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Programming is more than communicating with computers.

I'm David Phaswana and
I'm a South African Citizen
I'm Currently a Senior Software Developer(Java)
I was born in the northern part of the country called Venda. This site was built way back in 1997 when I was still at varsity and it is slightly outdated but still boost some useful links.
Solution Architect

#include <iostream.h>//I/O header f.... int main(){

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Hello there! I am David Phaswana and how are u? Ok right, cool. This website is meant for those who would like to follow a career in programming or one of the fields in Software Engineering. Of course, I will write something about myself, or what do u think? Basically, I'm sort of addicted to the Computer and all activities around it. I do a lot of reading(programming), but I'm comfortable when I'm doing the stuff itself. So, if u guys have something to share or a programming related challenge, try me for a challenge, I might suprise you. Click here to see this...

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