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Simon Reed's Home Page

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Hi, my name is Josh. For all you blockheads and Sleepers out there, this site is done from the viewpoint of a fictional character that I made up. Any resemblance to any person living or dead or otherwise is purely coincidental (*snicker*). Nothing on this site should be attempted in any way shape or form unless it's being role played in a game setting with a competant Game Master/Storyteller. So please enjoy. And remember it's all about fun.

For those of you out there familiar with role playing games, this is my web site devoted to a character that I play in Mage: The Ascension. His name is Simon Reed of the Cult of Ecstasy. He Started out as an Orphan Mage on the streets of Seattle but had an interesting encounter with a group of Ecstatics at a Mages convention. He partied with them for about a week and was able to learn a little about Cult parties. He spent the entirety of his time at this convention burried at the bottom of a mass of bodies engaged in various acts of physical pleasure. He learned that these activities can last for days on end, and so can he. It was an overwhelming experience for him and he required a day or so of sleep to recover. He was able to exchange a few words with one of the guests named Johan and made arrangements to meet with him at some unknown later date so they could discuss the pertinent points of the Cult. That day is yet to come. Any characters described, mentioned or sites of other characters listed or accessed through any of Simon's pages to other Mage: The Ascension characters belong to the people who created those characters, Basically if it's not Simon, it's not my character and I had nothing to do with anything on those sites and pages. If you would like to see what makes Simon, Simon, Look Here. To see a sketch of Simon done by our friend Eric, Look Here. Send Simon an e-mail at the Mailbox below or check out his favorite places on the internet. They are all listed on his Links Page. Please sign Simon's Guestbook at the botom of this page so he know's you stopped by. How he does love to hear from his friends and fans. One more thing before I turn this over to Simon, If you find any typos or have any problems with any page of this site please send an e-mail to the Mail Box below and the problem will be eliminated promptly. Thank you.

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