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Pallet Town:
This the starting place of the game. Your mom will tell you that Prof. Oak wants you. Try to leave the town and Prof. Oak will come get you. He leads you to his lab, where you will be able to choose your first Pokemon. There are Bulbasaur, a plant-type Pokémon; Charmander, a fire-type Pokémon; and Squirtle, and water-type Pokémon. Your rival, Gary, will pick up another Pokémon which is stronger. When you try to leave, Gary will challenge you to a Pokémon duel. Beating it will give you a nice boost in experience(It will raise a level too), and $175, making your money total $3175 now. Your first pokemon will be level 5 to start with, so if you keep it strong, it will be a very good asset. Go back to your house. On the PC, you can withdraw a Potion from your hard drive. Your mom will, starting now, give free rests to you and your Pokemon.
Route 1:
This leads north to Viridian city. You'll encounter Pidgeys and Ratattas. Defeat some for experience and try to raise at lease two levels for yourPokemon. A boy on the way explains that he is a Poke Mart worker at Viridian City, and he will give you a free Potion as a sample. What a nice guy.
Viridian City:
Talk to the Shop clerk and then head back to Pallet Town with the Parcel. Give it to Prof. Oak and he will give you and Gary each a Pokédex, which is an electronic encyclopedia. He will tell you of his dream to complete the pokedex (by capturing/having captured all pokemon in the game) to you. Gary will act arrogant and walk off, but you can get a Town Map from his sister, contrary to what he said. Go back to the city. The gym's doors are locked, and they won't unlock for a very long time until you've beaten the other 7 trainers in the game. Buy some Pokeballs and talk to the old man to learn how to capture Pokemon. A boy will talk about caterpillar Pokemon. If you go west towards the Pokemon HQ, you will fight Gary. He captured another Pokemon. After you fight him, he will tell you you need Badges to go through. Around here, you can also pick up a few Nidorans.
Route 2:
Pick up a Pidgey and/or a Ratatta. You can get higher-level ones in the future, but if you train hard they will grow stronger better than the higher-leveled ones. You can also get Caterpies and Weedles.
Viridian Forest:
On your way through Viridian Forest, you should pick up a Pikachu (!!), a Caterpie, and a Weedle. Don't get Kakunas and Metapods, since Caterpie and Weedle will evolve into one eventually. There are a few easy trainers in the forest, they are Bug-catchers and use bugs, so fire works very well on them. The first has a pair of caterpillars at Lv. 6 (Caterpie/Weedle). The second has 2 Lv. 7 Weedles and a Lv. 7 Kakuna. The final trainer has a Lv. 9 Weedle. There is a Poke Ball, Anidote (comes in handy from the Weedles), and a Potion in the forest. Makes nice additions to your arsenal. By the way, the Pikachu is a VERY good asset because its only weakness is against ground Pokemon.
Pewter City (Boulderbadge):
The Gym here starts out with a JR. Trainer with a Lv. 11 Diglett and Lv. 11 Sandshrew. You probably never met these two, but a good hint is that Diglett will be strong against your Pikachu, so use water on it. Water also works well on the Sandshrew. Plant does too.Brock, the Gym Leader has a Lv .12 Geodude and a Lv. 14 Onix, 2 Rock-type Pokémon. Water works very well on these. Be careful for the Onix's BIND (a multiple-hit move in which your pokemon is immobile during it) and BIDE, a move where it absorbs damage for some turns and returns it double. When it does BIDE,I suggest either beating it very quickly or do non-damaging attacks like TAIL WHIP or GROWL, so you are debilitating him without taking damage. If you defeat him, Brock will Congraulate you and give you BIDE, TM34. I suggest giving it to a pokemon with high hit points, and it is best used against pokemon with high defense and high offense, because the damage done doesn't care about the enemy's defense at all. You can look around the museum, but the $50 it costs is unreasonable, since you can't get anything there except looking at fossils of Aerodactyl and Kabutops, two extinct pokemon which you might get later.
