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Astra Constable II INOX Inc .380 ACP (9mm Short)

Guernica - Spain / INTERARMS Alexandra, Virginia

The Astra Constable was modeled after the Walther PPK
(the now obsolete 30+ year old James Bond arm).


Nice little gun, however, I have a problem. The Thumb Safety Broke while firing my gun in a self defense class. When the safety broke it flipped out of my gun thus locking open the slide. I need and want to find another "thumb safety" and the necessary parts to make this gun usable again. If anyone knows where I can obtain these parts, please email me: with the "subject line": "Astra Constable." Please email me "only" if you know where to find the part. Thank you. Views of My Disabled Gun:
Parts that flew out during live fire and locked the slide open. Which is the state it is in now

Astra Constable II Tech Data

Parts List Astra Constable II

Part # C2-54 Magazine Complete

Magazine Differences for this gun.
The one on the left fits and works.
The one on the right fits, but does not work.

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