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Name of the Story: New Journey
Made By: SpinV2
Sent in By: SpinV2

Starting of a New Journey

It starts as me a boy in Pallet Town. His name is Jason and lives with his mom. I doesn't want to be a pokemon master, but I wants to capture every single one and raise them, battle them, and love them. The phone rings. I was upstairs watching TV and hears his mother say, "Jason get the phone IM busy doing dishes."
"Sure Mom," I said thumping down the stairs.
I grabbed the phone and says, "Hello."
"Hello," says the town's pokemon expert Professor Oak. "I called to tell you to get to my lab at 10:00AM sharp tomorrow morning for his first pokemon. I just ordered beginning pokemon for you and all the other kids in Pallet Town." So excited I hung up on Professor Oak and ran to his mom to tell him Professor Oak has got new pokemon. Jason went to the bathroom to wash up. He brushed his teeth and took a shower. I climbed into bed, adjusted his clock to ring at 10:00AM. I slept and dreamed about catching all those pokemon especially mew and mewtwo. I woke up at 10:20AM and I remembered his application for a trainer. I raced to Professor Oaks Lab and everyone was gone except Professor Oak. He stared at me and said, "Jason what are you doing here so late."
"I accidentally forgot to turn my alarm on and are there anymore pokemon left that I can have?" I said trying to catch his breath.
"Sorry, I gave them all away to people that were on time," Professor Oak said.
I went home crying. On his way home he saw a person siting on the steps of a house. The kid looked at Jason and saw he was crying. He yelled at him and ran after him and said , "Hey why are you crying?"
I looked at him and said, "Who are you?"
"My name is Mike," he said.
"My name is Jason," I said.
"Why were you crying?" he asked
"Oh, well I woke up late and I was supposed to be at Professor Oaks to get my pokemon, I have always dreamed of becoming a pokemon catcher, to just catch all the pokemon in the world, battle them, and love them. Well, I guess my dream is shattered into a million pieces," I said sniffing.
"Oh well maybe I can help you out. I am a pokemon trainer and I will be glad to give you a pokemon on one condition."
"Really what's the condition I will do anything!" I said rubbing his eyes
"You have to give me some fame and glory when you become famous of collecting all the pokemon in the world and give me one pokemon you have caught."
I smiled and said, "OK its a deal."
I went home and told his mom how he got his new pokemon and how he was late to Professor Oaks Lab.
"That reminds me mom I better get some stuff from Professor Oak for my new pokemon adventure."
His mom said, "Wait what pokemon did you get anyway?"
I said, "Oh yeah I almost forgot!"
I was about to throw the pokeball in the house but his mom stopped him from throwing the ball in the house because it could be an Onix or Gyarados that would smash the house. So they went outside and I was so excited of saying 'Pokemon I choose you' so I say it and throw the pokeball and out pops a DRATINI! His mom smiles and says how Dratini looks so cute. I am so excited and I said , "Hey I thought Dratini's were extinct!"
I ran off to Mike's house and knocked on the door for him. Mike answered the door and asked him how did he get an extinct pokemon. Mike says, "I don't know some person gave me him because he couldn't keep him anymore."
Mike says, "Oh by the way I decided to come on your journey with you so maybe we can become the greatest team ever." Mike reached into his house and took a backpack. I already had everything packed for his journey in his backpack. We both went to Oaks lab. We each got a pokedex and pokeballs from Oak we both walked out of Pallet Town happy with what pokemon their pokeballs and pokedex. We stopped and Mike said, "Let's see how powerful our pokemon are, let's battle 'em"
"OK, but first lets see our pokemon moves."
I turned on my pokedex and pointed it at Dratini and a voice said, "Dratini a thought to be extinct pokemon until a small colony was found recently some people call it a mystical pokemon... Type is a Dragon Pokemon ... Attacks are Wrap and Leer."
Mike pointed his pokedex and pointed it at Growlithe and a voice said, "Growlithe a puppy pokemon a pokemon that drives people away with barks and bites.... Type is a Fire Pokemon.... Attacks are Bite and Roar."
"Cooooooooolll!" we both shouted at the same time.
I shouted , "Dratini I choose you!" and threw my pokeball in a clear field.
Mike shouts, "Growlithe its up to you now GO!" and throws his pokeball in a field"
Out pops a Small Dratini and a small Growlithe. They both flip a coin to see who attacks first and it looks like Mike gets to attack first.
Mike says, "Growlithe Bite attack now!" without hesitation a mad puppy pokemon charges down the field at Dratini.
I yelled, "Dratini do you're best and give me the Wrap attack!" Dratini wiggled toward Growlithe and Growlithe jumped in the air and tried to bite Dratini. Dratini moved out of the way and started to wrap his body around Growlithe. Growlithe wiggled and wiggled but Dratini made his squeeze harder. Mike was astonished at Dratini's attack. Mike Yelled, " Growlithe Bite attack now!" Growlithe bit Dratini on his tail and Dratini gave out a big yelp. Then Dratini got so mad he wrapped up Growlithe until he passed out.
"Yes," I said. Just then Dratini's eyes flashed red then yellow. "Mike how come my pokemons eyes just flashed red and then yellow?"
"I need a revive for my pokemon do you have one on you?" he says.
"Yea hold on … OK I found it here take it," I say.
"His eyes flashed red because he gained a level and his eyes flashed yellow because he learned a new move."
"Oh my pokemon is at level 10 then yours must be at level 9 let me check my pokedex to see what new move Dratini learned," I said as he pulled his pokedex out.
Jason pointed it to Dratini and I say, "Status" then a voice came from the pokedex saying "Dratini, Level 10, HP: 23, Attack: 30, Defense: 25, Speed: 19, Special: 27, 100 EXP. until Level 11, Moves: Wrap - 18 PP,
Leer - 20 PP, Thunder Wave - 20 PP."
"YES!" JI shouted as my pokemon closed its eyes, smiled, and said 'Dratiiinii' with a high pitched sound.
They get back to their journey.

