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Title: Precious Little Diamonds 2
Format: CD
Source: SBD
Generation: 0
Length: 70
Date: ?
Location: ?
Set list:
  1. Ring My Bell
  2. Honey
  3. Upside Down
  4. All The Girls Hate Her: Piano Suite
  5. Down By The Seaside (w/ Robert Plant)
  6. Hey Jupiter (Dakota version)
  7. Crucify (remix)
  8. Sweet Dreams
  9. Take To The Sky
  10. Home On The Range (Cherokee Edition)
  11. Angie
  12. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  13. Thank You
  14. Over It: Piano Suite
  15. The Pool
  16. Thoughts
  17. Black Swan

Title: The Purple Rose
Format: Tape
Source: CD
Generation: 2
Length: 135
Date: 1994 & 1996
Location: Berlin, Germany
Set list:
  1. Beauty Queen/Horses
  2. Leather
  3. American Pie/Smells Like Teen Spirit
  4. Marianne
  5. Caught A Lite Sneeze
  6. Little Amsterdam
  7. Cornflake Girl
  8. Doughnut Song
  9. Bells For Her
  10. Precious Things
  11. Not The Red Baron
  12. In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
  13. Winter
  14. Father Lucifer
  15. Me And A Gun
  16. Purple Raincoat (Labeled If 6 Was 9)
  17. Putting The Damage On
  18. Space Dog
  19. Hey Jupiter
  20. American Pie
  21. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  22. Crucify
  23. Jesus My Saviour
  24. Me And A Gun
  25. Baker Baker
  26. Cornflake Girl
  27. Winter
  28. ~interview~

Format: Tape
Source: SBD
Generation: ?
Length: 90
Date: 4/1/94
Location: Atlanta, GA
Set list:
  1. Sugar
  2. Crucify
  3. Icicle
  4. Precious Things
  5. Happy Phantom
  6. Pretty Good Year
  7. God
  8. Silent All These Years
  9. The Waitress
  10. Leather
  11. Me And A Gun
  12. Baker Baker
  13. Cornflake Girl
  14. Winter

    Filler: Suderland, UK, 12/91

  15. Imagine

    Filler: KROQ, Los Angeles, CA, 1/13/93

  16. Love Song

    Filler: Berlin, Germany, 4/9/94

  17. American Pie
  18. Smells Like Teen Spirit

Format: Tape
Source: FM
Generation: ?
Length: 90
Date: 4/9/94
Location: Trinitatiskrine, Berlin, Germany
Set list:
  1. American Pie / Smells Like Teen Spirit
  2. Pretty Good Year
  3. Crucify
  4. Icicle
  5. Happy Phantom
  6. God
  7. Bells For Her
  8. Me And A Gun
  9. Baker Baker
  10. Cornflake Girl
  11. Tear In Your Hand
  12. Summertime
  13. Winter

    Possible Filler: Extra B-Sides:

  14. Ring My Bell
  15. Here In My Head
  16. If 6 Was 9
  17. Strange Fruit

Title: Blood Roses
Format: CD
Source: SBD
Generation: 0
Length: 70
Date: Jan-Mar, 1996
Location: mixed
Set list:
  1. Doughnut Song (NYC 2/4/96)
  2. For Mark (NYC 2/4/96)
  3. Putting The Damage On (NYC 2/4/96)
  4. Losing My Religion (NYC 2/4/96)
  5. Leather (NYC 2/4/96)
  6. Little Amsterdam (WA 2/8/96)
  7. Crucify (WA 2/9/96)
  8. Blood Roses (WA 2/9/96)
  9. Marianne (MD 2/11/96)
  10. Here In My Head (IL 2/1/96)
  11. Caught A Lite Sneeze (CA 2/10/96)
  12. Hey Jupiter (NYC 1/20/96)
  13. Take To The Sky (CA 2/10/96)
  14. Fool On The Hill / Horses (Holland 3/9/96)
  15. This Old Man / Putting The Damage On (Holland 3/9/96)
  16. Muhammad My Friend (Holland 3/10/96)
  17. Caught A Lite Sneeze (Solo Acoustic - IL 2/1/96)

Format: Tape
Source: ?
Generation: ?
Length: 135
Date: 4/9/96
Location: Performing Arts Center, Tampa, FL
Set list:
  1. Beauty Queen
  2. Horses
  3. Crucify
  4. Losing My Religion
  5. Muhammad My Friend
  6. Bells For Her
  7. Little Amsterdam
  8. Cornflake Girl
  9. Space Dog
  10. Doughnut Song
  11. Leather
  12. Not The Red Baron
  13. Precious Things
  14. Flying Dutchman
  15. Caught A Lite Sneeze
  16. Me And A Gun
  17. Putting The Damage On
  18. Winter
  19. Take To The Sky
  20. In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
  21. Hey Jupiter

