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The Land of Austin 3:16

The 3:16 Page Wrestlemania

Welcome To my website feel free to look at pics and listen to Stone Cold's Music. But if you Cross the 3:16 your messing with your life son and thats the Bottom line or I will open a can of " WHOOP ASS".





From:Victoria, Texas

Finishing Move:Stone Cold Stunner

Real Name: Steve Williams

Nicknames:Stone Cold

Other WWF Identities:The Ringmaster


Now here are some Great Pics of Stone Cold

StoneCold at Work Too much time on his hands I don't like the law Showing Off The 3:16 Owen 3:16 McMahon 3:16 Need a hand I hate HBK With the Dude I am Mad Commentary I a wheelchair Yelling at McMahonUp In Arms The Stone Cold skull 3:16 T-shirt Victory Austin's face Stone Cold A can of WHOOP ASS Take that Hart Another Victory You talking to me Full Stone Cold Yeah You with the Million Dollar Man Stone Cold again Piledriver Down with The Undertaker Take That The Sharpshooter Who are u looking at Punk You Crossed the 3:16 At the awards Entering On the top rope Top Rope YELLING

Now Now Stone Cold is A Champ Over the peice of Trash The "Rock" He got the 3:16. Now Stone Cold is going to meet HBK. It is time for the 3:16 to ride over DX

The peice of trash Iron Mike Got the sign Language To middle fingers up. Then Stone Cold got a shove but got the best of it. BUT Tyson got on the wrong side of the 3:16 now trouble is comming.

Tyson is going to get the 3:16

Who knows What Austin will do next he already said he could kick Tyson's ass who knows. Will he or Will he not we might find out at in your house in Febraury E-Mail me and tell me what you think.

Tyson might Be Iorn Mike But Austin is the toughest SOB And he Stared into Tyson eyes But did not back away Because he ownes the ring and nobody will stand in his way cause stone cold said so.