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I first met Bobbie Milsom in January 2001. She approached me via the internet to buy goats. She stated she wanted to get into breeding and showing pygmy goats. She wanted to buy quality animals. I offered her some does bred to some very nice quality bucks. So far so good. One common theme with Mrs. Milsom was her constant complaining about having little money. She told me she was on disability for a broken neck and on a fixed income. I was also told she had two house payments and a well that ended up costing her $40,000. It generated alot of sympathy towards her from me. She also asked alot of questions about goats. Having only owned them since December of 2000 she was pretty new to all of this. I provided Mrs. Milsom with considerable information and support that was time consuming but I wanted to help her. I ended up transporting the goats she purchase without pressuring her for money since I felt she was strapped for funds. Two of the does purchased were bred. One went into labor in the middle of the night, and I recieve a phone call for help. I drove a 100 mile trip to assist in the goat delivery so she would not have vet expenses. I delivered the kid at 3 am, provided antibiotics and pain meds, and helped her provide shelter. I was shocked to see she expected this doe to kid in an open field with no shelter and no help. Amazingly the kid did survive. Soon Mrs Milsom inquired about purchasing more does from me. She bought two more does and I traded a doe for the one who had trouble kidding. Mrs. Milsom acted terrified of trouble with kidding. So she got a different doe. I also did not ask for money for transport as the complaining about bills etc continued. Next Mrs Milsom began to fret about how to breed her does. She had no buck and claimed to not be able to afford a quality buck. So, out of my kindness I loaned her a quality buck to breed all of her does. Immediately she claimed this buck, who had been healthy the day before, was seriously ill and near death. I was alarmed and told her I would immediately come get him. Suddenly the buck was cured. Mrs. Milsom had the buck on her property for almost two months. During that time she constantly wheedled me to give her this buck stating that she just loved him to death. I began to smell a rat and refused that request. I wanted my animal and I wanted out of there. Next Mrs. Milsom took pictures of my bucks who either bred her does or sired kids out of does I had sold her and placed them on her website on her herdsires page complete with pictures and pedigree, with no mention of who owned the animals. This was pointed out to me by several people on the internet. She was asked to correct it, and reluctantly did so, though not satisfactory to me. After some time I finally asked her to remove the pictures and provide a link to my website so people could see my animals there. She did not do so. I would like to mention now that Mrs Milsom put animals I had just sold her, and bred for free, on her website for sale at double what she paid. Well, seeing as she now had bred does at no expense to her she was now planning on making big time money, and use my bucks as well to do this. I became angry. I told her I would not be associated with her any longer. I found her advertising to be deceptive and her ethics to be lacking. She only removed pictures of my animals from her website after I threatened to have her turned in for copyright infringement. Now most people would think this would end things? Not hardly. Next Mrs. Milsom was emailing my photos of my bucks to prospective buyers of these does she had hardly owned and not telling them who owned the animals. I recieved numerous emails from those people who figured it out after seeing my website. So, I once again went to her website. There I found statements saying she did not have permission to put the bucks pictures on her website, but she would email them to whoever wanted to see them. By now I have pretty much had it. I told her she did not have permission to use my pictures at all. This seemed to upset her. She ended up taking me to court attempting to sue me for interfering with her business and forcing her to remove her website. Her claim was, that because she could not use my photos she could not sell my goats. She wanted $1000 for that. Next she told the judge that she had to remove her website because I was sending her pornographic emails and threatening her. She wanted $275 for removing her "free" tripod website. Thank goodness the judge also smelled a rat. She did not win. Mrs Milsom did not see anything wrong in what she did, as as a result she will continue to behave in this manner. She portrays herself as this sweet innocent little lady who "just loves" her little darlings. That is part of her scam. She is very good at manipulating people into giving her alot of things, either cheaply or free. She is nothing more than an animal broker, buying and selling. Beware of this person is all I can say.