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A year has passed since the terrifying events in Woodsboro, California. Sidney has enrolled has as drama student at a midwestern college where Randy is studying film. Cotton Waery is now free and looking for some payback. Gale Weathers has written a best-seller about the events in the first film, and here has been turned into a movie called Stab. Maureen (Jada Pinkett) and Phil (Omar Epps) are two of the lucky ones who sees Stab on its premiere. Dewey is now the security guard at Sidney's college.  Soon, the murders begin again on the college campus and all those who Sydney knows begin to be slaughtered one-by-one. Will Sidney and her friends be able to survive the new terror haunting their lives?


In the plot-twisting high-tech thriller "FACE/OFF", relentless FBI agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) must go dangerously undercover to investigatethe location of a lethal biological weapon planted by his arch rival, the sadistic terrorist-for-hire Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage). After undergoing a radical surgical procedure, Archer literally "borrows" Troy's face and  identity to carry out his mission. But things go awry when Troy, merging from a coma, transforms into Archer and wreaks havoc upon his life, both at work and at home. As the bomb continues to tick and the tension mounts, it becomes a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse as both Archer and Troy, ironically trapped in their enemy's body, try to save face---their own. 

Academy Award Winners Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage star in the action adventure blockbuster that critics are hailing as the drop dead thrill ride of the year......THE ROCK! Millions of lives hang in the balance after a military madman seizes control of the island prison Alcatraz and threatens to launch deadly poison gas missiles at San Francisco. With Time Ticking away a Chemical weapons expert (Cage) and a cunning federal prisoner (Connery), who happens to be the
only man to have broken out of Alcatraz, must now break in and disarm the missiles! From the hot film making team that brought you Crimson Tide and Bad Boys, THE ROCK delivers hard hitting action and suspense you`ll never forget. 

The story is awesome. It is about a group of 5 characters: Lelaina Pierce (Winona Ryder), Troy Dyer (Ethan Hawke), Vickie Miner (Janeane Garofalo), Sammy Gray (Steve Zahn), and Michael Grates (Ben Stiller). Lelaina, Vickie, and Sammy have just graduated college and are off to find their place in the "Real World." Troy, with the IQ of a philosopher dropped out of college and didn't graduate. Lelaina, graduating valedictorian of her class, goes to work for a morning show, "Good Morning Grant" as a production assistant. The star treats her like crap, but she stays because she hopes that her connections there will get the documentary she is working on noticed. The documentary consists of home videos of her friends post college, trying to find their way without purpose or any role models. Vickie gets a job at the Gap, eventually becoming manager. Sammy works as a bus boy in the club where Troy and the other members of "That's My Bike" play. However, you only see him working all of 2 minutes in the entire movie. Lelaina, amid the quest for recognition and respect gets fired from her job and can't find a new one. Michael decides to buy her documentary, and leaves it in the hands of the "best in the business" however they change it all around, making a mockery of the seriousness of her work. 

Will Hunting (Matt Damon - Courage Under Fire and the The Rainmaker) is only twenty years old, but already stands out in his rough, working-class neighborhood in South Boston. Like his friends, he does menial jobs between stints at the local bar - and run-ins with the law. He's never been to college, except to scrub floors as a janitor at MIT. Yet he can summon obscure historical references from a photographic memory, and almost instantly solve math problems that frustrate Nobel Prize winning professors. The one thing this remarkably bright, impossibly angry young man can't do - after his latest bar fight - is talk his way out of a pending jail sentence. His only hope is Sean McGuire (Robin Williams), a college professor-turned-therapist with an admiration for his emotional struggles, and a keen understanding of what it's like to fight your way through life.

There are many professions that encourage individuality and personal expression. Being an ant isn't one of them.  This fact could not be more true or disheartening than it is for Z-4195 (Woody Allen), a Central Park inhabitant and misfit worker who longs to be an individual in a society that is only interested in the good of the colony. Undaunted by the ant caste society, Z sets his sights on the beautiful Princess Bala (Sharon Stone), the spoiled daughter of the queen. But she has no use for just an ordinary drone, and Z is clearly out of his league. When a remarkable twist of fate turns Z from a worker into an unlikely hero, he soon finds himself leading a revolution that becomes a celebration of individuality in the face of overwhelming conformity. No picnic will ever be the same, when DreamWorks presents "Antz".

