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WWF Rage!


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Raw is War
Hour 1: 5.5
Hour 2: 6.1
Composite: 5.8

Hour 1: 3.9
Hour 2: 2.9
Hour 3: 2.9
Composite: 3.2

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Current Results
HBK Forced to Return?
The first signs of a possible return to the ring for HBK are beginning to show. Shawn Michaels said in a recent interview that he believes he's beat his injury - and that he wouldn't rule out him wrestling again. Because of a recent injury in his wrestling school, he may have to.

A 21-year-old student from England at Shawn Michaels school was critically injured last week taking after taking back drop and landing on his head and neck. Since Michael's school isn't insured, HBK may be forced to return to the WWF to pay for a lawsuit.

News Source: LoP