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Rabbit Links

American Rabbit Breeders Association

Information on all breeds of rabbits.

Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club

A must for anyone interested in Holland Lops.

Texas Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club

Texas Holland Lops.

Eastern Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club

Eastern Holland Lop Club.

Shannon's Lop Shop

Holland Lop breeder, Shannon Tirjer, from Glendale, AZ.

Holland Lops in New Zealand

New Zealand Holland Lops.


Links to rabbit related sites. This site provides daily mailing lists for everyone interested in rabbits. You can also download a really cute animated Black Dutch rabbit cursor to replace your hourglass cursor.

Chris Zemny's Home Page

Very good Holland Lop article and info.

Lighthouse Bunnies

Holland Lops

The Bunny Bunch Rabbitry

-Mini Rex- castors, reds, brokens

Island Gems Rabbitry

Ever want to know the breeder of a rabbit on a pedigree? Try looking here.

Bunny's Paradise Rabbitry

Live Rabbit Cam!!!

Download The Bun-Bun Screen Buddy

Download a really cute broken mini-lop that hops around your screen as you work. This is really cute!!!

Cedar Hollow Rabbitry

Rabbit Web Classifieds

Rabbits Only Magazine

Lots of Rabbit related links

If you can't find the rabbit link on this page, try this site.

Lots of Rabbit Disease related links

Information about many rabbit related diseases.

Bob and Alicia's Cybercage

Rabbit Language - "Are you going to eat that?"

The definitive guide to communicate with your bunny.

Somebunny Loves You...

Rabbit Care, Bunny Behavior, etc. Useful info that everybunny should know.

The Rabbit Thymes

Information and ideas for pet rabbit lovers.


Adopt a Cyber-Bunny.

Youth Rabbit Internet Newsletter