    Filler: B-Sides

  22. Honey
  23. Sugar
  24. Upside Down
  25. Here In My Head

Title: Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Format: CD
Source: SBD
Generation: 0
Length: 75
Date: 7/19/96
Location: Orpheum Theater, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Set list:
  1. Intro/Beauty Queen
  2. Horses
  3. Blood Roses
  4. Little Amsterdam
  5. Cornflake Girl
  6. China
  7. Leather
  8. Caught A Lite Sneeze
  9. Sister Janet
  10. Tear In Your Hand
  11. A Case Of You
  12. Honey
  13. Professional Widow
  14. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Title: KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Show
Format: Tape
Source: FM
Generation: 2
Length: 40
Date: 12/13/96
Location: Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA
Set list:
  1. Losing My Religion
  2. Precious Things
  3. Little Earthquakes
  4. Cornflake Girl
  5. Silent All These Years

Title: Four Track promo of Choirgirl Hotel album
Format: Tape
Source: CD?
Generation: 1?
Length: 20
Date: 1998?
Location: ?
Set list:
Title: Sessions @ W. 54th Street
Format: VHS
Source: TV
Generation: 0
Length: 60
Date: 2/5/99 (air date - recorded 11/14/98)
Location: Sony Studios, New York, NY
Set list:
  1. Precious Things
  2. iieee
  3. Past The Mission
  4. Caught A Lite Sneeze
  5. Take To The Sky (solo)
  6. Cooling (solo)
  7. The Waitress

