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What is pokemon?

hey people check down at the bottom for the characters.

First, it's pronounce POH-KAY-MON. Pokemon are small monsters that can be captured and tamed to become pets, guardians, or companions. Though your world is filled with the creatures, there are still many left to be captured and studied. As the mysteries of the Pokemon are slowly unraveled, the population of the Pokemon have been steadily rising and the monsters are becoming more aggressive.

Now is your chance to become a Pokemon Trainer and possibly achieve the highest title of all: a Pokemon Master! However, you have a long road ahead of you. Though your first Pokemon is given to you, you must root out and capture the rest of the 150 monsters. Your Pokemon will do all the work in capturing the wild Pokemon, but you must train and raise them. You will also face other Pokemon Trainers, who will challenge you to friendly and not-so-friendly matches. You will also find other Pokemon Trainers, who are not looking for trouble, but itching for a good Pokemon trade. Professor Oak, a Pokemon Expert, will give you everything you need to get started. Good Luck!

You (Ash)- You are setting out on a long journey to become the world's greatest Pokemon master. You can't do it alone, so be sure to search out other friendly trainers.

Rival (Gary)- You and your rival used to be great friends until he became competitive and mean. Perhaps you can work things out with him.

Professor Oak- The Prof. is a bit absent-minded, but he is a well-known Pokemon expert. Talk to him reguarly via PC for advice and to have your Pokedex evaluated.

Gym Leaders- The eight Gym leaders are the best Pokemon trainers in the land. If you defeat them, not only do you win their friendship, but you will also receive special Badges!

Team Rocket- This mysterious organization of Pokemon Trainers is up to no good, kidnapping rare Pokemon for their evil purposes. Avoiding them is highly recommended.