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Phil_G and Brandybucks Gasms

This page is dedicated to Gasms Everywhere

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HAVING SEX:                         CAN LEAD TO:
 with someone you hate               AbhorGasm
 with someone you worship            AdoreGasm
 with a tuna                         AlbacoreGasm
 with a tree                         ArborGasm
 prior to having breakfast           BeforeGasm
 with a tennis star                  Bjorn BorGasm
 with a wild pig                     BoarGasm
 with a hockey star                  Bobby OrrGasm
 with Bill Gates                     BoreGasm
 with your spouse                    ChoreGasm
 with a fashion designer             Christian DiorGasm
 with once, twice, three times a lady  CommodoreGasm
 with an apple                       CoreGasm
 with a town in eastern France       Cote D'orGasm
 with a half-human, half-machine     CyborGasm
 with someone you can't stand        DeploreGasm
 with a has-been celebrity           Dinah ShoreGasm
 with a prehistoric creature         DinosaurGasm
 with an entryway                    DoorGasm
 with underwear                      DrawerGasm
 with a british actor                Dudley MooreGasm
 in a South American country         EcuadorGasm
 with a disney character             EeyoreGasm
 a second time                       EncoreGasm
 on a Star Wars planet               EndoreGasm
 while searching for something       ExploreGasm
 on the carpet                       FloorGasm
 while golfing                       ForeGasm
 with 3 other people                 FourGasm
 in a pickup truck                   Four on the FloorGasm
 plentifully                         GaloreGasm
 with a reptile                      GatorGasm
 with the Vice-President             GoreGasm
 in the frost                        HoarGasm
 in a cigar box                      HumidorGasm
 with Bobby                          IgnoreGasm
 with Dr. Frankenstein's helper      IgorGasm
 while begging                       ImploreGasm
 with a retriever                    LabradorGasm
 near San Francisco                  LivermoreGasm
 with an aging beauty queen          Liz TaylorGasm
 while telling folk tales            LoreGasm
 with jarheads                       Marine CorpGasm
 with the leader of your city        MayorGasm
 with a dead president               Millard FillmoreGasm
 with children                       MinorGasm
 mythical creatures                  MinotaurGasm
 Catholic officials                  MonsignorGasm
 once again                          MoreGasm
 in a canoe                          OarGasm
 on an oil rig                       OffshoreGasm
 when alternatives exist             OrGasm
 with your mistress                  ParamourGasm
 with a juvenile comedian            Pauly ShoreGasm
 with small cakes                    Petit FourGasm
 with fluorescent materials          Phosphorgasm
 when you're broke                   PoorGasm
 with an opening in your skin        PoreGasm
 while filling your glass            PourGasm
 while in harmony with someone       RapportGasm
 while shaving                       RazorGasm
 while copying files from a backup   RestoreGasm
 with a lion                         RoarGasm
 with a glass-eyed entertaner        Sammy Davis JuniorGasm
 during a football game              ScoreGasm
 with Antonio Banderas               SenorGasm
 by the seaside                      ShoreGasm
 with chocolate and marshmallows     S'moreGasm
 while asleep                        SnoreGasm
 while flying                        SoarGasm
 in a sinful old place               Sodom & GommorGasm
 with John Holmes                    SoreGasm
 with a fungal cell                  SporeGasm
 while shopping                      StoreGasm
 while cussing                       SworeGasm
 with Pavarotti                      TenorGasm
 with the God of lightning           ThorGasm
 with a virgin                       ToreGasm
 with a bullfighter                  ToreadorGasm
 with a strolling minstrel           TroubadorGasm
 with Henry VIII                     TudorGasm
 in the Mongolian Peoples Republic   Ulan BatorGasm
 while at battle                     WarGasm
 that you paid for                   WhoreGasm
 long ago                            YoreGasm
 with a hungarian prima donna        Zsa Zsa GaborGasm
Last Updated on 1/2/98 
By Phil_G 


On the Night (cept in asia) of Dec 29, the trivia room erupted in an
hours long spontaneous orgasm.  The results were a hilarious display of wit
and angonizing PUNishment.  I tried to post who said each one first, so
if you think someone else got credit for your pun, it was a repeat. 

Speaking of repitition, you'll notice some.  I felt the delivery was
different enough to warrant a second posting.

If anyone is offended about the personal ones... I apologize .. It was
all done in fun.  (And frankly I have no farkin idea what's going on
between some of y'all anyway!!!!) (hehee)  

Included also is WHERE THE WHOLE THING STARTED!!! it was a typo if you
can buy that.  A typo Richie took advantage of .. or was it JC? ... It
wasn't ME! (Gazes at the sky with wide innocent eyes)

Obviously, the "you say" is Me, BRANDYBUCK.  (Who else would go through
all this trouble for a ribald laugh?)

