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Three triangle.  A wealthy and powerful husband...his wealthy and brilliant wife. A wife pursuing an affair with a struggling downtown artist ...and a husband who may know what's going on. A break-in at the wealthy couple's home...and the wife kills the man trying to kill her.... see if there is such a thing as a perfect murder.

Like all of us, Angela Bennett (Sandra Bullock) lives in the age of information. Every trace of her existence is computerized. Everything about her is encoded somewhere on a complex network of information. It's something Angela never thought about... until the day she was deleted. With the explosion of technological advances in the last few years, "The Net" is a story virtually torn from today's headlines. It takes place in a world in which anything, from ordering a pizza to retrieving records from half-way across the planet, can be accomplished through the vast and complicated map of phone lines and computers known as the Internet; a world in which, with the right knowledge and the right program, a good hacker can log into remote computers and alter any information they choose: flight plans, medical and criminal records, top secret government information, even someone's identity...  Sandra Bullock stars as Angela Bennett, Cathedral Systems' top analyst. As a well-paid freelancer, she spends her days ironing out bugs in games designed for adolescent boys or tracking down viruses hacked into unsuspecting systems, and her nights "chatting" with other shy cyber-jockeys on the 'Net. She's quite happy with her sheltered, if somewhat lonely routine...until the very life she's made for herself pushes her headlong into the middle of a murderous web of corruption and conspiracy. 

Ricky Hayman (Jeff Goldblum) seems to lead the sort of life that would turn most men green with envy. A top executive at the "Good Buy Shopping Network" (GBSN), Ricky lives in a beautiful Miami apartment, drives a flashy convertible, wears custom-made suits and dates a different gorgeous woman every night. When it comes to life, for Ricky, what's not to love?  A lot, actually. He also faces a staggering pile of bills, and suffers from a stress-induced ulcer to go with the all that high living. The fragile balancing act that is his daily existence seems about to come crashing down around him, when GBSN's new owner, Mr. McBainbridge (Robert Loggia), appears with media analyst Kate Newell (Kelly Preston) to assess the network's sagging financial prospects.  Aware that his job is on the line, Ricky desperately needs an innovative idea to boost his network's sales or else it's poof! Goodbye glitzy life-style, hello unemployment line!  Enter "G" (Eddie Murphy), an itinerant "holy man," on a personal spiritual pilgrimage. A chance encounter with "G" causes a light bulb to go on over the frazzled Ricky's head. Why not give the charismatic and inspirational street guru his own TV show? What better way to make shopping via the tube a truly "religious" experience? If everything goes right, "G" could be bigger than Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker put together! 

John Lee (Chow Yun-Fat) is a Chinese assassin who seems untouchable. Lee wants to resign from his work, but he must fulfill one last obligation. Lee's boss, Mr. Wei (Kenneth Tsang) has recently had a slight problem. His son was killed by detective Stan Zedkov (Michael Rooker). Now Wei wants Zedkev dead. This is a perfect mission to send Lee on to finish his obligation.  Lee sets up for the hit. He zeros in on Zedkev through his scope, but there seems to be a kid in the way. Lee struggles to pull the trigger, and finally gives up. Lee goes to Meg Coburn (Mira Sorvino), a gutsy document forger who maybe able to help Lee out. It seems it's to late, Wei's boys got word and are on Lee's trail to make sure he doesn't go anywhere. Wei calls in some replacement killers to make sure Lee is done in right. It becomes a game of cat and mouse, when the police and triads are after you. Can Lee escape the triads?

Emily T. Hope (Alicia Silverstone)  is a brazen teenager  looking for love and an identity. Unfortunately, she is emotionally neglected by her father, Alexander. Unable to win his approval, Emily has had to resort to a series of dangerous stunts gain her fatherís attention, all to no avail. So thereís only one thing left to do: kidnap herself and hold herself for ransom! Disguising
her voice, she calls her father, outlines her demands and tells him where his daughter can be found. A bit of duct tape around the ankles, wrists and over her mouth and the deed is done. All that's left is to lock herself in the trunk of her BMW ...the very same BMW  that professional car thief Vincent Roche  (Benicio Del Toro)  has targeted as his next prize. Vincent's about to  find that he's stolen more than he bargained for in Excess Baggage. 

Zero Cool--real name Dade Murphy--is a legend among his peers. In 1988, he single handedly crashed 1,507 computers on Wall Street, creating worldwide financial chaos. Eleven years old, Dade Murphy had a record with the F.B.I. --forbidden to finger the keys of so much as a touchtone phone until his 18th birthday, exiled from cyberspace. It's been seven years without a byte...and he's hungry.  Kate Libby, handle Acid Burn, has a souped-up laptop that can do 0 to 60 on the infobahn in a nanosecond. When Zero Cool collides with Acid Burn, the battle of the sexes goes into hard drive. But all bets are off when they must pool their resources to battle The Plague, a master hacker employed by a corporate giant and using his considerable talents to worm his way into millions. Worse yet, he has hidden his own scheme by framing Dade, Kate and their friends in a diabolical industrial conspiracy. The young band of renegade hackers sets out to recruit the best of the cybernet underground to clear their names.

