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Short Themes

[Samwise finds Frodo, his master, alive, but very beaten and discouraged.
Frodo, thinking the quest to destroy the ring has failed as the Ring is lost,
and that they can't escape even if they get out of the Orc's tower:
"for evil is everywhere and only elves can escape Middle Earth...
they sail off, off to the lands beyond?...
--One verse of "The Roads Go Ever, Ever On" is introduced here]

The roads go ever, ever on
To the lands beyond the sea
On a white ship will I sail
Watching shadows part for me.

[Frodo finds out that Samwise has found the Ring
and insists on getting the Ring back, but forgets,
when he gets it back, the power that
over takes the bearer of the Ring.
This brings back the theme: The Bearer of the Ring.]

Beware the power is a power never known.
Beware the power that would simple thou enthrone.

Songs In Order Of Appearance In The Video
= You are here in your travels.

  1. Beginning at an End
  2. Frodo of the Nine Fingers
  3. Its So Easy Not To Try
  4. The Bearer of the Ring
  5. Less Can Be More
  6. Short Themes
  7. Where There's a Whip
  8. Leave Tomorrow 'Til It Comes
  9. The Cracks of Doom
  10. Win the Battle, Lose the War
  11. The End of the Ring, The Return of the King
  12. The Roads Go Ever, Ever On

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