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My Australian Adventure

Our son David decided that he wanted to study
environmental science at a university in Australia
He was able to do this through Northern Arizona University
In March of 1999 I decided to travel there to see him and the country
I would like to share some of the lovely
pictures of things I saw

koalas We were able to visit wildlife parks
and get to see koalas up close.
These guys were just hanging about
waiting for dusk to start feeding.
Koalas active time of day is dusk


This formation is called the three
sisters. It is located in the Blue
Mountains just outside of Sydney
There is a local legend having to do
with aborigine's and this rock formation.


We also saw some beautiful topical areas
in the Blue Mountains. This is called
Katoomba Falls. A most beautiful place.


Here are some albino kangaroos
hanging around at the wildlife park
Actually very docile animals


Some more beautiful scenery from the
Blue Mountains. The Australians call the Blue Mountains the Aussie
version of our Grand Canyon

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is world famous
This is a view from the Sydney Harbor

goatsAnd yes, I was able to find some goats in Australia
I was lucky enough to be able to attend
what is known as the Royal Easter Show, which
is the largest fair of its kind in the world
Everything was there and all breeds
of animals were represented that are raised in Australia.
Unfortunately, no pygmy goats or nigerians reside there.


There were barns full of animal exhibits
from pigs, chickens, cattle, horses, and sheep
Even parakeets, parrots, finches, canaries


This picture does not do this
display justice.This display
is made up of all Australian
grown produce. The colors
were spectacular. Each region of
Australia had their own
exhibit in a huge hall


A koala mom and baby hanging out


Another absolutely beautiful view
of the Blue Mountains. From a distance, the mountains give off a blue haze.
For years this puzzled the Australians.
In recent years it was discovered that the blue haze was caused by a
substance given off from the eucalyptus trees.


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