Route 3:
This leads east from Pewter City to Mt.Moon. Get a Spearow if you want. But it is very crucial for a collector to pick up a Jigglypuff, since this is the only place you'll see it. There are also many trainers along the way for money and experience. I suggest you to train the Pikachu and your original Pokemon strongly. You will meet two new kinds of trainers: Youngster and Lass. The former likes pokemon such as Rattatas, the latter likes "cute" pokemon like Clefairies and Jigglypuffs.
Mt. Moon:
Heal up at the Poke Center. A man will sell a Lv.5 Magikarp to you. It seems weak but will evolve into the powerful Gyarados at Lv.20. See if it is worth the $500 he wants. Don't worry if you don't get it, though, since you can get it later by fishing for it. Time to walk into the cave! You will meet two new kinds of trainers (again). Super Nerds who likes nerd stuff like Voltorbs or Magnemites, and Hikers with rock pokemon like Geodude. There are also many pokemons in the cave, Zubat (beaten by Pikachu easily) and Geodude (weak against water) are more common than Paras and Clefairies (who are indigenous to this place). After walking in, take a left and you'll get TM12, which contains WATER GUN. Going up will yield a Potion and a Bug-catcher. Now, you can go east futher into the cave with a few trainers loafing around. Going south at the fork will let you take a Potion, a Rare Candy (automatic Level Increase), and an Escape Rope (Lets you go to the last PokeCenter). Under the first stairwell, there is a Rocket (gang members with a variety of good pokemon), along with a HP-UP that increases a pokemon's HEALTH permanently. Keep on going, past a Lass with a pair of Lv. 11 plant pokemon (Bellsprout/Oddish), and go into the second staircase. Another Rocket is here, guarding TM01 (MEGA PUNCH). You will also find an Ether hidden in a solitary rock. Going up, left, and finally to a staircase guarded by a Hiker. Above him is the first piece of the Moon Stone, so don't forget to get that. Enter the staircase anf fight 3 Rockets in a row and finally a Super Nerd with a Grimer, a Voltorb, and a Koffing. Here you can get one of two fossils. You can choose the Helix Fossil or the Dome Fossil. The Helix Fossil will become Omanyte and the Dome Fossil will become Kabuto when you take them to the Pokemon Laboratory on Cinnabar Island.
Route 4:
Out already? After you cross the last ledge, you are stuck and can not go back. So take the TM04 on the way first.
Cerulean City (Cascadebadge):
The Gym here is owned by Misty, who has a Staryu and Starmie. Pikachu can make short work of both of them if you trained it well. (Lv. 20 or 21 recommanded) But watch out for Starmie's BUBBLEBEAM, a strong water attack that does a lot of damage and may reduce speed. Go ahead and beat her and get the BUBBLEBEAM TM. Go north and fight Gary again. He now has a Lv. 18 Pideotto, a Lv. 15 Abra, a Lv. 15 Rattata, and whatever he started with. On the way youwork of both of them if you trained it well. (Lv. 20 or 21 recommanded) But watch out for Starmie's BUBBLEBEAM, a strong water attack that does a lot of damage and may reduce speed. Go ahead and beat her and get the BUBBLEBEAM TM. Go north and fight Gary again. He now has a Lv. 18 Pideotto, a Lv. 15 Abra, a Lv. 15 Rattata, and whatever he started with. On the way you will fight 5 trainers in a row for a prize, only to find out that it was a plan by TEAM ROCKET to recruit new members. You'll refuse the ROCKET's order and fight him, getting a Nugget (useless object, sell it for $5000) if you win. Go east here, through Route 25. You will get the S.S. Anne Ticket from Bill after a few more trainers. Getting back in, Bill will share information about Eevee and its evolutions. You can trade a Poliwhirl for Jynx here. The Jynx can only be gotten this way. Polywhirls evolve from Poliwags and will be very easy to get in the future. A guy will tell you the badge's uses. Behind his house is a hidden rarecandy. You can get Bellsprouts (BLUE) / Oddish (RED) and Abras here. (Route 24 and (Route 25) The Abra is unique to this city, so get one. Authough I usually get two because one could be traded away later for a Mr. Mime. Abra only has the TELEPORT move, but when it evolves at Lv.16 to a Kadabra, it will get more attacks. It is also a good "utility" pokemon because Teleport can run away from battles and return you to the last PokeCenter. After that, go to the house previously blocked by a policeman. Fight the ROCKET and he will give you the TM 28. (an excellent TM because it is very powerful and is useful against electric pokemon as well.) Onward south, there is a Pokémon Daycare Center. The man there will take care of your pokemon.
