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Tips and Codes

Well here are my codes i gotta alot oh yeah GS codes are on this page too

99items: Get the number you want 99 of and put it in the 6th slot of your item list. Next get in a fight with missingno. and don't hit him. Run away from him. Check on your item list and you will have a symbol on the side of the item. That means it has over 99 items!                    

MasterBall Trick: When you are throwing any pokeball hold UP+B if you time it just right the pokeball will turn into a masterball!                                                                               

Pokeball Trick: Press A while catching a pokemon to tighten the pokeball more than it was and you will have more of a chance to catch a pokemon                                                      

Pokemon duplication with 2 Gameboys:To do this,get the pokemon you want to clone,and get the pokemon thats gonna turn into the clone.Trade them.Now at the end of the trade on the version thats cloning turn off the game when 'waiting' appears.and then on the version thats recieving the clone,turn off the game when 'trade completed' appears.Now turn them both on at the same will both have the pokemon wanted to be cloned. (NOTE: Dont clone pokemon with an HM skill or it will mess up both versions.Pokemon from anywhere on cinnabar island to do this,go to the place where theres pokemon you want to get at into a pokemon from there and now fly to cinnabar. Then on the right side of the coast,surf up and down so you are half on land half on water.after a while you will run into pokemon from where you wanted.)  

Duplicate pokemon with 1 gameboy:Go to the guy who shows you how to catch pokemon, and he will ask you if you are in a hurry, say "yes", and then talk to him again and say "no". Then fly to cinnabar island and surf up and down the coast. Pokemon will appear like lv.156 muk's and all sorts of stuff, including Missingno. and 'M (Mysterio). After a Lv.0 'M apears catch it once and it will not go away so catch it again, and then it will say you caught a Ditto. Go to your box and release the 'M and then withdraw Ditto, Ditto will be whatever Pokémon you had in the 4th position of your group.

Pokemon get boosted exp points: to do this trade the pokemon you want to get boosted exp onto another version and then trade back.and then when you defeat a wild pokemon or trainer,that pokemon gets boosted exp.                                                                                

Find Missingno:Go to cinnabar island and trade one of the people in the pokemon resurrection lab.and then surf up and down the right side of cinnabar island so your half on land,half on water.after a while your game will freeze for 2-4 seconds and missingno will at level 80,but dont take that for granted.its defense stinks and a level 30 mankey's scratch could kill be careful.(NOTE:IF U CATCH HIM THIS CODE WILL MESS UP YOUR GAMES GRAPHICS AND GAME SAVES IF YOU DO NOT DEPOSIT HIM IN YOUR PC RIGHT AFTER YOU GET HIM.)    

Get All Three Beginning Pokemon:To do this,get any pokemon version and restart get the beginning pokemon you didnt get.and then get oaks parcel and give it to him.after that trade the beginning pokemon you didnt get onto your this again to get the other starting pokemon you didnt get.

Past Level 100 Pokemon:Talk to the guy in viridian city that shows you how to catch a pokemon.When you talk to him say 'no' when he asks if your busy,after he shows you how to catch a pokemon,fly to cinnabar island and surf up and down the right coastline so your half on land half on water.After a while the pokemon you run into will be over level 100! (NOTE:If you raise the pokemon over level 100 to its next level its just gonna grow to level 100)                     

Pokemon Safari Trick: First go into the safari zone and walk around in bushes intill your time is up next fly to Cinnabar Island or Seafoam Islands and r and surf up and down on the coast and you will run into pokemon in the safari zone. 

Saving Money in Pokemarts: If you want to buy a large amount of one item buy three. You will discover that buying items in groups of three is free or the store pays for. I got many expensive items like this. (Note: This trick only works in certain marts and only on certain items)

Secret Coins: There are hidden coins lying around in the Game Corner. You can pick them up by walking around and pressing the A button.

Game Corner Machine Tips: The Machines have different odds, which change every time. Play each machine 4 times, and if it hits 2 or more, then stick with that one, because it's probably hot. If the slow machine forces you really close to a 777 or Bar Bar Bar it will probably give you one or the other soon.