  8. Transcript of Interview:
    David Byrne: People get carried away by music,
    they get inspired by music, they get inspired to do
    terrible things and inspired to do wonderful things.
    More than they would if you held up a painting and
    showed it to them.Do you think music is the most
    dangerous of the arts?
    Tori Amos: Yeah.
    David Byrne:David Byrne: You can't imagine
    somebody running off to war after having looked at
    a painting, but after they've heard some music...
    Tori Amos: Yeah.
    David Byrne: You could imagine that.
    Tori Amos: Prokofiev, and those Ruskies. I think
    music can also be dangerous when certain people
    play it . It's like, "Oh no, I'm dying here!" I think,
    for me, I can't imagine my life without it. I really
    can't. I think I'd be one foot in as a sewage
    manager in some plant somewhere, 'cause I don't
    know how I would have handled my aggression if I
    didn't have music. I put a lot into the piano. I sort
    stuff out.
    David Byrne: So, you think it's as dangerous for
    you as it is for the audience?
    Tori Amos: No, I think it'd be dangerous if I didn't
    have music. This is where I work stuff out. If we're
    talking about Joseph Campbell, they say that you
    probably have many myths running through your
    I think a lot in the new age puts me off because,
    "say the word 'love,' and it's all going to be okay."
    I don't agree with any of that. I feel like you gotta
    go to the shadow and you've gotta really see the
    stuff that you're hiding over here, and it's
    somewhere in here.
    I feel as far as the mythology goes, when I play, I
    pull on many different sides and it's not always
    about the good guys or the good gals, it's
    characters that have maybe done stuff that we kind
    of cock our heads at and go, "well, I don't know if
    this is a good character." I'm going, "that's not the
    point." They're in the myth, too, and sometimes I
    try and channel them. I try and bring those
    characters in and there's this tension that you create
    and you try and put yourself in everybody's
    position in the story, and that's what I try and do.
    David Byrne: Do you think when you changed your
    name or took what in the old days was called a
    stage name, do you think that was a way of
    self-determination? Of saying, "I'm going to be
    reborn as this new person?"
    Tori Amos: Well, I think it's also correcting a
    serious mistake my mother made. I'm screaming
    from the womb, "No, Mother, Myra Ellen? That's
    like the worst!" I hated that name. Especially with
    what boys can do as nine-year-olds with the word
    "Myra," on the east coast. Oh, and their accents are
    horrible anyway. But Myra! It was just the worst.
    And everybody called me Ellen instead, but
    Eh-wen, they dropped the "ll"s?
    And I gotta tell you, I wanted to torch them. And
    so, I went through some really bad names, when I
    was going through my name change period. I
    almost became Sammi Jay.
    David Byrne: That's not so bad.
    Tori Amos: Thanks, 'cause I was watching Dallas
    or no, Dynasty?
    David Byrne: I didn't know that was one of the
    Tori Amos: Yeah, Sammi Jay. She was Heather
    Locklear's character. Anyway, I was getting into
    the whole Sammi Jay thing and thank God one of
    my friend's boyfriends said, "You're a Tori," and I
    went, "You know what? You're right."
    David Byrne: Here's a little contradiction. In high
    school you were homecoming queen, voted most
    likely to succeed, etc., etc., and yet you still
    seemed to feel like somewhat of an outsider. Is that
    Tori Amos: One of my girlfriends I went to high
    school with, Cindy, came back to a show a month
    ago in Houston, she goes, "You know, I am pissed
    off with you," and I said, "Why?" And she goes,
    "You know, we were the cool chicks, we hung out
    together and you're telling everybody we were
    nerds," and I said, "Well, you weren't a nerd."
    Everybody knew I played the piano and I never got
    a date without playing a song for a guy, and I was
    pretty much intrinsically linked with this thing, this
    So, sometimes I felt like because of it, that was
    really my way in. And sometimes I was a bit
    manipulative. Write a song, pass a course, little
    things like that, and I knew if I really wanted to go
    out with a guy, if things were going all wrong
    maybe I could get him near a piano and maybe --
    David Byrne: That would sell him --
    Tori Amos: He would like me.
    David Byrne: The decision to work with a band,
    was any of that influenced by people having done
    dance remixes of some of the songs?
    Tori Amos: Well, a couple of things happened.
    Before all that happened, on Boys for Pele, Manu
    Katche played drums.
    I used to record almost all the tracks, piano/vocal
    or piano/ harpsichord live to tape, and then all the
    musicians would play on top of that rhythm
    because I had trouble with, not all drummers, but
    I'd had trouble surrendering that and trying to find
    a time where the songs didn't get pushed.
    David Byrne: Yeah, it's a lot to surrender, to make
    room for other people's parts.
    Tori Amos: And you gotta trust this drummer, that
    he knows your internal rhythm and who this song, I
    call them girls, who this particular one is and
    when she wants to pull back and when she wants
    to push. I've always said, you don't f**k to a
    And the thing is, I was going, "Manu, I don't know
    if I'm ready," and he said "Listen, I'm not talking
    about me." And this is why I loved him so much.
    He said, "You need to find a drummer that you can
    trust. That, for some reason, you have that thing."
    'Cause he's one of the greatest drummers in the
    world, and he said, "It's not about that. It's about
    some kind of secret language you have."
    And Eric Ross, who produced Under the Pink,
    who I lived with a long time, called me up after I
    lost the baby and said, "I know the guy. This is
    Matt Chamberlain, you've got to play with him."
    He had worked with Matt's band, and Matt came to
    the tropics and we hired a drum set and we
    And it was like, "I know you." He goes, "I know
    you." And that was it. And I think that was a real,
    huge turnaround.
    David Byrne: I want to ask about RAINN, the
    organization that you founded?
    Tori Amos: Yeah, with other people.
    David Byrne: We know about benefit concerts and
    that kind of thing, but what's the ongoing work
    Tori Amos: Well, what RAINN really is, is a
    group of people that make sure that the phone line
    is running, the number is 1-800-656-HOPE, and
    RAINN picks up the bills for people when they
    call from anywhere in America to a rape crisis
    center. Rape crisis centers can't afford the collect
    They're funded, they have to take care of their bills
    and there are about 600 rape crisis centers now
    that the phone line takes the caller to a counselor at
    one of these places, and RAINN is able to do that,
    and there are people. It works out of the DC Rape
    Crisis Center. That's where the hub of RAINN is.
    Part of the DC Rape Crisis Center is RAINN now.
    David Byrne: Does knowing that an ear on the
    other end of the telephone exists, help people call
    and say what's happened to them?
    Tori Amos: Well, I've been told we've had about
    225 thousand calls now since 1994, that's a lot.
    That's the good news and the bad news, but I've
    had people come up to me and say that they really
    were helped by RAINN, because it's not just a
    friend who is sitting there going, "yeah, yeah, you
    know," and kind of going like this to watch the tv
    show and they've heard it enough and you feel like
    you're imposing.
    Those people at the other end of the phone line are
    really there to talk about that. And to direct you.
    Some people need medical attention. Some people
    need legal advice. Some people need therapy, they
    really do. Some people are very ill.
Note: See Sessions at West 54th Website.
Title: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Format: VHS
Source: TV
Generation: 0
Length: 5
Date: 9/21/99
Location: Burbank, CA
Set list:
  1. 1000 Oceans