Route 11:
Don't forget to get the exclusive Drowzee here. It is one of the first,and one of the best psychic pokemon. On the way, you can also get Meowth (BLUE). The only places to capture him are by Cerulean, Vermillion, Celadon, or Lavender. His PAY DAY attack will give you money in battle.
Vermilion City (Thunderbadge):
Here you can get the Bike Voucher by visiting the Pokémon Fan Club. It will let you get the bike in Cerulean City for free. (like you are ever going to get $1000000...) There is also an old man who will give you an Old Rod, which could fish for Magikarps only. A third thing is that a boy will trade a FarFetch'd for a Spearow. After that, go to S.S. Anne to the south. You can get on the boat with the S.S. Ticket. On the boat, there are many trainers and items. You'll find your first Great Ball here. Gary will be here (again) with a different appearence. After you beat him you can talk to the captain. He will give you HM 01 (cut) after you help him through his seasickness. Then boat will take off when you exit. The HM is very important. It will now let you do things you couldn't do before, like going back to Pallet Town, or getting Old Amber in the back door to Pewter City's museum. The Diglett's cave to the east has some high-level Digletts and Dugtrios. If you get them they will help you a lot for the boss. Now, teach HM 01 to a Plant-type Pokemon. The move is even good in battle sometimes! Go to the southwest of the city, CUT a bush, and go to the Gym. The leader there has a electric lock door. You have to find one switch, and another switch which is always BESIDE it. Defeat Lt. Surge, the gym leader, who has a Voltorb, a Pikachu(!!) and a Raichu(!!!). Digletts and Dugtrios can defeat them easily, as well as anyone you gave your DIG technique to. Talk to him afterwards to get TM 24, which contains THUNDERBOLT, a powerful version of THUNDERSHOCK. One of the Prof. Oaks' aids is also in a building to the east. He will give you the Itemfinder if you have more than 30 Pokemon. This item finds items... duh. But not too important really. By him is a guy who will trade a Nidorino for your Nidorina. After this, go into the Diglett's cave again. It will lead you near Pewter city and you can do things you couldn't do before. A person will trade a Mr. Mime for an Abra. So if you have a spare one, trade it. (This is the only way to get a Mr. Mime) You can also get HM 05 (flash) from one of Prof. Oak's aides if you caught more than 10 Pokemon. Then go back and up to Cerulean City. From there go east into the Rock Tunnel.
Rock Tunnel:
It is very dark inside, you need a Pokemon equipped with HM 05. Pick up an Onix and a Machop here if you want. It is quite long and there are quite a few Pokemaniacs and Miners in there. Luckily, a Poke Center is right by the entrance to get you started up. Lavender Town In the northeast section of the town there is a big building, Pokemon Tower. But you can't do much there now. There is, however, a man who will "rate" and rename your Pokemon. You'll hear a lot of stories. Mainly about a Cubone who lost his mother, a kind Mr.Fuji's disappearence, and the ghosts in the Pokemon Tower. To the south are many fisherman eager for battle. Let them have their fun. This is a good chance to train electric and plant pokemons. That includes Pikachu (!!).