Brandybuck .... DAMMIT!

Jclark5 says, "gilliasm"
Richietwo :gettin excited at monty movies = havin a gilliasm?
TypeONegativ says, "cat people"
Richietwo says, "catgasm's"
You say, "pussygasms?"
NightPoet_ Skydivers have airgasms!
TypeONegativ during bad sex I have boregasms
The_Pimpbot when sex hurts, soregasm
You say, "sex with chocolate or by the campfire s'moregasm"
Ontarioan Yes and Tennis players have Bjorn Borgasms...
The_Pimpbot janitors have mop the floorgasms
Ontarioan race car drivers have four-on-the-floorgasms...
MareSid says, "Maresid has Moregasms"
Ontarioan nymphos have gimme-moregasms
Itri2 says, "drunks have liquor storegasms"
The_Pimpbot when someone makes you do it, its a choregasm
TypeONegativ had a wet dream, achieved snoregasm
Ontarioan hockey players have Bobby Orrgasms
The_Pimpbot vice president has Goregasm (yeah right)
TypeONegativ sex with 2nd lady, Tipper Goregasm
You say, "sex in a canoe ... oargasms"
TypeONegativ had sex at the Masters tourney, had a Foregasm
Itri2 says, "lions have roargasms"
Kaysei says, "Pigs have boargasms"
Itri2 says, "unemployed have poorgasms"
Itri2 says, "rock bands have tourgasms"
Itri2 is having a rolling on the floorgasm
TypeONegativ had to pay for sex and reached a whoregasm
Kaysei says, "If your hubby's cheating on you, his girlfriend has Yourgasms."
Itri2 says, "when bobby bugs me he gets an ignoregasm"
Phil___G says, "sex on the beach - shoregasm"
You say, "sex with a jock .. scoregasms"
TypeONegativ screwed an apple and had a coregasm
Dankuveddymuth says, "DE JA VU-- Doneitbeforegasm"
Phil___G says, "sex with god of lightning - thorgasm"
Phil___G says, "sex while shopping - storegasm"
Richietwo has a muscle spasmgasm
MareSid bangs into the wall and says I missed my Door Gasm
TypeONegativ bullfighters have toreadorgasms
Itri2 says, "ferns have sporegasms"
Dankuveddymuth says, "sex in a cave... chasmgasm"
Phil___G says, "do it one more time - encorgasm"
Kaysei says, "sex somewhere over the rainbow - prismgasm"
Superay says, "Can't remember when I did it last is a Ronald Reaganism?"
Dankuveddymuth says, "sex with a magician... abracagasm"
Seoulful_Eyes says, "multiples.......galorgasms"
You say, "sex with a disney character .. eeyoregasm"
Richietwo has a can'trememberwhenthelasttimegasm
Phil___G says, "sex with someone you hate - deplorgasm"
TypeONegativ :or abhorgasm
Itri2 says, "beg for it - imploregasm
The_Pimpbot old sex, dinosaurgasm
You say, "sex with a talk show host .. dinah shoregasm"
Kaysei or oprahgasm
The_Pimpbot sex with a weazel, pauley shoregasm
Phil___G says, "gaborgasm?"
TypeONegativ definitely sex with Green Acres character - Eva Gaborgasm
Kaysei says, "sex with Mike Tyson - eargasm"
Kaysei says, "sex with Pimpbot - cyborgasm - hee hee"
Richietwo with Dr. Laura  nogasm
Itri2 says, "sex with the last few - beendonebeforegasm"
Crissypooh says, "gardening equipment:  lawnmowergasm"
Seoulful_Eyes says, "sex with Mares.......maregasm"
Richietwo sex with mares revised; roomgasm
Dankuveddymuth says, "sex with antonio banderas--senorgasm"
Ontarioan sex on the golf course....fore!gasms....
The_Pimpbot sex that you made up in a story, Loregasm
Seoulful_Eyes says, "sex with the fantasic four fourgasm"
The_Pimpbot says, "Sex in a Edgar Allen Poe poem, NeverMoregasm"
Ontarioan Poe also wrote about Lenoregasms...
Superay says, "sex with a Klingon----Worfgasm...."
Itri2 waves bonjourgasm
Seoulful_Eyes says, "sex with Bill Gates boregasm"
Phil___G says, "kinky sex - sodom and gommorasm"
Phil___G says, "sex with fashion designer - diorgasm"
The_Pimpbot says, "sex with a singer, trubadorgasm"
Dankuveddymuth says, "sex with pavarotti"
Dankuveddymuth says, "tenorgasm"
Phil___G says, "sex with a tuna - albacorgasm"
Crissypooh says, "sex with Henry VIII=tudorgasm"
Kaysei says, "WHO STARTED THIS anyways ?"
Seoulful_Eyes . o O ( damn we are creative )
Seoulful_Eyes looks at Senga and has multiple boregasms
