only Flame In Town (Version Discotheque)
  91. I Almost Had A Weakness (Version Discotheque)
  92. A Town Called Big Nothing (The Long March) (Big Nothing 12" B-side)
  93. I Wanna Be Loved (Version Discotheque)
  94. Pills And Soap (Extended Version)
  95. Sugar Bridge (Bluebells (pr. by EC))
  96. Danger Zone (BBC session 6/9/83 By P. Mayfield)
  97. Big Sister's Clothes (UT-Austin, 9/7/83)
  98. Everyday I Write The Book (5:04 extended version)
  99. The Bells (UT-Austin, 9/7/83)
  100. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Freedom Beat sdtrk'88)
  101. Free Nelson Mandela (The Tube Ch4. 3/9/84 w/ The Specials)
  102. Lil Darlin' (Red Parrot NYC w/ Count Basie 8/8/83)
  103. It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing (w/ T. Bennett & Count Basie Orch. 'Swing It Again' TV)
  104. They Can't Take That Away From Me (T. Bennett Unplugged MTV 95)
  105. Let Them All Talk (Extended Version)
  106. I Hope You're Happy Now (solo) (B-side of I Want You)
  107. I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (orig Stiffs Live LP)
  108. Watch Me Catch Fire (Big Heat pr & backup vocal by EC '84)
  109. Every Day I Write The Book (Instrumental version)
  110. I Wanna Be Loved (Smoochy, runny version)


  111. Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head (partial)
  112. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
  113. So Like Candy/I Want You
  114. The Other Side Of Summer
  115. Must You Throw Dirt In My Face
  116. Hidden Charms
  117. Everybody's Crying Mercy
  118. Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over)
  119. Couldn't Call It Unexpected #4
  120. Bama Lama Bama Loo

  121. Betrayal (Logan Hall, London 3/9/85; early TTDD)
  122. We Don't Even Try Anymore (Logan Hall, London 3/9/85; co/wri. by John Doe)
  123. Everybody's Crying Mercy (Logan Hall, London 3/9/85)
  124. No Reason To Quit (Logan Hall, London 3/9/85)
  125. The Image Of Me (Clarendon Ballroom London, 3/17/85)
  126. A Man Can Be A Drunk, But A Drunk Can't Be A Man (Clarendon Ballroom London, 3/17/85)
  127. I Got Loaded (w/ Los Lobos. Electric Ballroom, Camden, London 5/14/85)
  128. She Loves The Jerk (w/ J. Hiatt; Duke of York Theatre, London 3/31/85)
  129. Jack Of All Parades (Confederates Demo 1985)
  130. My Ever Changing Moods (w/ Style Council; Victoria, Apollo 12/18/83)
  131. Alison (Granada TV. 7/21/77; first TV appearance)
  132. Pretty In Pink (live, acoust '86 flexidisc publicizing a club (boot?))
  133. Forgive Her Anything (live, acoust '86 flexidisc publicizing a club (boot?))


  134. Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue
  135. Birds Will Still Be Singing
  136. Autumn Leaves (w/ Ann Sofie van Otter)
  137. Baby It's Cold Outside
  138. Without A Song
  139. Lost In The Stars (w/ SRSO)
  140. My Ship (w/ Ann Sofie van Otter)
  141. Every Time We Say Goodbye (w/ Ann Sofie van Otter)

  142. Grave Dance ("Jake's Progress" sndtrk CD)
  143. Two Steps From The Blues (Bridgeport, CT 8/28/82)
  144. I Feel Good (Bridgeport, CT 8/28/82)
  145. Slipping And Sliding (Bridgeport, CT 8/28/82)
  146. Cha Dooky Do (Bridgeport, CT 8/28/82)
  147. All These Things (Bridgeport, CT 8/28/82)
  148. Watching The D's (77 Top of the Pops)
  149. The Roadette Song (4 Ackers Club, Marcey, NY 12/77)
  150. True Love Ways (solo acoustic, Dublin 1986)
  151. Wild Thing (Dublin 1986 with Attractions)
  152. Having It All (Dublin 1986 with Attractions)
  153. His Latest Flame/Little Sister (Dublin 1986 with Attractions)
  154. From A Jack To A King (Dublin '86 sung by audience member "Norm")
  155. Pop Life (Dublin 1986 with Attractions)
  156. Ferry Cross The Mersey/Tiny Steps (Dublin 1986 with Attractions)
  157. Adrian (Eurythmics, vocals by EC)

Format: DAT
Source: SBD>MR>CD
Generation: 0
Length: 60
Date: 3/6/78
Location: El Mocombo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Set list:
  1. Mystery Dance
  2. Waiting For The End Of The World
  3. Welcome To The Working Week
  4. Less Than Zero
  5. The Beat
  6. Lip Service
  7. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
  8. Little Triggers
  9. Radio Radio
  10. Lipstick Vogue
  11. Watching The Detectives
  12. Miracle Man
  13. You Belong To Me
  14. Pump It Up

Format: DAT
Source: SBD
Generation: 0
Length: 30
Date: 6/7/78
Location: Winterland, San Francisco, CA
Set list:
Title: Radioland
Format: DAT
Source: DSBD
Generation: 0
Length: 60
Date: 1995
Location: ?
Set list:
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