School sucks.
OMG, an update???

Two things I learned today:
1. National Do-Not-Call List = National Prank-Call-List
2. Ska music = fast swing music.
3. My uberl337 H+ML skills can be seen here.
Don't smoke 4 Black&Milds in 5 hours.

"Jaded?! Are you telling me?
Explosives duct-taped to my spine
And nothings gonna change my mind"

"I dont ever wanna be like you
I dont wanna do the things you do
I'm never gonna hear the words you say"

Today I got royally reemed by GUSHD. FUCK YOU.

If I wanted to see lesbian sex, I'd hang out at Home Depot more often.-Me
Don't take shots of listerine.
Remember kids, Jesus loves... to strike REVENGE on you.
I realised something today, people are f-ing stupid. They are just plane dumb. For instance I was at work
today making my calls as usual (I do phone surveys) and I get to this question that goes like this:
Think about the last time you changed opinion on something and think of one word that would describe
it best. Now all I ever got from people was "I don't know".
First off thats THREE words, not one! And I would keep on telling the people just give me one word, any
word. They'd be all "I can think of one". It's like, fuck, you just gave me five right there, can you at
least give one! *What is the bitch retarded? Give me back my sixteen dollars!* I swear people are
fucking getting dumber before they get smarter. And this was just 1 person. Theres still another
6,000,000,000 of them out there!!!

In other news I did this today RoyalPalmYearbook.tk
People are stupid and stupid people rule the world. Happy April Fool's day, jackass.
Went to Factualty Fallies tonight, it was okay, but it had a good cause. Lost my cell phone. Mad.
A friend asked me to post these.
Kyle Pacheco

Tommy Shores


Happy New Years Eve!
Go fuck your neighbors mailbox!

Last night I went out with Bobby, Jon and Steve. After getting some beers we decided to head over to Addie
Sillyman's house because Steve wanted to see her and Bobby had to take a piss. She wasn't home so we left
I fucked her mailbox and Bobby and Jon took a piss on the property next door. After that Bobby heard some not
so good news from Steve :( so Bobby beat the shit out of a box at Butler park. I took a piss on a tree there
and then Danny his g/f appeared out of no where while we were swinging, so we talked with them for a while.
Then we all went home.

Fuck Winamp, use Foobar2000!!! :B :B :B