Peter Case Setlists

All music is for trade only, not for sale!!!

I can only tape to DAT format!!!

Format: DAT
Source: SBD-Aud Mix
Generation: 0
Length: 190
Date: 10/18/98
Location: 7th House, Pontiac, MI
Set list: Note: w/ Alejandro Escovedo & Freedy Johnston.
Title: Bumbershoot Festival
Format: DAT
Source: DSBD
Generation: 0
Length: 60
Date: 9/5/99
Location: PCC NW Court Stage, Seattle Center, Seattle, WA
Set list:
Format: DAT
Source: DAud: DPA 4022 > Lunatec V2 > MiniMe > D8 (DFC FOB on piano, rear of floor)
Generation: 0
Length: 110
Date: 10/18/02
Location: Kerr Cultural Center, Scottsdale, AZ
Set list: No Setlist Entered, but includes:
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Tradelist: Geocities