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Traveling Through Songs From


The Return of the King, a story that takes place in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth , a fantasy adventure of armies, wizards, elves, demons, orcs, heroes...and hobbits.

Bilbo and Gandolf As the wizard Gandalf explains in the beginning:

Excerpt from the video by Warner Bro.
Hear you now a story of good against evil.
An epic that has its beginning and an end
and ends at a beginning.
Listen as we speak of the fall
of the "Lord of Darkness"
and the return of a "King of Light."
Concern yourselves with armies and wizards,
phantoms and emperors,
cloud capped towers and bloody fields of horrendous carnage.
Consider, no less, the mecataclismic transformation
of that ancient world of wonder and magic
to the world we know now
--of man.--
What mighty lord, you may ask, is hero enough to evoke such cosmic metamorphosis?

Why no lord at all, but the littlest of fellows:
Frodo, the Hobbit,
and his faithful squire, Samwise, who,
beginning at the ending,
now approach Rivendale, the elvish home of Elron.
There to help celebrate the hundred and 29th birthday of
Frodo's aged kin, Bilbo Baggins, renowned tormenter of dragons.

In these travels (or links), we will concern ourselves mainly with the words and music as sung by the Minstrel of Gondor (Glenn Yarbrough) in the Warner Home Video version of The Return of the King. The video is a Rankin/Bass Production with Music by Maury Laws and Lyrics by Jules Bass. It is based on the original version of The Hobbit and The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien.

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