Nicolas Cage plays Seth, an angel on duty in LA, who encounters Dr. Maggie Rice (Meg Ryan), a heart surgeon whose sense of control is deeply shaken by losing a patient on her table for no apparent reason. Although Seth is there to aid the dying man, he is immediately drawn to Maggie and wants to help her overcome her crisis of confidence. In the process, he falls in love with her and longs for the sensory world he has observed but cannot experience. Finally, despite its risks, Seth takes the unusual step of becoming visible to Maggie. She is intrigued and captivated by Seth, but as their passion for each other deepens, she questions the sanity of loving this perfect man with no past, a man who challenges her most closely held beliefs about the place of faith in her life. Maggie becomes frightened and bewildered by her vulnerability to Seth, but beyond all, she falls more deeply in love with him than she ever believed possible.  Meanwhile, Seth grows increasingly frustrated by his new status as a partial occupant of the human world. He is also deeply in love and wants to share Maggie's life that he considers a momentous proposition - giving up his status as an angel to become a human being. How important, how necessary is love? Is it valuable enough to make both of these very certain individuals surrender their certainty?

NEW YORK (February, 1996) -- Pushing the limits technological possibility to the edge, Broken Arrow is a story of deadly conflict between two Stealth bomber pilots, played by John Travolta and Christian Slater. Once close friends, Travolta's Vic Deakins and Slater's Riley Hale become
engaged in an explosive battle against time, and each other. In the air and on the ground, in planes, on top of trains, and clinging to careening Humvees, theirs is a no-holds-barred race to recover a stolen nuclear weapon that threatens a major American city.  Directed by action-master John Woo (The Killer, Hard Target) Broken Arrow promises to break new ground in the full-throttle action-adventure field. 

Jerry Fletcher(MEL GIBSON) lives in fear of a past he can't remember.  He spends his working hours driving a cab in New York City, talking compulsively about the conspiracies he thinks lurk behind everything. From fluoride in the water to international monetary policy, Jerry Fletcher has an opinion on all of it -- and his opinion is that "they" are in control, and we are the victims of some massive, terrible plot. Alice (JULIA ROBERTS) is a dedicated Justice Department attorney working in New York. She has some compulsions of her own: since her father, a noted federal judge, was mysteriously murdered several years ago, Alice has been unable to accept the official explanation of his death -- or the identity of the killer. The lawyer and the cabbie, an unlikely pair if ever there was one, suddenly find themselves in a desperate flight for their lives. In the process, they discover the truth about a shocking event that reveals secrets both of them must understand. Jerry will protect Alice with his life, if necessary. But why? From whom? Is this the conspiracy he's been waiting to uncover all along? Jerry doesn't know. But his heart tells him Alice means everything. The rest will explain itself.

 FBI agent Art Jeffries (Bruce Willis)  is a man adrift in a world he distrusts, betrayed by a government agency to which he has dedicated his life. But when he is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a nine-year-old autistic child whose parents have been mysteriously slain, he unknowingly stumbles into a situation that is anything but routine.  While exploring the scene of the murders at a modest Chicago home, Jeffries discovers the missing boy hidden in a crawl space. The autistic child, Simon (Miko Hughes) is deeply traumatized and unable to speak, and the hard-edged agent immediately feels an intuitive connection with the boy's pain and isolation. His cop instincts also tell him that the boy is in danger, prompting him to demand police surveillance at the hospital where Simon is being cared for. When the surveillance is inexplicably dropped, Jeffries takes the boy under his own protection and flees.  Although his associates disregard Jeffries' accusations, chalking them up to his paranoia, an attack on Simon proves Jeffries' theory unbeknownst to Art. Simon, who is a savant, a condition not uncommon in people with autism, has, in fact, become the target of ruthless assassins after inadvertently deciphering a top-secret military code. The two fugitives are now on a collision course with the most powerful and covert government force in the United States-the omnipotent and elusive National Security Agency (NSA) led by high-ranking NSA official, Lt. Colonel Nicholas Kudrow (Alec Baldwin), determined to use whatever means necessary to protect the code. Moreover, he will not let himself or the code be taken down by a 9-year-old autistic child. Now outcast from the FBI and unable to seek help from the police, Jeffries and Simon are alone, in peril and on the run. 

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