  2. Interview:
    After Tori's 1000 Oceans Set...I guess she cracked her voice er somethin'
    Tori Amos:I wish I could do that again...
    Jay:You can.
    (She plays it again and this is the one showed to Westcoastees everywhere)
    Jay Leno:How have you been, you alright?
    Tori Amos: I'm pretty good.
    Jay Leno:You look a lot like you've got a little sleep in your eyes.
    Tori Amos: Yeah, know.
    Jay Leno: Are you done with your tour with Alanis?
    Tori Amos: Almost done, we have a few shows left.
    Jay Leno: Okay, then good, then having fun? Do you have your mike?
    Tori Amos: Oh, I don't have it.
    Jay Leno: (Tori fiddles with mike) There, here you go.
    Tori Amos: Well, I'll just hold it.
    Jay Leno: You wanna hold it? Okay.
    Tori Amos: Is that okay?
    Jay Leno: Yeah, so the tour's been...the tour went well with Alanis?
    Tori Amos: Yeah, I'm loving it. You know it's like having two pirate ships 
    going into a cove. Lots of dirty laundry from many crewmen. (Sniffs 
    Jay Leno: I have no idea what that means but it sounds exciting (laughter)
    And how's's pop the preacher. Good?
    Tori Amos: He's, uh, he's like a road dog. He and my mother doing like a car 
    trip. He sells posters out of the back of the car I think, just to get a 
    few extra bucks.
    Jay Leno: Well, that's nice.
    Tori Amos: He's fantastic. They're doing well.
    Jay Leno: Now does he wear his clerk, clerk, clergy...
    Tori Amos: Of course. Then people can recognise him and than he can um, he 
    has his own little fan club.
    Jay Leno: right, so um's like a ministry within the fan club?
    Tori Amos: Well..yah, all the little satanists come and like get his 
    autograph. (cheers)
    Jay Leno: Now, I, I was reading about this new ah, you came up with the 
    title To Venus And Back before you wrote the song right?
    Tori Amos: Yes, I came up with..well actually a friend of mine helped me 
    come up with it.
    Jay Leno: Mhmmm...
    Tori Amos: We were having a really good bottle of (phonetic spelling here 
    :P) cortonceronmai...
    Jay Leno: Okay, good bottle of wine so...
    Tori Amos: Yah..
    Jay Leno: You came up with the To Venus and they came up with the And 
    Tori Amos: No, I came up with the To And Back.
    Jay Leno: Oh, well okay, and they came up with the...
    Tori Amos: Venus
    Jay Leno: I see, I see.
    Tori Amos: Opposed to...(cocks head to her right)
    Jay Leno: Now do you use different wines for different things (laughter 
    about Tori's last remark settles in)
    Tori Amos: Um, of course.
    Jay Leno: Yeah.
    Tori Amos: Yean, they somebody taught me once, Al Stewart got me 
    into wine. You know, Year of the Cat
    Jay Leno: Al Stewart, Year of the Cat of course!
    Tori Amos: And he looked at me and he said you have never had good wine you 
    know I'd eh (sniffs underpits!!) (crowd laughs) I don't know what that means 
    but finally I realised he looked at me and said, burgundy is for sex, 
    bourdeaux is for intellect. So I have a lot of bourdeaux - I need that.
    Jay Leno: Now, okay, like Mad Dog 20/20..what would that be for..(laughs) 
    I'm just curious.
    Tori Amos: (The Tori Look...pauses) Um, for my crew. (crowd laughs)
    Jay Leno: Like did you ever perform for Al (chuckles a little bit) did you 
    ever preform with Al Stewart?
    Tori Amos: Yeah, actually.
    Jay Leno: That's my kind of generation - Al Stewart, what year was year of the 
    cat? What year was that?
    Tori Amos: Well, year of the cat is 1963.
    Jay Leno: Ok, it's before my time..(mumbled)
    Tori Amos: That's not when it came out (Jay Leno: No)
    Tori Amos: but he sings about (Jay Leno: Right) year of the cat.
    Jay Leno: Yeah, but but when did the song come out? When did i when did i
    Tori Amos: I know it's the seventies, you were on drugs see (Jay Leno: Yeah)
    Jay Leno: (jokingly) Yeah that was me, I was on drugs, yeah that was me 
    yeah...(crowd's laughing)
    We'll be back right after this...(screams of I love you Tori!!) 
    Jay Leno: To Venus And Back, it's the new CD. Well, it's good to see, you 
    gotta come back often real soon.
    Tori Amos: (mouths okay) (smiles)
    (Cheers from Toriphile packed crowd)
    Jay Leno: (tries to say something but then taps desk - goes on to say about the 
    guests then ends the show)

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