Route 8:
Near the city, the BLUE players will find Meowths, Sandshrews, and Vulpixs, while the RED ones will find Glowlithes, Ekans, and Mankeys. After some collecting, go west through the tunnel to Celadon City after you pick up a Vulpix. (BLUE) Celadon City (Rainbowbadge) Celadon is the biggest city in the whole game. You can get an Eevee from a back entrance to the Game Freak, Inc. building. You can buy stones from the Mart to evolve him -- and many others for this matter. You can use Thunder Stone to evolve Pikachu, Fire Stone to evolve Vulpix, Leaf stone to evolve Weepinbell, etc. The Gym leader Erika uses plant Pokemon. Fire is useful here (Vulpix, for that matter). After the battle, you will recieve a TM with MEGA DRAIN. Give it to your favorite plant Pokemon. This useful move does a lot of damage and gives half of it to your pokemon as health. Walk around for a bit. There are many interesting things in Celadon.. 1.Store ------- You can buy stones, items, TMs, and drinks. Give 3 kinds of drinks to the girl on the last floor, since she will give you a TM for each drink. Get an extra drink, you'll need it.The TMs they will sell:
TM33 REFLECT $1000
TM37 EGG BOMB $2000
TM05 MEGA KICK $3000
TM09 TAKE DOWN $3000
2.Game Corner: Play the slot machines here, but you need Coin Case and coins to play. The Coin Case is in one of the other buildings. Some of the people playing will give you coins. You can also buy coins, 50 of them for 1000. Some coins are also hidden. You can trade coins for Pokemon/TMs next door. A list of pokemon that could be bought there: (First window) Abra - 180 (RED) / 120 (BLUE) Clefairy - 500 (RED) / 750 (BLUE) Nidorino (BLUE) - 1200 Nidorina (RED) - 1200 (Second window) Scyther (RED) - 5500 Pinser (BLUE) - 2500 Dratini - 2800 (RED) / 4600 (BLUE) Porygon - 9999 (RED) / 6500 (BLUE) Talk to the ROCKET by the picture to reveal a secret entrance - the ROCKET hideout. Go down and fight some ROCKETS. Giovanni, the boss, has the Silph Scope.
Lavender Town:
After getting it, go back to Pokemon Tower and prepare for a long journey. Channelers are hanging around possessed by ghost pokemon. Fighting pokemon are useless here, because ghosts are immune to physical attacks. There are a lot of ghosts around, but they can be identified with the Silph Scope. Catch a Gastly (unique to this place) and a Cubone here. Soon, you will fight Cubone's mother, a Lv.30 Marowak. You can't capture her, but if you win, her soul will be freed. Beat the Rockets to rescue Mr. Fuji, who'll give you the Poke Flute. Now, go back to Celadon.
Celadon City:
Go West from Celadon City. On this road, a Snorlax is sleeping, and you must wake him up. If you have the Poke Flute, you can wake him up and fight him. Cut down a nearby bush and go up and left. Go through the building and into the house you find. The girl inside will give you HM 02 (fly). Used in battle, it is similar to DIG. Used outside, it will bring you to a Poke center already visited.
Cycling Road:
This leads to Fuschia City. This is a cycling road, so you will go down automatically. There are a few Riders and Cueballs on the way also. The former usually has nasty pokemon (Grimer, Koffing, etc.) and the latter with fighting pokemon. It is quite a nice ride, if your pokemon could survive the poison. When you see a gate house, a boy inside will trade a Lickitung for a Slowbro.