Viridian City

As we go on there journey I spotted a Spearow at his heals and Mike spots a Rattata out in the woods. I looked at the Spearow and decided to keep it on its shoulder all the time. The Spearow wanted to follow me so I let it. Mike was however trying to get a Rattata. I could here him shout "Growlithe Bite Rattata hard!!,"
I shouted , "Mike common we need to get on our way."
"OK i caught a Rattata"
"Awesome" I said
We traveled for 30 minutes into the next city which was 'Viridian City.' We both went to heal each others pokemon at the pokecenter. Then we stocked up on supplies and went to a people motel. We stayed there over night and woke up to a great nights sleep. We both fed there pokemon and themselves then started for Viridian Forest.

Viridian Forest

We both entered Viridian Forest and got a couple of warnings that if we went in we might get lost. We entered and we saw some trainers so we battled the first one and won. I spotted a Weedle and said cool a Weedle.
I shouted "Dratini Go!!"
"Weeed lle?"
"Dratini Thunder Wave"
A clap of thunder came and hit weedle on his face then Weedle got mad and ran at him for a poison sting.
"Dratini Wrap around Weedle!"
Dratini dodged Weedles attack and wrapped around weedle. Weedle fell to the ground and almost fainted.
"Pokeball GOO!!"
The pokeball wiggled and wiggled until the circle on the side turned white.
Dratiiiniii. Dratini's eyes flashed 4 times. Then we traveled on . I spotted a Caterpie but just threw a pokeball at it and caught it cause it was so weak. As we made our way threw the trainers we noticed a man. We battled him and on the last battle....
"Alright Caterpie I choose you"
"Beedrill Poison Sting"
"Caterpie String Shot"
Beedrill buzzed past Caterpie . IT MISSED!! . Caterpie opened its mouth and started spitting out string wrapping up Beedrill.
"Caterpie Return!"
"Go Dratini!"
"Dratini Thunder Wave"
"Beedrill Poison sting"
Beedrill buzzed past and poked Dratini and poisoned him. Dratiniiiiiii!! . Dratini made a clap of thunder hit Beedrill to make it passout.
Then the guy said "Since you made it all the way here and beat me ill give you each a Level 15 Pikachu."

