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Vice Presidential Seal

The Vice Presidents are listed in chronological order.

For facts about and links to any Vice President, click on the name:

John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
Aaron Burr
George Clinton
Elbridge Gerry
Daniel D. Tompkins
John C. Calhoun
Martin Van Buren
Richard Mentor Johnson
John Tyler
George Mifflin Dallas
Millard Fillmore
William Rufus King
John C. Breckinridge
Hannibal Hamlin
Andrew Johnson
Schuyler Colfax
Henry Wilson
William Wheeler
Chester Alan Arthur
Thomas Hendricks
Levi Parsons Morton
Adlai E. Stevenson
Garret A. Hobart
Theodore Roosevelt
Charles W. Fairbanks
James Sherman
Thomas Marshall
Calvin Coolidge
Charles G. Dawes
Charles Curtis
John Nance Garner
Henry A. Wallace
Harry S. Truman
Alben W. Barkley
Richard M. Nixon
Lyndon B. Johnson
Hubert H. Humphrey
Spiro T. Agnew
Gerald R. Ford
Nelson Rockefeller
Walter Mondale
George Bush
Dan Quayle
Al Gore
Dick Cheney



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    The Vice Presidents
    of the United States

Andrew Johnson  
Andrew Johnson
Schuyler Colfax  
Schuyler Colfax
Henry Wilson  
Henry Wilson

Andrew Johnson    Served under Abraham Lincoln 1865-1865

The Sixteenth Vice President

Born: December 29, 1808
Died: July 31, 1875
State: Tennessee (b. North Carolina)
Party: Republican (originally Democrat)

--Apprenticed to a tailor (1822).
--Opened tailor shop (1824).
--Alderman of Greeneville, TN (1828-29).
--Mayor of Greeneville (1830-33).
--Tennessee House of Representatives (1835-37 and 1839-41).
--U.S. House of Representatives from Tennessee (1843-53).
--Governor of Tennessee (1853-1857).
--U.S. Senator from Tennessee (1857-62).
--Union Military Governor of the Confederate State of Tennessee during the Civil War (1862-65).
--Nominated for Vice President, with Lincoln, on the National Union Party ticket, as the Republicans called themselves in the election of 1864.
--Vice President of the United States (1865).
--President of the United States (1865-69).
--The third Vice President to be elevated to the Presidency because of the death of a President.
--A Southerner, he disagreed strongly with the Radical Republicans in Congress over Reconstruction policies.
--Approved the purchase of Alaska--known as "Seward's Folly"--in 1867.
--He violated the Tenure of Office Act, which Congress passed over his veto, by firing Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton.
--The first President to be impeached (1868).
--He survived removal from the Presidency by a single vote in the Senate (1868).
--Disowned by the Republicans, he unsuccessfully sought the Democrat nomination for the Presidency in 1868.
--Unsuccessful candidate for U.S. Senate from Tennessee (1869).
--Unsuccessful candidate for U.S. House of Representives from Tennessee (1872).
--U.S. Senate from Tennessee (1874-75).
--Twelve of his Senate collegues had voted "guilty" at his impeachment trial.
--Died while serving as Senator.
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Schuyler Colfax    Served under Ulysses S. Grant from 1869-1873

The Seventeenth Vice President

Born: March 23, 1823
Died: May 17, 1875
State: Indiana (b. New York)
Party: Republican (originally Whig)

--Newspaper owner and editor, beginning in 1845.
--A Free Soil Party founder (1848).
--Unsuccessful Whig candidate for U.S. House of Representatives from Indiana (1850).
--U.S. House of Representatives from Indiana (1855-69).
--Speaker of the House of Representatives (1863-69).
--Vice President of the United States (1869-73).
--Presided over both the House of Representatives, as Speaker, and the Senate, as Vice President.
--Failed in his effort to be renominated with Grant in 1872, and left the Vice Presidency under a cloud, due to the Credit Mobilier corruption scandal.
--Became a public speaker after his political career ended.
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Henry Wilson    Served under Ulysses S. Grant from 1873-1875

The Eighteenth Vice President

Born: February 16, 1812
Died: November 22, 1875
State: Massachusetts (b. New Hampshire.)
Party: Republican (originally Whig)

--He was born Jeremiah Jones Colbraith, legally changing his name in 1833.
--Indentured into farm labor as a boy (1822).
--Learned the shoemaker's trade in the early 1830's and eventually owned his own small factory.
--One of the leaders of the Anti-Slavery movement.
--Massachusetts House of Representatives, as a Whig (1841-42).
--Massachusetts Senate, as a Whig (1844-46).
--A founder of the Free Soil Party (1848).
--Newspaper owner and editor (1848-51).
--Massachusetts Senate, as a Free Soiler (1850-52).
--Unsuccessful Free Soil candidate for U.S. House of Representatives (1852).
--U.S. Senate from Massachusetts, as a member of the American ("Know-Nothing") and Republican Parties (1855-73).
--Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Military Affairs during the Civil War (1861-65).
--Vice President of the United States (1873-75).
--Died in office.
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