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Bugs Bunny has gotten himself and his Looney Tunes cohorts into a jam by facing off against the Nerdlucks, a grouchy gang of tiny space creatures who land on Earth. Bugs has challenged the small, weak aliens to a fateful basketball tournament: if the Looney Tunes win, they'll remain on Earth. But if the aliens win, Bugs and company are headed into the hands of Swackhammer. Their lives won't be worth a single cel.. The aliens quickly take up Bugs' challenge - too quickly, it turns out. Bugs hasn't found out yet about the Nerdlucks' ability to instantly "absorb" new skills - an ability that lets them siphon basketball talent from the likes of NBA stars Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsey Bogues, Larry Johnson and Shawn Bradley, turning the Nerdlucks into the powerful, speedy, unprincipled and monstrously gifted Monstars!When Bugs does discover what he's up against he knows he needs some serious help. But where can he go? Basketball's best players are all having their skills "absorbed" by the aliens.  Of course, there's a baseball player he happens to know. Basketball's most spectacular star, Michael Jordan, has retired from the sport and begun to play baseball - with limited success. But after the Looney Tunes capture Jordan from a golf course, transport him to Looney Tunes Land and explain, in true Looney Tunes style, their predicament, he agrees to join their team. Jordan's nearly in despair - until he meets the newest Looney Tune to join the Tune Squad - the gorgeous Lola Bunny, a slam-dunkin' team asset and "the rabbit of my dreams" to the love-struck Bugs. Can the motley crew of Michael Jordan and the Tune Squad fight off the Monstars on the court and ensure their futures on planet Earth?


Detroit - in the future - is crime ridden, and run by a massive company. The company have developed a huge crime fighting robot, which unfortunately develops a rather dangerous glitch.
The company sees a way to get back in favour with the public when a cop called Alex Murphy is killed by a street gang. Murphy's body is reconstructed within a steel shell and named Robocop. The Robocop is very successful against criminals, and becomes a target of supervillian Boddicker.

Three odd-ball scientists get kicked out of their cushy positions at a university in New York City where they studied the occult. They decide to set up shop in an old firehouse and become Ghostbusters, trapping pesky ghosts, spirits, haunts, and poltergeists for money. They wise-crack their way through the city, and stumble upon a gateway to another dimension, one which will release untold evil upon the city. The Ghostbusters are called on to save the Big Apple. 


Romeo Montague knew a good thing when he saw it in Juliet. It was love at first sight. It is only after he secretly crashes the Capulet's Masked Ball where he first sees his destiny.  Unfortuantely, the hatred between the Montagues and Capulets continues. Romeo and Juliet must be married in secret to prevent more bloodshed. Romeo has a gentle, thoughtful, romantic side. But after Tybalt kills Mercutio, he goes on the rampage. After murdering Tybalt, he is banished to the distant city of Mantua.  Romeo never receives the Friar's message that Juliet is safe. Instead word of her death comes to Mantua, and Romeo hurries back to Verona. In the Capulet tomb, Romeo believes the sleeping Juliet is dead and drinks a lethal poison. He takes his last breath next to his sleeping wife.  Moments later, Juliet awakens; with no reason left to live, Juliet kills herself with Romeo's dagger. The tragedy has a tremendous impact on both the Montagues and the Capulets. 

Columbia Pictures and Peters Entertainment reteam this explosive combination, this time as New York City Transit cops in the high speed action adventure Money Train, produced by Jon Peters and Neil Canton and directed by Joseph Ruben. Foster brothers, they share a life-long dream of robbing the Money Train that collects millions of dollars each night from NYC subway stations. Only two things stand in their way: they're cops; and Donald Patterson (Robert Blake), the hard-assed MTA chief, is their boss. They're his trains, it's his money, and he's never been robbed. But on New Years Eve, the rates are going up... Newcomer Jennifer Lopez stars as the woman they both love.