A List of Rare Pokemon stats, catching strategy ,and locations:

Articuno Type: Ice  - Level: 50 - Strategy: Have any normal type at L: 45-51. Reduce life less  than half. Use ultra ball to capture. - Location: Seafoam Islands

Snorlax Type: Normal - Level: 30 - Strategy: First beat them up when he uses rest reduce under half and use Wiggytuff to put him to sleep then use an ultra ball to capture. Location: Before cycling road.

Zapdos Type: Electricity - Level: 50 - Strategy: Use Articuno's ice beam then use a master ball to capture. Location: At the end of the Power Plant

Moltres Type: Fire - Level 50 - Strategy: Try putting this fierce pokemon to sleep and use a Ultra Ball - Lacation : Moltres is in the victory road cave on the third level from the entrance.

Mewtwo Type: Psychic - Level 70 - Strategy: weaken them then put them to sleep this is the best way to catch them , I recommend a master ball! - Location: Go to Cerulean City and travel up the bridge toward Bill's. When you reach the end of the bridge, go to the left and us the surf ability. Follow the river until you reach a cave. This is the unknown dungeon.

Getting a Metapod, or a Kakuna, that can attack: First, you must capture a Caterpie , or a Weedle, before they're in level 7 (level 7 is when they evolve into Metapod/Kakuna) (Note: In doing this, you do not get Harden Yet another note: They will only stay in Kakuna/Metapod for three levels,after that you get Butterfree/ill)Beedr

The Golden Teeth: In the Pokémon instruction manual, it tells about golden teeth. They are located in Safari Zone near the Secret House. Next talk to the warden and you may get a surprise.

To get to the Power Plant for Electric Pokémons: Go to Cerrulean City, head toward Saffron but don't go to Saffron. Instead, take the path that leads East toward Rock Tunnel. Don't go into Rock Tunnel, instead go North to the water and SURF. It will lead you to Power Plant. Be Careful, some of the things that look like Poke Balls are actually Voltorbs.

To defeat Ghosts in Lavender Town: In Lavender Town, to defeat the Ghosts use a Poke Doll. You can get one from Celadon Dept. Store.

Haven't Tried Codes

Togepy: Have 151 pokemon a lvl 100 exeggcute and 5 other pokemon in your active six . Then , beat the elite four ten times in a row go to prof oak he gives you him,you have to keep going in a straight row, you can take breaks but dont turn it off or save it.

Breeding: First , get a pokemon over level 30. Then when you get the boulder badge Goto Cerulean City and beat Misty. Then leave her gym and fight any wild pokemon 6 times in a row. Then on the sixth time it will say something that your pokemon are breeding then take it to professor oak and you will get a certificate if u give the breeding pokemon to him.

How To Get Pikablu in Pokémon Red and Blue: In Cerulean Caverns, Pikablu is very rare, and you need Max Repel to find her. Pikablu is found by using Max Repel. Before Max Repel wears off, one Pokemon might penetrate your Repel. This Pokemon will come in any form, but is strong. This is a great Pokémon to use your Master Ball on. Pikablu will attack with moves like Tunderswift and Quicklight.

How To Get Chartres: In Poketower, run from a Haunter and a Gastly and a Cubone and use Max Repel. Gastly, Haunter, and Cubone must be right one after another. Run from each. Then use Max Repel, as with Pikablu, one will penetrate your Repel, only this one will look like a mix between Charizard and Moltres.

How To Get Charticuno: This is in Viridian Forest. He will look like a mix between Articuno and Charmander. He will attack with both Fire and Ice attacks. He may also use Psychic. This is seen more in Poketower. To find him, faint all of these Pokemon in this order. In Viridian Forest: Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, Pikachu In Poketower: Cubone, Marowak, Gastly, Haunter. To recieve Charticuno, you must have all the Pokemon listed above.

How To Get Melomagticuno: The most powerful Pokemon. He can only be found once, and that's in Rock Tunnel. You cannot use Flash. Melomagticuno is a Poison/Ice/Fire pokemon. Walk around until an Onix appears. He must then be followed by <BRa Zubat, he must then be followed by a Paras, then a Geodude. All these <BRmust be at least 10 steps apart. When you see him, do not run! He is a level 90 Pokemon, but just putting him to sleep will let you capture him with an Ultra Ball or a Master Ball. He attacks with moves like Fissure, Crumble, Fireball, Melomagticunokill, and Ice Dance.

