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simply sam's spot - WELCOME!

just a few words and thoughts to share with you. maybe you can see what i feel?
thanks for stopping by, and please sign my guestbook! ciao!!!

silence of the mirrors remembering and so i dream is it wrong
prayer of thanks maybe the moon doesn't lie then came you no names
waiting a dedication to my husband special people thought i heard your voice
daddy's little angels a father's love, a lucky man there's a rainbow letter to a love lost
i am wondering it's always raining the greatest love thoughts of you
unanswered questions rhapsody in mist to my comp "teach" deep dark hole-ray of light
i know you're out there to Tony prayer of forgiveness i wish
where do we go? my sweet lovely the next time i fall in love a shattered existence
too much emphasis in void directions Matthew a life without you have you ever seen me
there are so many times to judith with love unreciprocal love emergence of an old life
looking up marshall crimson tears this private hell
Perth, Western Australia thank you mommy through a fog darkness follows me
to gumnut yeah for me what i am saying you fill me with love
photograph magical moments everything, in time Kulmeister
from the sidewalk gone is yesterday the raven calls a higher power
Tony's rainbows it's still you gunnar mystery man
where am i to go incomplete picture ottawa into the light
bear essentials with you in my life eyes remembered "bearly" gone
daylight fades, as do i words for Ryan better this time silly daddy
bev's b-day beauty of my child i wish i knew you my little Ryan
they say the G man first light, then hope the balance of it all
i remember you fairytales

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