Best friends since childhood and roommates since high school graduation, party girls Romy (MIRA SORVINO, "Sweet Nothing") and Michele (LISA KUDROW, "Mother") are two
carefree young women living in Southern California. When they hear about their upcoming ten-year high school reunion, the pair take stock of their lives since high school and are genuinely surprised to find they have very little to brag about. To compensate for their apparent lack of achievements, they decide to reinvent themselves, concocting fantasies of wealth and success to impress their former classmates. Romy and Michele arrive at their theit high school reunion fully prepared to fake their way to acceptance, especially when it comes to their old rivals, the snobby cheerleader clique. But their well-rehearsed charade takes an unexpected turn when former classmate Heather Mooney (JANEANE GAROFALO, "Larger than Life" and "Touch" shows up
and knows their real stories, in Touchstone Pictures' comedy, "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion." 

Harlan Regis (WESLEY SNIPES) is a Washington, D.C. homicide detective who thinks he’s seen it all. Murder, mayhem -- after years on the job in the capital city, he’s not fazed by too much anymore. But when Regis is called in to investigate the murder of a woman at the White House, he discovers there’s a lot he hasn’t even thought of yet. For example, Secret Service agents who place themselves above the law, documents that have a way of mysteriously disappearing before the police can see them and various high-level government personnel who may be there to help...or may not. Aided, reluctantly at first, by Secret Service Agent Nina Chance (DIANE LANE), who’s been ordered to wrap up the case as quickly and quietly as possible, Regis soon discovers that the situation is far more complex, corrupt and dangerous than he could have imagined. Soon, he and Chance find themselves alone in a desperate struggle to stop the killer from carrying out a plot that will affect the entire country if it succeeds.

Having already earned the nickname "the Disaster Capital of the U.S.," the City of Los Angeles is now facing its most cataclysmic event ever. Last night, at 10:22pm, a volcano erupted in the middle of the city, spewing a seemingly endless flow of deadly lava across dozens of its traffic choked streets. The ensuing fiery destruction has stretched from Curson Street to Fairfax Avenue - and shows no signs of stopping. Such landmarks as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Folk Art Museum, the Peterson Automobile Museum and the now vacated Art Deco treasure, the May Company building, have been completely destroyed by another by-product of the volcano - enormous lava bombs. L.A. has also been buried under tons of volcanic ash, turning what was once a sun-kissed haven of glitz and glamour into a monochromatic, all-enveloping shroud of darkness. The seemingly unstoppable lava, which can reach temperatures of up to 2000 degrees centigrade, is also wreaking havoc below ground in the city's labyrinth of man-made and
natural tunnels. At least one MTA subway car and its approximately ten passengers are reportedly trapped underneath Wilshire Boulevard. The eruption had been preceded by a series of violent earthquakes. Nevertheless, Angelenos were caught completely off guard. "The warning signs were there," claimed Mike Roark, Director of L.A.'s Office of Emergency Management. The Tar Pits heated up several degrees in a matter of hours. Three city workers were burned to death during a routine storm drain job. "But that's in the past," Roark added. "Our job now is to somehow figure out a way to stop the lava." 

This time Batman must face the Riddler (Jim Carrey) and Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones). Now in this film, Chris O’Donnel joins the cast, so does Val Kilmer as Batman. Chris O’Donnel plays Dick Grayson who’s parents were killed by Two-Face during an attempt to save the circus from a bomb exploding. Of course Bruce Wayne adopts him and he finds out about him being Batman. Together, The Riddler and Two-Face cause hell around Gotham City and in the end kidnaps
Chase Merridian (Nicole Kidman) and also the Boy Wonder. What will Batman do? Who will he save? Time will tell in Batman Forever...

From the very beginning, Jez (Stuart Townsend) and Dylan (Dan Futterman), have wanted the same things in life. Each has dreamt of someday attaining the one thing he never had. A home. Not just any home -- the most extreme of homes, the most excessive of homes: a stately home. When fate and a knack for scheming bring Jez and Dylan together in London, the result is a complicated plan to scam, cheat and extort the stupid, the vain and the money to purchase their happy domestic dream. Their only rule is this: never cheat an honest man.  Now they are just a few pounds shy of reaching their dream -- and suddenly things begin to go wrong. It starts when they hire a secretary to help them in their plot to sell a non-existent, talking super-computer to corporate codgers. Enter the alluring Georgie (Kate Beckinsale), a savvy medical school student who soon determines that Jez and Dylan are con artists, criminal low-lifes and just possibly good guys in spite of it all. Yet Georgie has a mission of her own in the works -- one that also will require large amounts of cash and the sacrifice of her heart. 


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