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Vice Presidential Seal

The Vice Presidents are listed in chronological order.

For facts about and links to any Vice President, click on the name:

John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
Aaron Burr
George Clinton
Elbridge Gerry
Daniel D. Tompkins
John C. Calhoun
Martin Van Buren
Richard Mentor Johnson
John Tyler
George Mifflin Dallas
Millard Fillmore
William Rufus King
John C. Breckinridge
Hannibal Hamlin
Andrew Johnson
Schuyler Colfax
Henry Wilson
William Wheeler
Chester Alan Arthur
Thomas Hendricks
Levi Parsons Morton
Adlai E. Stevenson
Garret A. Hobart
Theodore Roosevelt
Charles W. Fairbanks
James Sherman
Thomas Marshall
Calvin Coolidge
Charles G. Dawes
Charles Curtis
John Nance Garner
Henry A. Wallace
Harry S. Truman
Alben W. Barkley
Richard M. Nixon
Lyndon B. Johnson
Hubert H. Humphrey
Spiro T. Agnew
Gerald R. Ford
Nelson Rockefeller
Walter Mondale
George Bush
Dan Quayle
Al Gore
Dick Cheney



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    The Vice Presidents
    of the United States

John Tyler  
John Tyler
George Mifflin Dallas  
George Mifflin Dallas
Millard Fillmore  
Millard Fillmore

John Tyler    Served under William Henry Harrison from 1841-1841

The Tenth Vice President

Born: March 29, 1790
Died: January 18, 1862
State: Virginia
Party: Whig (originally Democrat)

--His father, also named John Tyler, was Governor of Virginia from 1808-11.
--Graduated from the College of William and Mary (1807).
--Admitted to the Virginia bar (1809).
--Virginia House of Delegates (1811-16).
--Captain of a Virginia militia company during the War of 1812 (1813).
--U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia (1817-21).
--Virginia House of Delegates (1823-25).
--Governor of Virginia (1825-27).
--U.S. Senate from Virginia (1827-36).
--President Pro Tempore of the Senate (1835-36).
--One of several unsuccessful Whig candidates for Vice President 1836, the year in which the Senate had to elect the Vice President.
--Virginia House of Delegates (1838-40).
--Vice President of the United States (1841).
--President of the United States (1841-45).
--The first Vice President to be elevated to the Presidency because of the death of a President.
--Disowned by the Whig Party over policy conflicts while serving as President.
--Distrusted by both Whigs and Democrats, he retired to his plantation after leaving the Presidency.
--Chancellor of the College of William and Mary (1859).
--President of Peace Conference in Washington, D.C., which failed to prevent the coming Civil War (1861).
--Twenty years after swearing to uphold the U.S.Constitution as President, he served in as a delegate to the Provisional Congress of the Confederate States of America, but died before taking office (1861).
--Elected to the House of Representatives of the Confederate States of America, he died before taking office (1861).
--His son, David Tyler, was a U.S. Representative from Virginia from 1893-97.
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George Mifflin Dallas    Served under James K. Polk from 1845-1849

The Eleventh Vice President

Born: July 10, 1792
Died: December 31, 1864
State: Pennsylvania
Party: Democrat

--His father, Alexander J. Dallas, was Secretary of the Treasury from 1814-16.
--Graduated from Princeton (1810).
--Admitted to the Pennsylvania bar (1813).
--Private Secretary to Albert Gallatin, who was serving as Minister to Russia (1813).
--Mayor of Philadelphia (1828-29).
--US Senator from Pennsylvania (1831-33).
--Attorney General of Pennsylvania 1833-35.
--Minister to Russia (1837-39).
--Vice President of the United States (1845-49).
--As Vice President, he presided over the Senate during the debates over the annexation of Texas and the Mexican-American War.
--Minister to Great Britain (1856-61), just before the Civil War.
--Retired from public life in 1861.
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Millard Fillmore    Served under Zachary Taylor from 1849-1850

The Twelfth Vice President

Born: January 7, 1800
Died: March 8, 1874
State: New York
Party: Whig

--Apprenticed to a wool carder (1815).
--School teacher (1818).
--Admitted to the New York State bar (1823).
--New York State Assembly, as a member of the Anti-Masonic Party (1829-31).
--U.S. House of Representatives from New York, as a Whig (1833-35, 1837-43).
--Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee (1840-42).
--Unsuccessful Whig candidate for Governor (1844).
--Commanded a corps of the Home Guard during the Mexican War (1846).
--Appointed to the honorary position of Chancellor of the University of Buffalo (1846).
--New York State Controller (1848-49).
--Vice President of the United States (1849-50).
--President of the United States (1850-53).
--The second Vice President to be elevated to the Presidency because of the death of a President.
--Failed to be renominated by the Whigs in 1852.
--Nominated for the Presidency by the Whig and American ("Know-Nothing") Parties in 1856, but finished a distant third, carrying only Maryland.
--President of the Buffalo Historical Society (1862-67).
--Continued to serve in the honorary roll of Chancellor of the University of Buffalo, and took interest in other aspects of Buffalo's civic life.
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