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My Favorite Beading Links

Here are the sites that I visit most often. If you have a favorite link, please let me know.

The Beadwork - Emily Hackbarth's huge site. She updates her own net picks once a week
Emily's other site. Contains lots of instructions and patterns.
Suzanne Cooper's place has a free pattern each month or so and a "classroom" that you graduate with a diploma and everything. She also does glasswork.
Aunt Molly's Bead Street - A great place to go. She has dozens of patterns and helpful tips
Beadnik's site- A lot of her patterns are from old artwork, cave paintings and other cool stuff.
Natasia's page has more "Pagan" designs on it and looks great.
CheckerBeads - This one has jewelry that is easy enough for the kids.
Swirlview - There are lots of patterns on here.
Beadnet - has lots of links to more beading pages.
Black Giraffe - lots of cool stuff including graph paper to print out.
Kyal's Page - She has a personal page with loom patterns as well as peyote. (A few of these I have already used) She also has a page with LOTS of links. A definate must-see.