Fuschia City (Marshbadge):
You can see many trainers if you go to the shore, the meadow, or east of the town. If you go east, and up, you will see a road leading to Lavender Town. Another Snorlax is on this road, so if you couldn't get the first one this is your only chance left to catch it. Go north, and you'll see a hut where the person will give you the Super Rod. Even more north will let you see that the city is connected to Lavender Town. Then go back to thecity. Go north to the Safari Zone. You will get many items and unique Pokemon here. You can fish for Dratinis here, as opposed to the 4600 coins (BLUE) / 2800 (RED) you need to pay for it in Celadon City. Lets see, 4600 coins equal $ 92000, (unless you had a very good winning streak). 2800 coins is cheaper, or $56000. Either way, I rather pay the $500 for entering the Safari Zone, and I will still get more bang for the buck because I can capture other rare pokemon. If you find the secret house, you'll be rewarded HM 03 (surf). If you give the Gold Teeth (also found there) and give it to the warden, he will give you HM 04 (strength). Both of these are crucial to the game. When SURF is used in battle, it is a good water attack. STRENGTH is a very strong fighting attack. In the overworld, SURF can be used by water pokemon to travel on water while STRENGTH is used to move boulders. If you think you're ready after you pick up a few more pokemon. go challenge the boss Koga. His men are psychic Jugglers (who can call back pokemon at will) and animal Tamers (Robert Garcia rip-offs) and he has Pokemon with skills of sleeping, paralyzing, and poisoning. If you beat him you'll get TOXIC, a strong poison attack that will do more damage with each additional poison hit. Now is the time to go through the gate to Saffron City, which is between the other four cities on your Map. Remember, give a drink to one of the guards.
Saffron City:
There are 2 Gyms in this city. In the gym on the left, you'll fight many BLACKBELTS. Since they have fighting Pokemon, your best bet is to use psychic Pokemon like Kadabra and Drowzee. Ghost pokemon also works well because they are immune to physical moves. After the final boss in the gym, you can get Hitmonlee, the kicker, or Hitmonchan, the puncher. The other gym is blocked by a ROCKET though. You need to go to SILPH Company, the biggest building in Yamabuki City, and defeat all Rocket Gang members in it. Silph Co.:
There are many Items and Rocket Gang members in here. You need to warp around quite often. If you get the Card Key, you can move more freely and get to the boss. After beating Gary (yes, he is here), a man will give you Lapras. At the 11th floor, fight Giovanni (again) and if you win, you will get the Master Ball. It has a 100% chance of catching. Now you have a choice at this point... either waste it on some arbitary Pokemon, or use it on crucial one-time Pokemon including: The Legendary Birds, Snorlax, and Mewtwo. The Birds are Lv.50 each and are very powerful in their own element, the Snorlax are Lv. 30 and are quite good, while Mewtwo is "THE" perfect pokemon and starts at Lv. 70. Back to the city. Now you can enter Sabrina's Gym and fight her for the Soulbadge. There are Psychics and Channelers here, and you also need to warp around often. Watch out for psychic Pokemon and use bug or ghost pokemon against them. She will give you PSYWAVE after the battle, a psychic attack. A girl living in a house to the left will trade TM31 for a Poke Doll. It contains MIMIC.
Power Plant (optional):
Cross the water by Cerulean City and SURF down and around to the Power Plant. There are lots of Electric Pokemon here. You can get Pikachus(!!), Raichus(!!!), Voltorbs, Magnemites, and Electrabuzzes (RED). (some Voltorbs are hidden as Poke Balls, they are Lv. 40 each! There is also an Lv.41 Electrode masquerating as a Poke Ball) Near the end is Zapdos, the Legendary Electric Bird.
Seafoam Islands (optional): Cross the water after you get to Fuschia City. Many Water Pokemon live here, (Seels, Shellders, Krabbys, Psyducks, etc.) You'll need STRENGTH and SURF. This is where Articuno, the Legendary Ice Bird is. Krabby's are pretty good. About the level in which they become Kinglers, they will learn the powerful 1-hit KO GILLOTINE move!
