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My Virtual Photo Album of our ancestors

Welcome to my online photo album. I have a large collection of ancestor photos that I am happy to share. This is probably the most rewarding part about the research. It is quite facsinating to research someone and then be able to put a picture with the name. If you are a relative and you would like a copy of any of the photos, just let me know. I am also always looking for more photos to add to the collection. If you have or know of any photos and you would like to donate a copy of, please let me know.

John & Rebecca Goodwin and children ca. 1880's
This photo was taken in Jewell County, Kansas. They lived there from the mid 1870's until just after the 1880's. The names of the children are: William Francis (the oldest son), George Evertt (The middle son), and Martha Mae.

Evelyn Grace Lindsay

This is her high school graduation photo taken about 1925 when she was 18 years old.

Eva Grace Baylie

Photo taken of Eva about 1912-1915. She was living in Denver, Colorado.

McKee siblings

Photo of Donald, Gerald, Betty, Dick, and Harvey taken about early 1950's in Modesto, California.

Sarah Gregory

This is Sarah (Gregory) Sandlin, wife of William Sandlin. She was born 1834 and died 1912 in Jewell Co. Ks. She had 10 children. Photo taken 1890's - early 1900's.

Weeden Twins

This photo of Hazel and Margaret was taken about 1922-1923, shortly before the death of Margaret. She died Aug 1923 of complications from the measles.

pfc. Paul Earl Hill jr.

Photo of Paul, son of Paul sr. and Eva Grace Baylie, in his Army greens. He was born 1918 and died 1945, while serving his country.

Edna Mae Hill

This is Edna Mae Hill, she was daughter to Glenn Hill and Etta Mae Jones. She was also a step-sister to Paul Earl Hill sr. According to her obituary, she was an accomplished opera singer from Denver, CO.

Ellen Ida Portley

Photo of Ellen Ida Portley taken early 1920's. The Portley family resided in San Francisco and her grandfather, Michael Portley immigrated here with his wife and two of their children from Limerick, Ireland.

Marguerite Claire Bogue

Daughter of Ellen Ida Portley and Frank Ellsworth Bogue. Photo taken mid 1920's.

Francis Florence Castro

Daughter of early Monterey County pioneers, Frank Castro and Julia de la Torre. She was married twice and had 3 children. She passed away on 17 Nov 1967.