Flareth:Put the three legendary birds at the top of your active list(Articuno,Moltres,and Zapdos)then go to the top floor of the Celadon city departement store. Talk to the thirsty girl who wines for a drink. Talk to her 100 times till she offers you a Flareth to go away.

Gameshark Codes

All 152 pokemon: 01784fd0  

Buy Items: Put 01xx7CCF in the "xx" part put the numbers to the left of the thing you wa

00 - ?????
01 - Master Ball
02 - Ultra Ball
03 - Great Ball
04 - PokeBall
05 - Town Map
06 - Bicycle
07 - Surf Without Pokemon
08 - Safari Ball
09 - PokeDex
0A - Moon Stone
0B - Antidote
0C - Burn Heal
0D - Ice Heal
0E - Awakening
0F - Parlyz Heal
10 - Full Restore
11 - Max Potion
12 - Hyper Potion
13 - Super Potion
14 - Potion
15 - Boulder Badge
16 - Cacade Badge
17 - Thunder Badge
18 - Rainbow Badge
19 - Soul Badge
1A - Marsh Badge
1B - Volcano Badge
1C - Earth Badge
1D - Escape Rope
1E - Repel
1F - Old Amber
20 - Fire Stone
21 - Thunder Stone
22 - Water Stone
23 - HP Up
24 - Protein
25 - Iron
26 - Carbos
27 - Calcium
28 - Rare Candy
29 - Dome Fossil
2A - Helix Fossil
2B - Secret Key
2C - ?????
2D - Bike Voucher
2E - X-Accuracy
2F - Leaf Stone
30 - Card Key
31 - Nugget
32 - PP Up
33 - PokeDoll
34 - Full Heal
35 - Revive
36 - Max Revive
37 - Grand Special
38 - Super Repel
39 - Max Repel
3A - Dire Hit
3B - Coin
3C - Fresh Water
3D - Soda Pop
3E - Lemonade
3F - S.S. Ticket
40 - Gold Teeth
41 - X Attack
42 - X Defend
43 - X Speed
44 - X Special
45 - Coin Case
46 - Oak's Parcel
47 - Item Finder
48 - Silph Scope
49 - PokeFlute
4A - Lift Key
4B - Exp. All
4C - Old Rod
4D - Good Rod
4E - Super Rod
4F - PP Up
50 - Ether
51 - Max Ether
52 - Elixer
53 - Max Elixer
Infinite PP:01282DD0-01282ED0-01282FD0-012830D0         

Fight people at anytime: To fight certain people at any time.
00xxD8CF in the "xx" part put the number(s)\letter(s) on the left side of the person

CA: Bugcatcher
CB: Lass
CC: Sailor
CD: JR. Trainer-boy
CE: JR. Trainer-girl
CF: Pokemaniac
C9: Youngster
DA: Beauty
DB: Pshychic-NEW GUY
DD: Juggler
DE: Tamer
DF: Bird Keeper
D1: Hiker
D0: Supernerd
D2: Biker
D3: Burglar
D4: Engineer
D5: Juggler
D6: Fisherman
D7: Swimmer
D8: Cue-Ball
D9: Gambler
EA: Brock
EB: Misty
EC: Lt.Surge
ED: Erika
EE: Koga
EF: Blaine
E1: Gary 1
E2: Prof. Oak
E3: Chief
E4: Scientest
E5: Giovanni
E6: Team Rocket
E7: CoolTrainer-boy
E8: CoolTrainer-girl
E9: Bruno
E0: BlackBelt
F1: Gentleman
F2: Gary 2
F3: Gary 3
F4: Lorelei
F5: Channeler
F6: Agatha
F7: Lance
F8: none
F9: none
F0: Sabrina
Infinite Money:019947D3-019948D3-019949D3         

Teach any skill to any pokemon:>
Skill Modifier (1st Position) 01??73D1
Skill Modifier (2nd Position) 01??74D1
Skill Modifier (3rd Position) 01??75D1
Skill Modifier (4th Position) 01??76D1

put the numbers ot letters in the ?? part in the top
(note: it will erase the move on position you put it on)