Cinnabar Island (Volcanobadge):
South of Pallet Town is Cinnabar Island. Enter the Pokémon Laboratory and get some new Pokémon. Depending on what fossil you got in Mt. Moon, you can get Kabuto or Omanyte. You can also get Aerodactyl if you picked up the Old Amber in Pewter City's museum. Three people there will trade your Raichu for an Electrode, your Venonat for a Tangela, or your Ponyta for a Seel. Non of these are too important, but they can rack up experience quickly. There is a Pokemon Mansion here with puzzles involving switches. Behind a pillar on the first level is the final piece of the Moon Stone. Read the text to find out about the mysterious Mewtwo Pokemon. Here you can get Grime, Muk, Koffing, Ponyta, Vulpix (BLUE) / Magmar (RED), etc. You will also get a key for the gym. The gym leader, a mad scientist named Blaine, uses fire Pokemon. Water works very well on them. If you win he will give you a very powerful fire attack (FIRE BLAST). Now you only have one more Gym left...
Viridian City (Earthbadge:)
Here is the final Gym... (the Gym was locked before) The boss is non other than... Giovanni! He wants to use this place to get more ROCKET members and start a new group! Are you going to let him? No! He has a variety of good Pokemon. After beating him, go west to the Pokémon League HQ. Gary will be on the road again, challenging you for the final(?) time. Pokemon League HQ Very large building. You can get Dittos, Rhyhorns, and some other good Pokemon here. You also need all 8 badges so the guards will let you pass. If you see a door, you have reached the...
Victory Road:
To pass here you will need the moves SURF and STRENGTH, all the skills, and best Pokemon you have. There are TOUGH Pokemon here (Lv. 40 Marowaks, Lv. 40 Venoats, etc.) and very skilled trainers. This is where you will also find Moltres, the Legendary Fire Bird. There are a lot of puzzles, and by the end you will probably be VERY worn-out, but still wondering how come Gary was again one step ahead of you, as explained by the people in the cave.
Indigo Plateau:
This is a Poké Center and a Poké Mart. Get all the things you need, pick your best 6 Pokemon, and go though the door at the top to fight the Elite Four, a group of the most powerful trainers ever. All their Pokémon are over lv. 50, so be prepared for some good fights. Personally, my best team against this (all ell-trained, of course) are Articuno, Pikachu(!!), Blastoise, Hypno with HYPNOSIS/DREAM EATER combo, (or Mewtwo) and TWO back-up powerhouses for the last two slots. I like this form because: 1.Every pokemon in the bosses' inventory will have some weakness against at least one of these. The only one without some weakness is the Alakazam. According to most of the lists in the net, they are weak against ghosts and bugs. Well, ghosts seemed tone of these. The only one without some weakness is the Alakazam. According to most of the lists in the net, they are weak against ghosts and bugs. Well, ghosts seemed to actually be weak when facing physics, because their Night Shade doesn't do much while the PSYBEAM/PSYCHIC does super damage in return! And if I put in a bug, it won't be able to handle any other pokemon except the grass pokemon, 2.These will either be well-trained, or will start out at high-levels. Who wouldn't want to train Pikachus and your beginning Pokemon? The bird and Mewtwo well already start at levels almost equivlent to the Elite Four's. 3.It is flexible, because there is actually 2 spaces for whatever you want (especially against psychic pokemon because non of the pokemon actually works SUPER against them). You can add in a ghost for defense if Bruno's fighters gets rough (they can't TOUCH you. I mean really), you can add in a fighter to pound some heavily-defended pokemon as hard as you can, add in a Dragon because of their general effective- ness (you will NEVER read "it is not that effective" for a dragon attack), or you can just add in another strong pokemon