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St. Mary's Lithuanian Cemetery


Compiled By: Katherine Pitluck
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St. Mary's Cemetery
Galloway Road
[Between Hulmeville & Knights Road]
Bensalem, Pennsylvania
Bucks County

St. Mary's Lithuanian Cemetery


This page contains an alphabetical listing of those buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1926, the sign on the front gate reads:

St. Mary's Lithuanian Cemetery

Lithuanian Catholic St. Mary's Cemetery
Office: 331 Reed Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Org. 1926

The church is no longer in existence and 331 Reed Street is a vacant lot. Katie, our volunteer, is currently working on obtaining all records of the church after locating the early records from 1900 thru 1949. In 1949, the church sold the cemetery to, what appears to be, a group of members of the church who formed a Cemetery Board.

The cemetery is abandoned. There are just 18 stones left as transcribed below. While we are working on obtaining all church records, they are in Lithuanian and it is slow going. If you know Lithuanian and can assist with the transcription, drop us a line. The township is having the grass cut during the summer months and placing flowers on the graves and a wreath on the gate at Christmas. We have numbered the stones. The number at the end of each listing relates to the picture of the tombstone. You can obtain a copy of the picture upon request. The stones are copied verbatim.


ANDZIULAITIS Jurgis, Gime Balan 13, 1958, Mire Geguzio 10, 1928 [1]

AJUOZAPAS Stankus, Gime Gruodzio 8, 1887, Mire Kovo 24, 1928 [2]
On lower portion, just below ground level: Solovey-Witalis. There is an '0' in the first line that had a picture that was scratched off.

BARTASIUS Jonas, Mire Bal 5, 1925 M., Amziaus 46, Metu, My Jesus Mercy [3]

CRITZER Agnes W, MOTHER, 1882-1963 [4]
This stone is located to the right of the gate with its back to the street.

KAZIMIERRAS Vebra, Mire Birzelio, 11, 1930, Amziaus 42 M. [5]
The top is broken off of the stone. It is situated with it's back to the street. The frame for the picture is pried off and the photo is scratched off. The photo is on the first line.

This stone also has it's back to the street. It is in very good condition, no other information is on the stone. [6]

This sight contains 8 Stone Posts measuring about 2X2 inches and are set 1 ft. Above ground. Each stone has the letters J B on the top. It appears to be 2 grave sights with each of these stones on the corners. [7]

KISELIAUSKAS Victoras KISELIAUSKAS, Mire Rugse. 30, 1928, Anziaus 8. M. [8]

PLAUTCH John J, Dec 23, 1881, July 11, 1959, My Jesus Mercy
A flat stone covers the grave, about 6 feet long by 3 ft wide and at the highest point in the dome 2 ft high. [9]

PLUTCH John Jr, July 10, 1916, February 28, 1937 [10]

PLUTCH, Martha, June 22, 1892, June 22, 1953, My Jesus Mercy
Top line had a place for a picture but was scratched off. Stone # 10 is adjacent to Stone #9.
This is a small stone measuring 4" x 4", 1 ft, high with an "S "on top. No other stones in area [11]

LUKOSIUS Jonas, 1876-1929
This stone is toppled over on it's side. Writing is very clear. [12]

GLOBIS Joseph, Died JAN 3, 1927, Age 45 Years [13]

STERADUMSKY, Juzeja, Gime1880 M, Mire MIRE 1929 M, Sausio 9 D. [14]
There are 4 corner stones with ST on top of each.

BUKEAAS, Joseph, Born 1905, Dead JUNE 9, 1938
There are 2 "A's" on tombstone with a cross between them. [15]

CZERKAS Maria, 1837, Z Marla 1917

GBEBINIEWSKIS Wladislaw, Urodzil Sie 1873, Zmar-Dnia 29, Grudnia 1927

WACLAW - LECH [ 3 lines illegible]
Nothing appears on back of the stone, top is broken off at about the 6' high level. Back to the street.

PARAPIIOAA P?rmas, JP [16]

DUMBLAWSKIS, Petras, Mire 22 Augusto 1926
This stone is broken in half. No sign of the top of the stone anywhere. The lettering appears to be chiseled into the stone by an unskilled hand. [16]

ZITKUS John J, 1893-1957 [17]

Nothing is written on this monster of a stone except KULICK CONTRACT 49. I think it has something to do with the cemetery being "sold" "transferred over" to a cemetery association. The stone has a square base measuring about 3 x 3 ft around and about 5 ft high. He cross is in the center and must be about 6 ft high centered on the base. There may be a flat stone at the foot of this cross but have to go back with a brush at a later date. [18]

This is all of the information copied from the stones that were visible on November 15, 1998. I believe, to identify other remains, we must go to the church records or newspaper obits.

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