We walked out very satisfied but i had to use a antidote on Dratini. We battled each other again. I used my Spearow and Mike used his Pikachu. Mike now kept his Pikachu at his side also.
Mike asked "Where you find that Spearow?".
"He wandered up to me when you were battling Rattata"
We both sent out there pokemon and Mike said "Pikachu Thunder shock!!!"
I shouted "Spearow Fury Attack."
The Pikachu closed its eyes and chanted pika pi pikachuuuuuuu and a big energy bolt flew out of Pikachu and hit me instead of Spearow. I was fried but still alive. Spearow went into a spinning rage hitting him 4 times. Pikachu fainted and Spearows eyes flashed red 2 times.
"YES!!! I won again"
"That Spearow is something else now hand it over" , said a stange voice.
We both spun around to find Team Rocket! They sang there mest up motto.
Pikachu fried team rocket and Spearow sent them flying with a ramming them far away.

Mt Moon and a New badge

We both continued on there journey and decided to goto the Museum to find some stuff. We both paid but when we heard someone say "Stop Theif , That guy just stole Kabuto and Aerodactyl's fossils. Mike and I attacked the thief and gave the museum back its fossils. In reward we each had to choose between Kabuto or Aerodactyl. I chose Kabuto and Mike chose Aerodactyl. The scientist told them to goto the Lab on Cinnabar Island to resurrect the fossils. Mike and Jason traveled to Brock's Gym to challenge him . I got to Brock but Mike had to beat one of his followers. I yelled , "Spearow I choose you."
Brock said , "You think your punny Spearow can beat my geodude Gwahahaha."
"Cut the chatter and lets battle"
Brock said , "Geodude come out and show this guy who we are made of!!!"
Out popped a geodude . Geo duude .
"Spearow Fury attack now!"
"Geodude Defense Curl!!!"
Spearow hit Geodude 5 times and fainted him!!
"How did you do that to my GEODUDE?"
"Alright you can't defeat my mighty Onix"
"Spearow return" , "Go Dratini".
"Dratini Wrap Attack NOWWW!!!" I Jason
"Onix Screach"
Onix hit Dratini with a screach lowering his defense. Dratini wrapped up around Onix and squeezed he took lots of damage but not enough to cut it .
"Dratini Return"
Dratini turned into red energy and zapped into his pokeball.
"Spearow I choose you."
Spearow flew of Jason's shoulder and flew at the Onix and knocked it out with a Fury Attack.
"Yay we won another one Spearow"
"You are a good fighter you should become a Pokemon Master" , said Brock in amaze.
"Well I don't want to be a Pokemon Master but I want to catch all 151 and maybe more pokemon then i might want to go for Pokemon Master"
"OK well these things to becoming a couple of steps away from a master".
"Thanks this TM is Bide right?"
"Cool and a badge too"
Mike was outside waiting for me. We both healed there pokemon and went to a old guys house.
"Now Spearow wait here and I will be right back"
I went into the house for some info where to go. The old guy told me to goto
Mt. Moon up ahead about a mile down that way and pointed east.
"Thanks" , I said.
Mike got some pokeballs in his hand and said im ready to catch some more pokemon. He looked at me who was looking for his Spearow. I looked around but couldn't find him. Then I saw a bulbasaur walk up to him and wanted to go on my journey. We traveled around for a while battling trainers . Then we came to a open field. Bulbasaur and I battled a Jigglypuff.
"Bulbasaur Go!!" , I yelled determined to get Jigglypuff.
Bulba bulb a saurr!!
"Bulbasaur Vine Whip now"
Bulbasaur shot out vine like strings and it snapped against Jigglypuff almost fainting it.
"Yes good job Bulbasaur , Jigglypuff your mine! Pokeball Go!" , I said in excitement.
"Yeah Jigglypuff is mine"
"Hey Mike where are you?"
"Im over here fighting this Pidgey"
Bulbasaur didn't look well his bulb on his back started flashing. He rushed to the Pokecenter and asked what was wrong. Then they figured out Bulbasaur is evolving.
Bulbasaur later evolved into a Ivysaur. Then they went into Mt. Moon . Mike yelled "Yes I caught a Geodude" , Mike said.
We walked for miles and finally came to a Team Rocket member.
"Hey you shouldn't be here kid"
"I can be here if i want its my journey"
"Well see who gets past me!"
"Raticate GO!"
"Dratini Lets show him what were made of!"
"Raticate Hyper Fang"
"Dratini block and do your Wrap Attack!"
Both pokemon went fighting angrily and when Raticate bit Dratini that was a big mistake. Dratini went wild and wrapped around Raticate and squeezed him until he fainted.
"Whoa Dratini we won another one"
Dratini looked down and I asked what was wrong he replied
"Dratiniii ...... Draaggonnairr!"
Then dratini started growing and then evolved into Dragonair!.
"Cool Dratini i mean Dragonair!"
After a battle between Geodude and a Zubat Geodude started evolving into a Graveler.Then when we got to a clearing they spotted a Nerd and battled them , he gave the Dome fossil to Mike and the Helix Fossil to me. We got out of Mt. Moon and headed for the next city.

