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The Roads Go Ever, Ever On


The roads go ever, ever on 
To the lands beyond the sea
On a white ship will I sail
Watching shadows part for me.

Leaving Havens gray with rain
Now that years have slipped away
Leaving friends with gentle pain
As they start another day.

The roads I travel I must leave
For I've turned the final bend
Weep not empty tears but grieve
As the roads come to an end.

Its so easy not to try
Let the world go drifting by
If you never say hello
You won't have to say goodbye!

From The Return of The King Video.
Sung by Glenn Yarbrough.

Music Line

Songs In Order Of Appearance In The Video
Location Indicator = You are here in your travels.

  1. Beginning at an End
  2. Frodo of the Nine Fingers
  3. Its So Easy Not To Try
  4. The Bearer of the Ring
  5. Less Can Be More
  6. Short Themes
  7. Where There's a Whip
  8. Leave Tomorrow 'Til It Comes
  9. The Cracks of Doom
  10. Win the Battle, Lose the War
  11. The End of the Ring, The Return of the King
  12. Your current location.The Roads Go Ever, Ever On
The lands beyond the sea.
Forest in the Lands Beyond

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