Senga0 hey......what did I do to deserve that Seoul
Seoulful_Eyes says, "no sex with Merc would be aerogasms"
Ontarioan so, do Jewish folks have menorrahgasms this time of year?
Superay says, "sex in a Star Trek teleporter is teleporgasm........"
Seoulful_Eyes says, "sex with Kathy Lee Gifford.......gifforgasms"
You say, "sex using alternative enegry .. solargasm"
Phil___G says, "sex with my dog - labradorgasm"
Seoulful_Eyes says, "sad sex forlorngasms"
Pimpbot says, "Sex with a presidents wife, elanorgasm"
Crissypooh says, "sex with a star trek machine=borgasm"
The_Pimpbot sex in the past, days of yoregasm
Phil___G says, "sex with a guy with a glass eye - sammy davis juniorgasm?"
You say, "booted out the doorgasm, jumper"
Med_Head says, "kinda like fall thru the floorgasm?"
You say, "sex with a trivver .. excaliburgasms"
You say, "sex with antoher trivver .. kaisergasms"
Phil___G says, "equatorgasm!!"
You say, "sex with a mythical beast .. minotaurgasm"
Phil___G is unable to stop the --gasm stuff
DaSidhe loves the gasm stuff, gotta get em while ya can
BluRaine says, "caesergasm?  (seize her gasm?)"
Phil___G says, "ecuadorgasm?"
HappiFox says, "sex as a virgin...sorgasm"
Phil___G says, "no happi...thats torgasm"
HappiFox says, "sex with a viking....thorgasm"
HappiFox says, "works for virgins too..."i'm tho  thor""
BluRaine says, "sex with a lemon... sourgasm"
Clueless_couch says, "sex at yellowstone=== gaisergasm"
You say, "sex with liz  taylorgasm"
Pfefferneusse says, "sex w/self = egogasm"
BluRaine says, "first sex act... protogasm"
BluRaine says, "oops, was thinking protoplasm"
DaSidhe says, "sex with a ghost= ectogasm"
KaiserSojcze says, "Sex with an epileptic...spasmgasm"
HappiFox says, "or sex in x-ray machine....gamma gasm"
Phil___G says, "typingasm"
Jumpertoo says, "typogasm"
DaSidhe says, "gijoegasm"
DaSidhe says, "dr. whogasm"
Kes_trel says, "sex in the movies...CINEMAGASM"
Jclark5 says, "sex with bo derek.....dudleymooregasm"
Raine says, "half an orgasm... demimorgasm"
Papapoule says, "half an orgasm, but what a half--demi moorgasm"
KaiserSojcze says, "can't remember what any kind of gasm feels like"
Clueless_couch says, "then go have a lonergasm and remember"
You say, "sex with a Cartwright lornegasm"
DaSidhe says, "Ethanol Mertzgasm"
HappiFox says, "sex in the pool--chlorgasm"
Jclark5 says, "FDR sex.........eleneaorgasm"
Clueless_couch says, "sex with me.. furnituregasm"
HappiFox says, "sex without you...floorgasm"
You say, "sex with a nebraskan ....CORNgasm (we call it Maize)"
DaSidhe what no Taft gasm
Phil___G says, "millard fillmorgasm is close to taft"
Banshee-33 shivers at thought of Taft and sex
Clueless_couch says, "sex that releases all the evil.. pandorgasm"
BluRaine . o O ( sex with a Chinese bear... pandorgasm. )
You say, "sex with blake edwards .. pink panthorgasm"
Phil___G says, "woody allens sex life-minorgasm"
Seoulful_Eyes says, "hey I like minorgasms"
Banshee-33 likes any orgasm!!!
KaiserSojcze says, "sex with pirates...aaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgasm"
HappiFox says, "sex with homer---dohgasm"
Seoulful_Eyes says, "slow sex lagasm"
BluRaine says, "could also be medieval knight+dame sex... feudagasm"
Kes_trel says, "gin after sex...sloegasm"
KaiserSojcze says, "Sex with monopoly..Parker Brothorgasm"
Kes_trel says, "sex with a Stooge....Moegasm"
BluRaine says, "doggy-sex... rovergasm
Clueless_couch says, "pre-ejaculator= beforegasm"
KaiserSojcze says, "sex in a christmas carol...Ebineezorgasm"
BluRaine says, "lol.... sex on the 9 pins... bowlergasm"
DaSidhe says, "Why teddy bears cant have children - cottonballgasm"
Clueless_couch says, "what would happen if cootchie face and pudding pants got
Clueless_couch says, "smeargasm?"
Kes_trel says, "finding three guys in your bed...fourgasm!"
Phyl1 can't believe gasm is still theme

And it appears to continue. Thanks Brandy.

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