 Robert Carlyle is Gaz an unemployed industrial worker facing loss of his custody rights because he is 750 pounds in arrears for child support payments. In need of some quick cash, he hatches a plan to launch a striptease act in order to earn himself and his out-of-luck pals some much-needed money. Unlike the Chippendales dancers, whose visit to a local Ladies Night inspires these friends, they are the furthest thing from the exotic dancer "ideal."  Gaz's best friend David is overweight and a little down-in-the-dumps over a recent bout of impotency; ex-foreman and amateur ballroom dancer Gerald (pink-slipped but afraid to tell his credit card obsessed wife) is hopelessly uptight; Horse, an old geezer whose dance repertoire includes the bump, the bus stop, the stomp and the funky chicken; and Guy, despite his love of "Singin' in the Rain" has no sense of rhythm -- he is, however, generously endowed.  Still, with boundless determination and Gerald's well-meaning choreography, they're soon dancing to the sounds of Donna Summer, Hot Chocolate, Gary Glitter, Sister Sledge and Tom Jones as they prepare to go for the terrifying but necessary revelation that will distinguish them from "your average ten bit stripper" ... The Full Monty. 

A band of fearless fighters have defeated the evil warlords from Outworld in the life-or-death tournament called Mortal Kombat, saving Earth from destruction for another generation. But just as the celebrants rejoice in their triumphant victory, the portals leading to Outworld are ripped asunder, and a giant figure with the face of Death declares that the battle has just begun. Not only has Shao-Kahn, the feared Emperor of Outworld, broken the sacred rules of Mortal Kombat, but this time he is coming in person with his extermination squads to conquer and eliminate anything that stands in his way. Even the omnipotent Elder Gods can't stop him, and the Warriors will have to depend more than ever on their own courage and initiative to stop the fierce and destructive onslaught, fighting against enemies more powerful than any they have ever encountered before. As Night begins to fall all over the world, Shao-Kahn and his minions appear invincible, but they have grossly underestimated the unpredictable and unbeatable human spirit. 

Danny Zuko (John Travolta) and Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton-John) had the perfect summer romance. They met at a seaside resort and spent July and August together. But holidays come to an end, and they must go off to their separate schools, each mistakenly thinking that their love is over. The first day at Rydell High brings Danny back for his senior year, and he returns to his cool, leather-jacketed image as the leader of the "T-Birds." His friends, Kenickie,  Doody, Sonny and Putzie are eager to hear how Danny spent his summer vacation. Meanwhile, Sandy has been transferred to Rydell and at the cafeteria there she is introduced to the "Pink Ladies," the T-Birds' female counterparts. Rizzo, Frenchy, Jan, and Marty egg Sandy on to tell them about her summer romance. Rydell High's faculty are somewhat less eager for their students to relive summer thrills. It's back-to-work time. Following a pep rally (Sandy has joined the cheerleaders!), Danny and Sandy's paths cross again. And while Danny is truly happy about their potential reunion, his image forces him to play it very cool. Sandy feels rebuffed, and Frenchy tries to console her by inviting her to a slumber party. The T-Birds decide to make Kenickie's car their automotive class project and to enter Kenickie in competition against the rival Scorpions at Thunder Road. They're off to plan the venture at the Frosty Palace where Danny runs into Sandy sharing a soda with Tom, the school jock. Finally, Sandy and Danny manage a moment away from all the others, and he apologizes for his behavior. To impress her, he goes out for athletics - but proceeds to fail at everything and even takes a nasty spill on the track hurdles. Sandy rushes devotedly to our injured hero, and the pair renew their mutual devotion. The National Bandstand Dance arrives, and while Danny and Sandy go together, Rizzo goes with Leo, the leader of the Scorpions, and Kenickie turns up with Cha Cha, Leo's girlfriend. Eventually, the aggressive Cha Cha manages to steal Danny from Sandy for the dance-off, and the couple wins first prize. A teary-eyed Sandy watches from the sidelines and learns from the other girls that Cha Cha has been one of Danny's former summer romances. Danny and Kenickie, neglected by their respective girls, devote themselves to Greased Lightning and Thunder Road and Danny finds himself racing in place of Kenickie at the last minute. Surviving an attempted sabotage, Greased Lightning wins the race and Sandy realizes that she cannot ignore her feelings for Danny.  The final day of school arrives, and Danny shows up with his letterman's sweater (for track), while Sandy makes her appearance as a motorcycle-jacketed, T-Bird dream-girl. They acknowledge their mutual attraction for each other, and it's the ultimate, Technicolor happy ending for everyone. 

Ace is back! Ace Ventura, the antic animal sleuth with the gravity-defying hairstyle and the sanity-defying attitude, returns to the screen in "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls." JIM CARREY, whose spectacular career as a motion picture star began with his triumphantly wacky portrayal in last year's box-office comedy sensation, "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," brings his hyperkinetic physicality, his razor- sharp wit and sharply offbeat outlook to his character's latest adventures, this time in exotic locales as far-flung as Africa and the Himalayan Mountains. Summoned from an ashram in Tibet where he has retreated to seek spiritual guidance after failing to save the life of a stranded raccoon, Ace finds himself thrust into the most challenging case of his career. He embarks on a perilous journey into the jungles of Africa with his constant companion, Spike the monkey, to find Shikaka, the missing sacred animal of the friendly Wachati tribe. He must accomplish this before the wedding of the Wachati's Princess (SOPHIE OKONEDO) to the prince of the warrior Wachootoos. If Ace fails, the result will be a vicious tribal war. Relying on his wits and uncanny powers of detection, as well as the aid of some newfound animal and human friends, foremost among them Ouda
(MAYNARD EZIASHI), the wise brother of the Princess, the ingenious Ace outmaneuvers a host of dangerous adversaries as he races against time to recover the sacred animal, with the fate of the Bonai Province hanging in the balance.


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