00 - Nothing
01 - Pound
02 - Karate Chop
03 - Double Slap
04 - Comet Punch
05 - Mega Punch
06 - Pay Day
07 - Fire Punch
08 - Ice Punch
09 - Thunder Punch
0A - Scratch
0B - Vice Grip
0C - Guillotine
0D - Razor Wind
0E - Swords Dance
0F - Cut
10 - Gust
11 - Wing Attack
12 - Whirl Wind
13 - Fly
14 - Bird
15 - Slam
16 - Vine Whip
17 - Stomp
18 - Double Kick
19 - Mega Kick
1A - Jump Kick
1B - Rolling Kick
1C - Sand Attack
1D - Head Butt
1E - Horn Attack
1F - Fury Attack
20 - Horn Drill
21 - Tackle
22 - Body Slam
23 - Wrap
24 - Take Down
25 - Thrash
26 - Double Edge
27 - Tail Whip
28 - Poison Sting
29 - Twin Edle
2A - Pin Missile
2B - Leer
2C - Bite
2D - Growl
2E - Roar
2F - Sing
30 - Supersonic
31 - Sonicboom
32 - Disable
33 - Acid
34 - Ember
35 - Flamethrower
36 - Mist
37 - Water Gun
38 - Hydro Pump
39 - Surf
3A - Ice Beam
3B - Blizzard
3C - Psybeam
3D - Bubblebeam
3E - Aurora Beam
3F - Hyper Beam
40 - Peck
41 - Drill Peck
42 - Submission
43 - Low Kick
44 - Counter
45 - Seismic Toss
46 - Strength
47 - Absorb
48 - Mega Drain
49 - Leech Seed
4A - Growth
4B - Razor Leaf
4C - Solar Beam
4D - Poisonpowder
4E - Stun Spore
4F - Sleep Powder
50 - Petal Dance
51 - String Shot
52 - Dragon Rage
53 - Fire Spin
54 - Thundershock
55 - Thunderbolt
56 - Thunder Wave
57 - Thunder
58 - Rock Throw
59 - Earthquake
5A - Fissure
5B - Dig
5C - Toxic
5D - Confusion
5E - Psychic
5F - Hypnosis
60 - Meditate
61 - Agility
62 - Quick Attack
63 - Rage
64 - Teleport
65 - Night Shade
66 - Mimic
67 - Screech
68 - Double Team
69 - Recover
6A - Harden
6B - Minimize
6C - Smoke Screen
6D - Confuse Ray
6E - Withdraw
6F - Defense Curl
70 - Barrier
71 - Light Screen
72 - Haze
73 - Reflect
74 - Focus Energy
75 - Hide
76 - Metronome
77 - Mirror Move
78 - Selfdestruct
79 - Egg Bomb
7A - Lick
7B - Smog
7C - Sludge
7D - Bone Club
7E - Fire Blast
7F - Waterfall
80 - Clamp
81 - Swift
82 - Skull Bas
83 - Spike Cannon
84 - Constrict
85 - Amnesia
86 - Kinesis
87 - Softboiled
88 - Hi Jump Kick
89 - Glare
8A - Dream Eater
8B - Poison Gas
8C - Barrage
8D - Leech Life
8E - Lovely Kiss
8F - Sky Attack
90 - Transform
91 - Bubble
92 - Dizzy Punch
93 - Spore
94 - Flash
95 - Psywave
96 - Splash
97 - Acid Armor
98 - Crabhammer
99 - Exposion
9A - Fury Swipes
9B - Bonemerang
9C - Rest
9D - Rock Slide
9E - Hyper Fang
9F - Sharpen
A0 - Conversion
A1 - Tri Attack
A2 - Super Fang
A3 - Slash
A4 - Substitute
A5 - Struggle
Infinite Health: 01FF16D0

Infinite Safari Balls\Time and Casino Coins:

"Safari Zone" balls : 016447DA
"Safari Zone" time : 01F00ED7
"Casino Coin" : 0199A4D5 0199A5D5

Level 255:1FF8CD1

No fighting wild pokemon: 01033CD1


Badge codes:

0115ED3- Boulder Badge
01620D3- Cascade Badge
01722D3- Thunder Badge
011824D3- Rainbow Badge
011926D3- Soul Badge
011A28D3- Marsh Badge
011B2AD3- Volcanco Badge
011C2CD3- Earth Badge

Change the level of pokemon you battle: 01xx27D1
Replace the 'xx' with any number you want.

05 level 5
0A level 10
0F level 15
14 level 20
1E level 30
28 level 40
32 level 50
4B level 75
63 level 99