Curulean City

Part 3

We soon got to the next city and they wandered around ....

2 days later

We caught about 30 pokemon each. We looked at a bridge up ahead and saw 5 trainers. We got threw all of them with a great big battle. On the last one there was a member of team rocket forcing them to join but when I said , "Ivysaur Razor Leaf" he flew out of there so fast we never saw what way he went.
We went into some bush's with a guy staring at us. I walked over to him said
"Why are you staring at us?"
"Well , I saw you battle the Team Rocket member and I want to give you this pokemon that is very powerful but not very mindful .. since your good with pokemon you can probably tame him" , said the man.
He handed me a pokeball and said it was a Charmeleon. Then we went on to bills house . I decided to ride on a Duduo that someone traded me in the city. I didn't care what was going on i just wanted to go super fast and let the wind whip by my face.
We visited Bill the pokemaniac and he gave us pointers on how to get more pokemon and train them. We got some pokedex data from him and we left his house.

A New goal

We road down all the Way down to Saffron City where all the 8 Gym Leaders were . They were on a vacation from all the battling. I decided to try to get all 8 badges and a special gift if i beat them with one pokemon , thats what it said in the paper anyway. Mike and I visited them and they had there own special little battle ground with a house that was so luxurious he wanted to steal it. He battled Misty first.
"Staryu Go"
"Ivysaur lets beat her"
"Staryu Water Gun"
"Ivysaur Vine Whip"
Both pokemon clashed and hit eachother Ivysaur who was unaffected ran up and whipped Staryu until it fainted. Next she sent out Starmie
"Starmie Tackle attack"
"Ivysaur Razor Leaf"
Ivysaur was hit but then he got up and shot leafs at Starmie which fainted. Next Misty sent out Horsea.
"Horsea Bubble!"
"Ivysaur Leech Seed"
Horsea hit Ivysaur but he wasn't affected that much and Ivysaur seeded Horsea. Aventually it seeded it till it fainted. Next was Lt. Surge .
"Alright Pikachu go!"
"Ivysaur you can do it!!"
"Pikachu Thunderbolt"
"Ivysaur Sleep Powder"
Pikachu shocked Ivysaur to a crisp but that didn't keep him from making Pikachu sleep. Then he used Razor Leaf and fainted Pikachu.
"You beat pikachu but try Raichu!"
"Raichu Bodyslam!"
"Ivysaur Tackle attack!"
Raichu slammed his body against the floor and missed Ivysaur. Ivysaur lept up and slammed on Raichu making him faint. Next came Erika. He beat all of them easily until the last battle with Giovanni.
"Rhydon I choose you"
"Ivysaur you can battle them one more time"
I gave Ivysaur a couple of potions and elixers. Then I said "Ok your ready Ivysaur lets get him!!"
"Rhydon Horn attack"
"Ivysaur Leech Seed"
Rhydon hit Ivysaur into the ground almost killing him.
"NO!!!!" I shreiked
"Ivysaur return lets have Dragonite finish him"
Ivysaur refused to return. Then Ivysaur has one more hit left and Ivysaur feels dizzy. Then he hears people chearing him on then all of a sudden on his bulb light started gathering.
"Wha wha whats happening?"
"Mike said its Ivysaur's Solorbeam"
Then a huge beam of light fainted Rhydon and I had won the match and i recieved a Masterball with with i couldn't beleive my eyes! YES A MEWTWO!
IS this the end of Mike and My journey?