from an element in which you are weak (such as a back-up fire pokemon, or a ground pokemon). Or, the best of them all, a weak pokemon you want to train! Just put it at the front of the line, call it after every match, and switch to another pokemon. This way, it will gain experience for every battle you fight! My Far'fetched gained 25 levels this way in one trip through the ELITE FOUR! 4.Each pokemon is not wasted. Blastoise: Bruno(2), Lance(1), BOSS OF GAME(2) Pikachu: Lorelei(5), Agatha(1), BOSS OF GAME(1) Articuno: Lance(4), BOSS OF GAME(1) Psy. Pkmn: Bruno(3), Agatha(4), BOSS OF GAME Lorelies pokemon is a group of ice Pokemon. (Pikachu can dish out SUPER damage, it can take on all five one-by-one) She starts with a Lv. 54 Dewgong, secondly a Lv. 53 Cloyester, then a Lv. 54 Slowbro. A Jynx (Lv. 56) follows the battle, and finishes off with a Lv. 56 Lapras. The second man (Bruno) has rock / fighting Pokemon. To be exact, he starts off with a Lv. 53 Onix. After that, he switches off to fighting and gets out a Lv. 55 Hitmonchan and then a Lv. 55 Hitmonlee. After the fighting duo, he gets a Lv. 56 Onix and finally his ace card, the Lv. 58 Machamp. Bring a water and a psychic/ghost pokemon for this. (I suggest A Blastoise for rocks and a Hypno/Mewtwo for the fighters) The third lady (Agatha) has mind-controllers at her control, kicking off with a Lv. 56 Gengar. Then, a Lv. 56 Golbat will try to CONFUSE you into submission. A lighter challenge (Lv. 55 Haunter) comes in afterwards. You might think she ran out of good pokemon, but a Lv. 58 Arbok comes out next, followed by a Lv. 60 Gengar. (Your Hypno, if you use my plan, will make these fights very easy. Pikachu can also take on the Golbat) Remember, she is on of the only trainers who can call back pokemon at will. The forth man (Lance) has awesome Dragons to fight you. He said he trained for a long time, no wonder she starts off with a Lv. 58 Gyrados! A pair of Lv. 56 Dragonairs follows the fight. A Lv. 60 Aerodatcytl next (I guess he was at the lab too). Finally, he brings out his long-trained and VERY hard- to-get Lv. 62 Dragonite! One word... watch out for HYPER BEAM! (Pikachu can beat the Gyrados easily. As for the dragons, use Articuno if you have it. It can go ahead and take on all four. The Aerodacytl is another good target for Blastoise.) After 4 long, hard battles, you will realize that another had already defeated the Elite Four! Who is it? Why.. it is Gary! After he tells you of his ambition, you fight his 6 strong Pokemon with what is left of your six. He starts with a Lv. 61 Pidgeot, which is easy to defeat. Then he calls an Lv. 59 Alakazam, (pound with everything you got) followed by a Rhydon. (Use the Blastoise to full effect) He finishes off with pokemon of fire, water, and plant types with them being Lv. 61, Lv. 63, and the last being Lv. 65 (his first pick in the game). His plant choice is Exegguter, his Fire Choice is Arcanine, and his water choice is Gyrados. They will come out in dimuting power order (Water-Fire-Plant. Fire-Plant-Water, or Plant-Fire Water). (Blastoise gets the fire, Pikachu gets the water, and Hypno/Mewtwo for the plant)If you manage to defeat him in this climatic and difficult battle, be prepared for the ending of Pokemon! THE END... or is it?
Unknown Dungeon:
After you have beaten the Pokémon League, go back to Cerulean City. northwest of Cerulean City in a cave is Mewtwo, the best Pokémon there is (# 150). He is at lv. 70 and is at the end of a long way in the cave. There are Lv. 50s Pokemon from everywhere (Venomoths, Chanseys, Kadabras, Raichus(!!!), Magnitons, Marowaks, Hypnos, etc.). It is possible to catch Mewtwo without the Master Ball, but it is hard. He is no pushover and will do a lot of damage against you. He has Swift, Psychic, Recover, and Barrier at his command. Which means 2 attacks (one fast and one powerful) and two defenses (one for healing and one for defense), making him a balanced and powerful pokemon.