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Beth's Page!!!

Welcome to my page! Be sure to sign my guestbook!!!! My name is Beth, but I'm not gunna let you know where I live. I live in fear of you people who hunt down little girls and try to kill them....

O.K, I'm 16 and I'm a Junior at Port ClintonHigh School. I have a lot of friends at school. I have a best friend who lives out of town, Katie. I know her 'cause we stayed at summer homes in the same area. Recently, my Family and I moved up to our place full time, and I love spending the whole year here. I waitressed at a club in a marina this summer and that was the best summer job. Plus, I'm looking into buying my own boat. I'm in Orchastra, and I am an honors student. And I love water sports, like water skiing, knee boarding, skurfing, wake boarding, and slalom skiing. I've been doing them for years. Chocolate is a major passion of mine, but I'll eat everything, literally. I love music. I like SheDaisy, Jo Dee Masina, Tim Migraw, and Brooks & Dunn. Sign my guestbook!!!

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My AOL screen name is beth91885 so add me to your list!

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