Special Eddition

As Me and Mike countinue our journey we met up with Team Rocket again.
"Hey its those kids again" , James says.
"To protect the world from devastation!"
"To unite all peoples within our nation!"
"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"
"To extend our reach to the stars above!"
"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"Meeeeeoooowth that’s RIGHT!"
"Arbok go" , Jessie says.
"Weezing goo!" , James yells.
Arbok pops out of his pokeball and says his name . Arbbokk . Weezing popps out and starts levitating and says his name in that weird voice. Weeezing .
"Uh oh its Team Rocket" , says Mike
"Hey what are you guys doing here?"
"We are on a mission to capture the rarest pokemon .. rumor has it theres a special door somewhere that unlocks a world with rare pokemon. Such as Sapusaur , Charcolt , but where looking for the most powerfullest pokemon , Pikablu" , James says.
"Rumor has it only one pokemon in the world knows where it is and thats a certain eevee in celadon city" , Jessie says.
Scratch Stratch..
"You idiots you just told them out plan" , Meowth said.
"Oooo oh well they won't live to tell the story" , Jessie says.
"WEEZING sludge attack"
"Arbok Poison sting"
Arbok went charging at Me and Weezing went after Mike.
"Charmeleon GO!!"
CHARRR and then he starting spitting out fire from left to right.
"Grimer Go!!" shouted Mike
Grimmmmmerrrrr. Out popped a Grimer .
"Grimer Sludge attack!!"
"Charmeleon Flamethrower"
Arbok went after me and shot his poison sting at me but Charmeleon blocked it for me and shot a big fire stream at Arbok sizzleing him. Then he ran up and rammed Arbok into the ground.
Grimer Missed and got his eyes covered with sludge. Then Charmeleon torched Weezing and then a huge explosion threw Team Rocket accross town.
"Did you hear that there trying to find the secret pokemon place?"
"Yeah , We should look for it ourselves so Team Rocket don't get them and force them to tell them where it is"
So they walked to Celadon City and walked to the Celadon Mansion and met Team Rocket again. This time they have Eevee and they fly off in there balloon.
"Pidgeot go follow Team Rocket and tell us where they fly off to"
They were lead into the forest behind the mansion and then they came to a clearing with a abandoned pokemart. They went into a isle with a door they went in and found Team Rocket . They were forcing it out of the Eevee by threatening to use all 3 stones at once to make it evolve into something weird. Eeeveeeeeee Ev Eveeee.
"What did he say Meowth?" asked Jessie and James at the same time.
"He said ok ill tell you if you don't evolve me with all 3 stones at once"
"We promise"
Evveee Eeeee Veeee eeveeee eeeee eeeveee .
"Did he tell you?" asked James
"Yes he told me where to go"
"HAHAHAHA were gonna be rich!"
So they went to a spot in the woods and we followed them. They came to a lake . The gyarados lake was the name .
"Its right down here according to Eevee" said Meowth.
"So they looked underwater and came to a cave"
"HEY its the unknown dungeon!"
We followed them too but we stayed behind. This was a unknown part to the unknown dungeon to me.
"Then they heard strange chants like .. "Sappusauuur" and "Piikkkaaaflarrree"
"Whoo hoo we found it"
We came to a island that was as beautiful as Safari Zone but more beautiful. So Team Rocket stole 1 of each pokemon in there. Then when they were running out they were stopped by us. We both withdrawled out Pikachu's.
"Pikachu ThunderShock!!!!" , yelled Mike
"Pikachu Thunder and turn up the voltage!!" , I screamed.
All the strange pokemon turned around and looked at Mike and Me. Mike's Pikachu said "Pika Pi Pikachuuu" as lightning struck Team Rocket. Then my Pikachu launched off my shoulder and charged up extra and let it all loose on Team Rocket shooting them in the air.
"It looks like"
"Team Rocket is"
"Blasting off AGAIN" and there voices fade away as they fly into the sky.
All the pokemon were talking to eachother. Then one pokemon came up that could speak english just like Meowth. They told them since they saved all there pokemon so they get to pick 1 rare pokemon each. I decided i would go for ... Charizard .. Mike decided he would go for Rainer. Then up wabbled a Pikablu . Pikaa bluuuuu .
"Pikablu says he wants to go on your journey" says the talking pokemon.
Sniff Sniff . "I never got a pokemon that decided to go on my journey too"
Then up wabbled a Charcolt . Char charcolt colt char.
"Charcolt says he wants to go on your journey"
Then a pokemon used hypnosis on us to put us to sleep. We woke up and find ourselves in a S.S. Anne bunker.
What will we do next?