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Hello and Welcome to Pokemon Palace²!!
I think you will find all that you need here

Welcome , I have been updating this page alot and I really thank all that helped my page become possible. Also on my banner if you save it then it will look way better.

Release Dates
Super Smash Brothers: Released!........Pokémon Snap: Released!........Pokémon Stadium: October 26, 1999........Pikachu Genki Dechu: To be Anounced........Pokémon Pinball: Released!........Pokémon Yellow: September 6, 1999........Pokémon Gold/Silver: To Be Anounced........Pokémon Card GB: Unknown


Put on 8-02-99 Info from: spin

Hey people i haven't been updating my page alot thats cause of school i have to get all my school supplies and everything. Ok and i went to a pokemon card tournement on saturday i came in second on it(i was in first till a kid cheated) well if u ever want to trade cards let me know.


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