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HM's And TMs

This is my list of TM/HM's and Items this is for beginners


TM01 Mega Punch - Found at Mt. M
TM02 Razor Wind - Found at Celadon Mega
TM03 Sword's Dance - Found at Silph Co.
TM04 Whirlwind - Found on Route4
TM05 Mega Kick - Found on Victory Road
TM06 Toxic - Found in Fuchsia City Gym
TM07 Horn Drill - Found in the Celadon Mart
TM08 Body Slam - Found aboard the S.S Anne
TM09 Take Down - Found in Saffron City
TM10 Double Edge - Found in Game Corner
TM11 Bubble Beam - Found in Cerulean Gym
TM12 Water Gun - Found in Mt. Moon
TM13 Ice Beam - Found in Celadon Mega Mart
TM14 Blizzard - Found on Cinnabar Island
TM15 Hyper Beam - Found in Celadon City
TM16 Pay Day - Found along Route 12
TM17 Submission - Found on Victory Road
TM18 Counter - Found in Celadon Mega Mart
TM19 Seismic Toss - Found along Route
TM20 Rage - Found along Route 15
TM21 Mega Drain - Found in Celadon Gym
TM22 Solar Beam - Found on Cinnabar Island
TM23 Dragon Rage - Found in Celadon City
TM24 Thunderbolt - Found in the Vermillion City
TM25 Thunder - Found in the Power Plant
TM26 Earthquake - Found in Silph Co.
TM27 Fissure - Found in Viridian City
TM28 Dig - Found in Cerulean City
TM29 Psychic - Found in Saffron City
TM30 Teleport - Found along Route 9
TM31 Mimic - Found in Saffron City
TM32 Double Team - Found in Fuchsia City
TM33 Reflect - Found in Power Plant
TM34 Bide - Found in Pewter City Gym
TM35 Metronome - Found on Cinnabar Island
TM36 Self Destruct - Found at Silph Co.
TM37 Egg Bomb - Found at Fuchsin City
TM38 Fire Blast - Found at Cinnabar Gym
TM39 Swift - Found at Route 12 Lookout Tower
TM40 Skull Bash - Found in Safari Zone
TM41 Soft Boiled - Found in Celadon City
TM42 Dream Eater - Found in Viridian City
TM43 Sky Attack - Found along Victory Road
TM44 Rest - Found aboard the S.S. Anne
TM45 Thunder Wave - Found along Route 24
TM46 Psywave - Found in Saffron Gym
TM47 Explosion - Found along Victory Road
TM48 Rock Slide - Found on the Celadon Mega Mart
TM49 Tri Attack - Found on the Celadon Mega Mart Roof
TM50 Substitute - Found in the Celadon Mega Mart

HM01 - Cut - Found in the S.S. Anne
HM02 - Fly - Found at Route 16
HM03 - Surf - Found in the Safari Zone
HM04 - Strength - Found in Fuchia City
HM05 - Flash - Found around Route 2