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             Exo-Squad     Exo-Squad is the best science fiction show on TV, (well was on TV), it's about
Earth in the future, and they have a war agaist their own creations, the Neo-Sapiens, for some more information on Neo-Sapiens click here. So anyway, there is a war going on because the terrons forced the 'Sapes into lives of slavery and hardship, so the 'Sapes started rebelling, an soon it turned into a full blown war, so the terrons invented the Exo-Frame, something that encloses around the man inside, and increases all the strength and everything, to fight the 'Sapes, for some data on the E-Frame, click here. So, in the end, the humans live, but at a cost. I have seen every episode of Exo-Squad and have close to every toy that they made for Exo-Squad, so that's about it, check back later for picture and data updates.
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